System76 Launch Configurable Keyboard with Open Source Code

The Gadget76 Launch Configurable Keyboard is designed to present the final
person controlled keyboard abilities, with begin source mechanical and electrical
plot, begin source firmware and linked tool, and a huge series of
person configuration alternatives.

  • Mechanical Create
  • Electrical Create
  • Firmware and Instrument

Mechanical Create

Chassis Image

Birth Offer Chassis

The Launch chassis is licensed CC-BY-SA-4.0 and may perhaps perchance possess to even be viewed in the
chassis folder the spend of FreeCAD.

Milled Aluminum

The chassis is milled from two staunch blocks of aluminum and powder coated to
present capable match and produce. Each pocket, port, and gap is designed and
exactly machined so as that swapping switches and plugging in cables is easy and
stable for the person.

Removable Desire Bar

The incorporated luxuriate in bar may perhaps even be magnetically secured to add 15 levels of angle to
your keyboard for ergonomics.

Modern Structure

The structure is designed to present a huge series of remapping alternatives.
The default structure may perhaps even be viewed
and the additional keys incorporated may perhaps even be viewed

Swappable Keycaps

The keycaps are PBT material with a dye sublimation myth and XDA profile to
present capable feel and lifespan. Extras are supplied for overall replacements
and coloration preference. An incorporated keycap puller may perhaps even be dilapidated to mosey and replace
the keycaps.

Swappable Switches

The switches are mounted in sockets that give a boost to any RGB swap with an MX
fancy minded footprint. Examples are the Cherry MX RGB switches and the Kailh
BOX switches. Switches may perhaps even be eradicated with out problems at any time with the incorporated
swap puller.

Electrical Create

PCB Image

Birth Offer PCB

The Launch PCB is licensed GPLv3 and may perhaps perchance possess to even be viewed in the
pcb folder the spend of KiCad.

Constructed-in Dock

Launch connects to a computer the spend of the incorporated USB-C to USB-C cable or USB-C
to USB-A cable. It helps USB 3.2 Gen 2 with quickens to 10 Gbps with both
cable, supplied the computer helps these speeds. It supplies 2 USB-C and 2
USB-A connectors that furthermore give a boost to USB 3.2 Gen 2, with the 10 Gbps bandwidth
shared between them on build a question to.

Self reliant RGB Lights

Each swap has an RGB LED that is independently controlled by firmware. This
permits for a series of RGB LED patterns to be chosen.

N-Key Rollover

The keyboard matrix makes spend of diodes on all intersections, offering plump fair
scanning of each and every key situation.

Firmware and Instrument

Birth Offer Firmware

The Launch firmware is in step with QMK,
licensed GPLv2, and the most modern model is linked in the firmware submodule.

Birth Offer Instrument

Tasks that combine with Launch are begin source tool, a lot just like the
Gadget76 Keyboard Configurator,
licensed GPLv3, and fwupd, licensed LGPLv2.1.

Easy Remapping

The keyboard may perhaps even be remapped at runtime the spend of the
Gadget76 Keyboard Configurator.
This utility runs on Linux, Mac OS, and Home windows.

Firmware Updates

Firmware updates are supported thru the
fwupd conducting, and are distributed the spend of the
linked Linux Supplier Firmware Service. Settings are kept on EEPROM and are
maintained thru firmware updates.

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