YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki Gets ‘Freedom Expression’ Award Sponsored by YouTube

YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki got a “Free Expression” award from the Freedom Forum Institute in a digital ceremony sponsored by YouTube, a web video platform owned by Google.

On Thursday, YouTube creator Molly Burke presented Wojcicki with the accolade in a video shared to the platform. “I’m so furious to be right here tonight to grunt Susan Wojcicki with the Free Expression award. Because the CEO of YouTube, Susan is facing a couple of of essentially the most severe factors around free expression on the present time,” Burke acknowledged.

Wojcicki sat down for an interview for the length of the rep ceremony, for the length of which she emphasised the importance of free speech and the feature that YouTube performs in maintaining it.

Susan Wojcicki
YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki speaks as San Francisco mayor London Breed looks on for the length of a press conference at Hamilton Families on November 21, 2019 in San Francisco, California.
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“I’ve appropriate viewed the staunch benefits that freedom of speech has, to boot to representing of us of all varied backgrounds and all varied perspectives, and the freedoms that now we contain, we surely cannot lift without any consideration,” she acknowledged. “We surely settle on to make certain that we’re maintaining them in every capacity that you most definitely can concentrate on. I surely feel, thanks to my family history, a deep connection to these freedoms and I’m very thankful for the freedoms that I contain.”

The tech CEO moreover discussed the platform balancing of us’s factual to free speech with maintaining the community from execrable grunt material.

“We are attempting as a scheme to contain as various and commence a platform as that you most definitely can concentrate on and inform as many views as that you most definitely can concentrate on on the platform, but we moreover must soundless be obvious there are limits,” she acknowledged. “For the reason that foundation of YouTube we contain had community pointers.”

Wojcicki persisted: “From the very foundation, we would no longer enable adult grunt material, detest grunt material, harmful grunt material, all of these sorts of grunt material would possibly well surely develop it that YouTube is no longer a platform that’s viable for all these varied voices accessible.”

“As YouTube has turn out to be higher and has had more of an influence, we contain viewed a settle on to develop what we’re doing from a responsibility standpoint,” she added.

Following the ceremony, some Twitter customers mocked Wojcicki for receiving an award that change into sponsored by her non-public platform.

“YouTube CEO won a Free Speech award…sponsored by YouTube. Hahahahhhaahhhahhahahahaaaaaaa,” one user wrote.

One other wrote, “Lol, youtube receiving an award free of price expression/obliging first amendment is Orwellian s. What’s next, Fb getting an award for respecting privacy?”

Lol, youtube receiving an award free of price expression/obliging first amendment is Orwellian sh!t. What’s next, Fb getting an award for respecting privacy?

— Solidarity ☭ 🦺 (@Karlmarxhd) April 18, 2021

Newsweek reached out to YouTube for comment. This chronicle will be updated with any response.

Glimpse highlights from the Freedom Forum’s “Free Expression Award” ceremony beneath:

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