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“When you’re stuck in that mental and physical pit, that weight is crushing.”

“Not just the weight you need to lose, but the weight of all of your self-doubt.” – Shailey

“Why do I hurt all of the time? Why haven’t I lost more weight by now?” 

“What if I can’t make it back? What if I’m not strong enough anymore?”

“How can I train other women if I can’t even get back in shape myself?”

“How can I train other women if I can’t even get back in shape myself?”

“I followed his roadmap and I got RESULTS within the first couple weeks! My body was changing. I started losing fat while also gaining muscle.”

“Every week I was seeing results the number on the scale started coming down! Not only that, my clothes started looking big on me. I went from a pant size 40 to pant size 36.”

“Sammy taught me that there were no limits, just new levels.”

It doesn’t matter if they’re NOT a personal trainer.

It doesn’t matter if they have ZERO gym experience.

They can STILL help motivate you to achieve your fitness potential.

“Our bodies and goals are too different to do the same workouts.”

“I want to tone and tighten, but my partner wants to build more muscle…we need different programs.”

So many people think these goals can’t happen with the SAME program.


Having someone to push you and help keep you focused on your journey is invaluable. It’s a lot like living with your trainer. You’ve got the extra support to help stay focused even when you’re not feeling it.

Getting your heart rate up together with your significant other is a great way to fuel that passionate flame. Plus, as you start to see results, you’ll both start to feel a LOT sexier.

Everyone has felt the feeling of guilt when they try to take time to go to the gym alone. Working out together becomes another significant point of contact in your relationship. It’s another reason to spend one-on-one time together each week.

Even if you don’t say a word during your workout, you’re still pushing, motivating, challenging, and proving you can do it to yourself and your partner. You’ll find out you can achieve more than you thought possible. Pushing through limits together is what this program is all about.

You’ll feel more connected with your partner, you’ll have a stronger bond, and you’ll have consistent quality time together. AND better health.

What if you both had access to all of the fitness knowledge, tools, and experience to help you achieve fitness success, INSTANTLY?

Would that kind of knowledge and experience help you believe in yourself?

BUT, beyond the knowledge of how to work and what to eat, there’s something even MORE important when it comes to long-term fitness success…

Deep down, we all know that our mind decides when to commit. The key is to learn how to make that choice every day. To succeed long-term, we have to decide to do the work over and over again, day after day. Sound familiar?

It’s the same commitment we all make in our long-term relationships and friendships. When we have support, it makes that choice to continue working so much easier. Our partner can remind us each day about our “why”.

So, If you’ve had a friend, a partner, or a family member in your everyday life for longer than you’ve been able to commit to the gym, you already know what it takes to succeed! When we combine those two aspects of our lives and focus on fitness together, we UNLOCK the full potential to achieve our fitness goals.


CRAZY, right? The key to unlocking your fitness potential is already with you.

•  Struggle to find time for fitness
•  Are unsure where or how to begin
•  Have felt frustrated achieving your fitness goals alone

Stronger Together is a 4-week couple’s fitness challenge from Collier Fit Fam that helps you attain your individual fitness goals together, regardless of your current strength, fitness level, or experience. In just four weeks, you’ll both realize the missing element to achieving better fitness has been the HUGE added boost of support from your partner. 

Sammy Collier is a personal trainer, competitive bodybuilding athlete, and father of three with over a decade of experience in the nutrition and supplement industry. His list of NPC competition wins include six overall wins and seven first-place finishes in his first three years of competition. His lifelong dedication to weight/speed/endurance training has helped him guide others toward better fitness and overall health. There’s only one thing he loves more than achieving his goals:

Shailey Collier has had a passion for dancing from an early age. Her state and national dance titles helped build her love of dance and fitness. She is an online personal trainer who loves helping women all over the world reach their fitness goals. She’s also a former NBA dance team member and WBFF top-five finisher. She recently gave birth to her third child and lost over 50 lbs postpartum. She hopes to inspire other women and help them feel confident with themselves and their fitness. Her greatest joys call her Mommy.

