Why Lichess will always be free

Most “free” web pages subsist by promoting adverts or promoting user files. Others develop it by inserting the total ravishing stuff in the aid of paywalls. Lichess doesn’t develop any of that and never will. Nearly 6 years ago, Lichess founder Thibault explained why Lichess is free – and what which come. Loads can swap in 6 years but that is one factor that hasn’t and never will.

Here’s our unbreakable promise to you, our users:

  • Lichess will never hold adverts.
  • Lichess will never sell our user’s files.
  • Lichess will forever be 100% freed from payment.

Why No Classified ads?

There might per chance be incessantly nothing certain about commercials on web pages from the perspective of their users. They like up precious cloak tell and bandwidth for one thing that no-one desires to imprint. They normally manipulate and mislead. They’ve even been the source of security vulnerabilities over and over in the previous. 

So why are there adverts on web pages? There might per chance be easiest one cause they support: to win money. We absolutely need some money indulge in any individual else, running a put the measurement of Lichess will more than seemingly be quite dear. On the opposite hand, we’ve long gone extra than a decade safely paying our bills with money from donations and there might per chance be no motive to have that won’t continue. Some might per chance per chance speak that maximizing profits ought to be the cease goal of every web page and they are free to bustle their web page that come if they need, we retract to develop issues otherwise.

Why Free?

Lichess is a non-income association in France with the registered goal “promouvoir et favoriser l’enseignement et la pratique du jeu d’échecs et de ses variantes” or “to advertise and reduction the instructing and observe of the game of chess and its variants”. Here’s on account of we’re no longer driven by income, it’s no longer a goal of Lichess to win money.

What does this mean? Successfully, besides because the glaring factor of no longer having to pay to exhaust Lichess (e.g. paywalls, or freemium) it come we’re free to develop what we have is correct, in web site of forever compelled to develop revenues. Factual indulge in no longer having adverts, we also haven’t any incentive to screen functions, or to sell user files – Lichess exists to be weak by you, no longer to exhaust you.

Why Open-Source?

Would you retract a meal if the restaurant refused to speak you the elements? Would you retract a automobile in case you weren’t allowed to imprint below the hood? It’s pure for folk to desire to understand what a web site they exhaust does. If you happen to can read the code you might per chance per chance per chance know to the tiniest detail how Lichess machine works. You don’t must consume our observe for it that Lichess works in a distinct come, you might per chance per chance per chance budge see for yourself. 

One other factor of originate source is that it lets developers work together. Any individual is free to exhaust Lichess code for his or her hold venture with no payment. Primarily the easiest requirement is to continue in the sharing s

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