We Are Preparing a Class Action Lawsuit Against Robinhood

Hello everyone,

All of us factual obtained screwed by Robinhood’s screwup here. I’m associates with a authorized knowledgeable who says now we opt up a tremendous case for a category action lawsuit.

Every person comment here ought to you may maybe opt up/had shares or calls in GME held in Robinhood at market birth at the novel time.

Let’s level to those guys the device can’t fuck with us!


Every person take screenshots of Robinhood’s app saying you presumably can no longer opt, or blockading your orders.

Edit the 2nd:

Wheeeew lads let’s salvage on it! I saunter to plow via all these pms and feedback this afternoon with my authorized knowledgeable friend. Lend a hand em coming!

And please portion!

Edit 3:

OMFG guys I’m getting 1000s of PMs! It’ll take some time to form via all of them and respond, nonetheless have messaging and sharing! Moreover ought to you were using WeBull or some diverse brokerage and obtained blocked, you may maybe possibly as successfully be half of too.


Edit 4:

My team and the lawyers had a convention name, a

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