“Our bodies are completely different and our results seem worlds apart to a lot of people, but at the end of the day, we’re both achieving our goals because we support each other completely. That’s the secret to the Stronger Together philosophy. There’s nothing like the motivation of a friend or partner.”

Sammy and Shailey have poured their knowledge and years of personal training experience into helping people find the time to build confidence, strength, and a better sense of togetherness through fitness. 

The biggest motivator for most people is their family. We’d do anything for our family, but if it’s just for us, we have trouble consistently taking the time.

We made Stronger Together to help people realize just how powerful they can be when they have the full support of the ones they love. We ALL want to be healthier. This program helps people work on bettering their own lives and relationships WITHOUT FEELING GUILTY ABOUT TAKING THE TIME.

“In four weeks, we want people to fall more in love with fitness, and strengthen their long-term relationships.” – Shailey Collier

Stronger Together focuses on a pair of two-week intervals to maximize your results. These cycles help make sure:

• Each workout is a fresh challenge for your body (but, not too challenging) so that you’ll continue targeting muscle groups in new ways, from new angles.

• You build a strong foundation of proper form without overwhelming you with new movements. After the four weeks, you’ll have a great understanding of how each movement should feel when performed correctly, and how to combine the different movements for a satisfying workout.

• It takes time to build a routine! Four weeks is long enough for you to start seeing results, set your pattern, and feel confident that you’ve got this. That’s what Stronger Together is all about: Getting you back on track to achieve your fitness goals together. 

• Some people end up repeating the program. That’s great! You can continue to build confidence with this program until you’re ready for something new. It’s not a daunting task to try something new for 30 days. Before you know it, you’ll be through it, and excited about what’s next.


YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE! This program works with a friend, another family member, even someone far away. ANYONE you want in your corner giving you support can be a MASSIVE boost to your results.

BUT if you still can’t think of someone else to take this four-week journey with, Sammy and Shailey have got your back. We’ll be your Fit Fam! We’re here to help you feel connected, motivated, and excited about your progress. We’ll check in with you to answer questions, share our thoughts to keep you motivated, and celebrate your success!

That’s okay! We’ve engineered this program to offer every different body type or activity level an easy-to-follow plan to get the results you’re both looking for.

Amen! It never seems like the right time to get your work out in. Our program gives you strength-building exercises to do together in just one session at the gym or in your home in just 40 to 60 minutes total, and just four times a week.

Fitness with a family can be challenging! That’s why Stronger Together helps you INCLUDE the kids as well. You can follow along at home with a warm-up or bodyweight workout WITH the kids. We all want fitness to be an important part of their lives, so what better way to be a great example than to do some of the activities together?

Most of us have no idea where to start for ourselves, let alone together. Sammy and Shailey have poured their training expertise into Stronger Together to make sure each movement maximizes your efforts. No matter who you are, you can achieve a noticeable improvement in your fitness level AND your confidence level.

This is a big hurdle in every fitness journey. Sammy and Shailey have been guiding clients through nutrition questions and issues on their way to amazing transformations for years. Stronger Together comes with free access to our “Nutrition Guide Book” to help you know what kinds of foods you can choose each day, how many calories you should be targeting to achieve your goals, and how to listen to what your body is telling you when it comes to fueling the right way.

Stronger Together comes with ALL of these amazing tools:

• Technique breakdowns for perfect form

• Motivational messages to help you both focus on your “Why”

Get Stronger Together PLUS our Nutrition Guide Book right now for a discounted, introductory price!

You’ll Have Access to our Collier Fit Fam Meal Planning Guide With: 

• Food recommendations 

• Specific calorie targets and macro breakdowns for your age and activity level

• Overall Nutritional Guidelines to Help You KNOW how to eat for your body type

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Read About Stronger Together – Collier Fit Fam Review

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