YouTube suspends account for linking to a PhD research on WPA2 vulnerability

Howdy guys,

I’m a privacy and security researcher and order creator on YouTube and PeerTube.

You’ve got in all probability considered about a of my order on Privacy Tools’ PeerTube channel (which appears to be down this morning).

Last time I reached out, I had got a first strike on YouTube for including a hyperlink to reference arena matter instructing folks expend GnuPG to encrypt emails (in assorted words to be in contact with every assorted privately).

Hi Sun Knudsen, Our group has reviewed your order, and, sadly, we mediate it violates our substandard and harmful coverage.

Fortunately, this used to be a warning strike so besides feeling censored and managed for no noble motive (using GnuPG is neither substandard or harmful), I was in a spot of dwelling to proceed posting order.

I appealed on December 10th 2020 and never heard assist to for the time being.

This time is assorted in one indispensable manner: I’m now no longer in a spot of dwelling to put up order for per week.

I know many viewers of the privacy guides are additionally participants of the r/privacy community here on Reddit.

Heads-up: I will in all probability no longer be in a spot of dwelling to put up to YouTube for per week and even as you are benefiting from of the privacy guides collection, you may perchance perchance presumably presumably also unruffled educate me on PeerTube in case my channel will get closed by YouTube.

Sadly, this first consequential strike hurts… it’s not in all probability the quantity of labor that is invested into channels like mine.

The culprit one also can set a query to? Alongside with a hyperlink to, a noble web page printed by postdoctoral security researchers disclosing their study on key reinstallation assaults that enable attackers to interrupt WPA2 (printed after given a heads-as much as working machine builders and hardware producers).

The hyperlink used to be phase of the description of the “Why we are able to’t belief our dwelling or any assorted wireless network” episode.

As a minimal, I in actual fact mediate humanity has to rollback to working at a human scale.

The expend of algorithms to flag order is totally beautiful… arena is when folks can no longer work alongside side folks anymore and AI will get to chose what’s ethical and low.

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