WSL2 corrupting Git repositories and shell history

I abolish not bask in a lot of skills with WSL2, however precise compulsory to share mine in case it helps somebody. Would possibly well be somewhat random.

Recently, my work mac died from a dumb battery. While it used to be in for repair, I extinct a C940 Yoga I had. I original installed Dwelling windows 10 on the Yoga, installed WSL2 & Ubuntu. Blueprint Ubuntu as my default shell in the original “Dwelling windows Terminal”, so no powershell usage except for a dwelling windows uncover. I installed VS Code in dwelling windows, opened it from its shortcut, and extinct the settings sync. As soon as I used to be overjoyed Code used to be functioning typically under Dwelling windows (all addons installed, no more change prompts), I extinct Dwelling windows Terminal to git clone a favored work repo. I opened code, in Dwelling windows Terminal, from that path the employ of code .. VS Code installed some extensions to address WSL at present; WSL Ubuntu-20.04... with some Python and Jupyter stuff integrated. The total lot regarded as if it’d be working accurately. I would perhaps well git clone, inch python, and inch python poetry successfully.

I worked cherish this for about a month, would lift out my local pattern work, some minor python linting and testing, then push it up to a GitLab pipeline for fat testing. I extinct the VS Code terminal, area to WSL2 Ubuntu bash, cherish this for about a month. Had many pushes to my groups repo and not using a points. It used to be a favored repo, so errors would of been noticed precise away. I do know my computer computer had gone to sleep throughout this, many

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