Unsettling capital letters

stress-free truth about me is that once i was a baby identity write capital E’s with as many of those dinky horizontal lines as seemingly and identity call them ladder E’s and adults fucking hated them


creative rendition

All capital letters need to devour a leveled-up accumulate

Up to now I’ve got

  • ladder letters: A, E, F, H, T
  • humpback B’s and P’s obtain as many bumps as you’re thinking that they need
  • circle O’s, you factual withhold spiraling in til you feel equivalent to you’ve made your point
  • tree letters division into smaller variations of themselves ad nauseum: X, Y
  • spider Q’s, so many legs

Please add your devour unsettling godtier capitals!

All letters of the alphabet, rendered as abominations.

Original alphabet dropped!

This is not a place of honor.

oh my god, it’s handsome

(future handwritten notes are gonna be so wonderfully cursed now, thank you! 😀 )

smartly it’s going to clutch some getting oldschool to, @ceekari (don’t thoughts the redacted letter between T and U)


But I devour i’ve taken a accurate shine to it! 


So i could maybe presumably even devour accomplished a facet in an insomnia fueled jaunt into insanity.

procure an .otf of the font here

Scrutinize extra posts worship this on Tumblr



#why did i create this

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