Standing on our own two feet

When a brand new Certificates Authority (CA) comes on the scene, it faces a conundrum: In portray to be well-behaved to of us, it needs its root certificate to be relied on by a huge form of running systems (OSes) and browsers. On the other hand, it might per chance per chance settle years for the OSes and browsers to secure the brand new root certificate, and even longer for of us to upgrade their devices to the more recent variations that consist of that exchange. The traditional resolution: a brand new CA will generally inquire of an existing, relied on CA for a unhealthy-signature, to swiftly uncover it into being relied on by a entire bunch devices.

5 years in the past, when Let’s Encrypt launched, that’s precisely what we did. We got a unhealthy-signature from IdenTrust. Their “DST Root X3” had been around for a long time, and the entire famous machine platforms relied on it already: Windows, Firefox, macOS, Android, iOS, and a form of Linux distributions. That unhealthy-signature allowed us to begin issuing certificates real away, and bear them be well-behaved to a amount of of us. With out IdenTrust, Let’s Encrypt might per chance per chance just bear by no components came about and we’re grateful to them for his or her partnership. Meanwhile, we issued our absorb root certificate (“ISRG Root X1”) and applied for it to be relied on by the famous machine platforms.

Now, those machine platforms bear relied on our root certificate for years. And the DST Root X3 root certificate that we relied on to uncover us off the ground is going to speed out – on September 1, 2021. Fortunately, we’re ready to stand on our absorb, and rely thoroughly on our absorb root certificate.

On the other hand, this does introduce some compatibility woes. Some machine that hasn’t been as a lot as this level since 2016 (approximately when our root modified into once authorized to many root applications) tranquil doesn’t belief our root certificate, ISRG Root X1. Most seriously, this involves variations of Android earlier than 7.1.1. That components those older variations of Android will now now not belief certificates issued by Let’s Encrypt.

Android has a long-standing and properly known articulate with running machine updates. There are many Android devices on the earth running out-of-date running systems. The causes are complex and arduous to repair: for each and every cellphone, the core Android running machine is generally modified by each and every the producer and a mobile carrier sooner than an discontinue-user receives it. When there’s an update to Android, each and every the producer and the mobile carrier must incorporate those adjustments into their customized version sooner than sending it out. Usually producers resolve that’s now not price the bother. The is tainted for the of us who purchase these devices: many are stuck on running systems that are years out of date.

Google now now not provides version numbers on its Distribution Dashboard, but you might per chance per chance presumably tranquil uncover some records by downloading Android Studio. Here’s what the numbers appeared esteem as of September 2020:

Android Version Distribution as of September 2020

For the time being, 66.2% of Android devices are running version 7.1 or above. The remaining 33.8% of Android devices will indirectly initiating getting certificate errors when users talk over with sites that bear a Let’s Encrypt certificate. In our communications with nice integrators, we bear discovered that this represents around 1-5% of traffic to their sites. Optimistically these numbers might per chance per chance be decrease by the time DST Root X3 expires next year, however the exchange might per chance per chance just now not be very vital.

What build we build about this? Properly, whereas we’d tackle to toughen the Android update peril, there’s now not worthy we are able to build there. We moreover can’t bear ample cash to purchase the world a brand new cellphone. Can we uncover any other unhealthy-signature? We’ve explored this feature and it appears to be like now not going. It’s a huge threat for a CA to unhealthy-signal any other CA’s certificate, since they change into to blame for all the pieces that CA does. That moreover components the recipient of the unhealthy-signature has to observe the entire procedures laid out by the unhealthy-signing CA. It’s essential for us in converse to stand on our absorb. Also, the Android update wretchedness doesn’t seem like going away. If we commit ourselves to supporting conventional Android variations, we might per chance per chance per chance commit ourselves to searching out for unhealthy-signatures from diverse CAs indefinitely.

It’s rather a bind. We’re dedicated to all americans on the earth having steady and privateness-respecting communications. And we know that the of us most tormented by the Android update wretchedness are those we most desire to lend a hand – of us who might per chance per chance just now not be in a design to purchase a brand new cellphone each and every four years. Sadly, we don’t request the Android utilization numbers to interchange worthy earlier than ISRG Root X1’s expiration. By raising consciousness of this exchange now, we hope to lend a hand our community to search out the finest path forward.

If You Are a Spot Owner

As of January 11, 2021, we’re planning to develop a exchange to our API so that ACME clients will, by default, relief a certificate chain that leads to ISRG Root X1. On the other hand, it might per chance per chance moreover be that you simply might per chance per chance presumably divulge about to aid an replacement certificate chain for the identical certificate that leads to DST Root X3 and provides broader compatibility. That is implemented during the ACME “alternate” hyperlink relation. That is supported by Certbot from version 1.6.0 onwards. Ought to you dispute a speak ACME client, please test your client’s documentation to undercover agent if the “alternate” hyperlink relation is supported.

There might per chance per chance be space owners that receive complaints from users and we’re empathetic to that being now not ultimate. We’re working arduous to alert space owners so you might per chance per chance presumably notion and put collectively. We relief space owners to deploy a transient fix (switching to the alternate certificate chain) to maintain your space working whereas you evaluate what you’ll need for a long-term resolution: whether or now not you might per chance per chance must speed a banner asking your Android users on older OSes to put in Firefox, discontinue supporting older Android variations, drop relief to HTTP for older Android variations, or swap to a CA that is installed on those older variations.

If You Derive Let’s Encrypt Certificates Thru Your Web web hosting Provider

Your web web hosting provider might per chance per chance per chance be serving the DST Root X3 unless September 2021, or they’ll just resolve to swap to the certificate chain that leads to ISRG Root X1 after January 11, 2021. Please contact them when you happen to might per chance per chance per chance bear any questions!

If You Use an Older Model of Android

Ought to you’re on an older version of Android, we recommend you install Firefox Mobile, which helps Android 5.0 and above as of the time of writing.

Why does placing in Firefox lend a hand? For an Android p

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