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Your brilliant life starts now

Have you ever wondered…

Why it’s so effortless for other women to attract men into their life? As if those other women are a pot of honey and all the men in the world are bees who just can’t stay away?

…And why it’s so hard for you to attract even the slightest attention from one man?

You’ve done everything in your power to enhance your attractiveness…

Spending hours working out to tone up, visiting a salon to get your hair done just right, sitting in front of the mirror for what seems like a lifetime to have your makeup perfect, learning what qualities men love, and yet…

Not even a slight glance from that sexy man sitting at the end of the bar.

And before you swear off on men forever…

What if I told you attracting love into your life isn’t about how you look or how to change yourself to make men like you?

Time to forget everything you’ve learned about how to attract love! It’s complete and utter BS.

Attracting the right man into your life isn’t about learning how to please him, what qualities he’ll like, or even making yourself more attractive for him… in fact, it’s really not about men at all.

Attracting love into your life starts with YOU.

I know, I know. How cliché, right? You’ve heard it before and it sounds ridiculous…

And most of the time it is.

But have you ever been told by society and dating “gurus” that you have to be this or you have to be that in order to men to like you? That jumping through hoops and going out of your way to please men is completely the norm?

Well, I’m here to tell you, that’s a load of BS.

Attracting love and happiness into your life seriously starts with you and your pleasure.

And the easiest way to do that?

By harnessing your kick-a**, inner bad girl.

When you start to take the power of pleasure into your own hands by being the best single gal out there, you’ll start to attract more men than you can handle!

Why? Because there’s nothing more powerful or sexy to a man than a single girl who does what she loves and takes pride in enjoying the pleasures life has to offer.

Other books on attracting men only tell you the “secrets” of dating; keeping men interested, how to be more attractive and look good… but the real secret?

Learning how to bring in self-love before another love can make an entrance.

And that Law of Attraction rubbish? Utterly useless.

When it comes to attracting love into your life, you have to do more than just show up.

You have to find pure pleasure.

Introducing the Pleasure Hormone connection. The secret to attracting real love and being irresistible to men.

Now, you might be asking yourself… the whaaaat?

I know, it completely sounds like I’m telling you to do something scandalous but hear me out…

Harnessing the power of the Pleasure Hormone Connection is your secret weapon when it comes to naturally drawing in and attracting love.

When was the last time you legitimately felt pure, unbridled joy? All our lives, we’re taught to “work through the pain” and avoid temptation…

But when was the last time you were attracted to someone who lived as though they were constantly in pain? When were you ever attracted to someone who didn’t want to have fun in life?

When it comes to feel good medicine, your body is the ultimate pharmacy.

Every time you do something in which you experience pure, unadulterated pleasure, you release happy hormones.

And when you release happy hormones, you radiate from the inside out.

This is the key ingredient when taking advantage of the Pleasure Hormone Connection.

Have you ever noticed how men are drawn to women who radiate happiness and confidence? The women who radiate pure pleasure?

It’s because men want to be in on the fun! Because pleasure is contagious.

I think we can both agree, men aren’t drawn to women who seem stressed or anxious; they’re drawn to women who live to be happy.

When it comes to inviting the Pleasure Hormone Connection into your life, you can say “so long!” to the dating marketplace and wondering whether or not men are going to “buy” you.

Because men may forget what you said to them or how you looked on the first date… but they’ll never forget how you made them feel.

A man will date a woman who looks good but a man marries the woman who makes him feel good.

So, let me ask you… are you ready to harness your #InnerBadGirl by making the Pleasure Hormone Connection to attract the right man into your life?

It all starts with taking the path towards pleasure with the Pleasure Principle… where you’ll learn what hormones are key ingredients in the Pleasure Hormone Connection and how you can introduce it into your life today!

The Pleasure Principle is the Ultimate Guide on Harnessing Pleasure to Supercharge Your Love Life.

With the help of the Pleasure Principle, you’ll learn all about:

How to harness your #InnerBadGirl and find Pure Pleasure.

Why attracting the right man begins with yourself.

The ultimate 4-week pleasure program – an in-depth guide to figuring out what your deepest pleasures are.

“The carrot or the stick” phenomenon and how it affects your everyday life.

The fantastic 4-week guide to beating stress and taking the pleasure path.

Why pleasure is the “secret sauce” that puts the kick back in your love life.

How to love the process and experiences that come along with dating, rather than associating dating with negative feelings.

Why pleasure is the real key to paradise and why the world needs your pleasure.

The 4 types of pleasure that’ll make you irresistible.

The 3 A’s: attention, affection, and acceptance – and how to master them.

How the Hedonistic Theory of Attraction affects your love life and makes you irresistible.

How to overcome the bad parts of a relationship. We all know there’s a bit of bad sprinkled in with all the good when it comes to relationships – but it’s all about taking the bad and making it into good.

The Pleasure Principle doesn’t just help you attract love into your life… it helps you keep it.

So… you’ve finally nailed down the perfect man.

You absolutely love how you feel and can’t stop smiling!

But… he won’t commit.

Now what? You know he’s your forever boo but he just won’t lay the foundation for a long-term relationship.

The Pleasure Principle has you covered: from how to find the pleasure in life to attract the right man into your life to getting him to commit.

Are you ready to change your life with the Pleasure Principle?

Are you ready to attract endless love into your life, find the perfect man for you, and get him to commit?

The time to say “well, maybe things will be better tomorrow!” has passed.

No more waiting around for things to change. No more waiting around for love to make an entrance. No more feeling utterly powerless, watching women around you effortlessly attract men.

The power to be happier, irresistible, and attract love into your life starts with the Pleasure Principle.

The Pleasure Principle is absolutely risk-free.

If you’re not 100% satisfied with the Pleasure Principle after 60 days, you’ll get every single penny refunded – no questions asked.

But I don’t think that’s going to happen.

I think you’re here for a reason today.

I think you’re here because you know it’s your turn to get what you want.

It’s your turn to have the love and fulfilling life you’ve always wanted.

I’m not sure how you ended up here today, but I’m so glad you did, because today you’ve discovered the better way that has always been right in front of you.

Your new life is just moments away.

And it’s my pleasure to guide you through the door.

Just click the button below to get started right now.

It’s SO much easier to listen than to read sometimes.

When you’re busy and have 1001 things to do, you can switch on an audiobook in the car or listen as you work out. That’s why, for a limited time, I’m ALSO throwing in the audiobook version of The Pleasure Principle for free!

Each chapter is about half an hour, making it the perfect length to listen to on your morning commute.

The Pleasure Principle is a fantastic way to start the day or stay inspired as you work and play. I can’t wait to talk to you about taking the Pleasure Path to greater health, happiness, and (most importantly) love!

Order now and get The Pleasure Principle audiobook as an MP3 download that you can play on any digital device.

This free offer won’t last long, so get it now!

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