Software engineering topics I changed my mind on


Printed: 2021-01-23

Issues I’ve modified my mind on:

Issues I now imagine, which previous me would’ve squabbled with:

  • Typed languages are better whereas you are working on a crew of folks with varied experience phases
  • Standups are in fact precious for maintaining an peep on the inexperienced persons.
  • Breeze retrospectives contain their situation goodbye as they’re for right path correction (i.e. “holy shit, that went poorly!”) and never some god unpleasant  ‘agile’ / ‘scum grasp’ driven ruin of all people’s time
  • Software program architecture potentially issues better than the leisure. A shitty implementation of a upright abstraction causes no catch hurt to the code spoiled. A scandalous abstraction or missing layer causes all the pieces to rot.  
  • Java is rarely that awful of a language.
  • Artful code is rarely on the entire upright code. Readability trumps all other concerns.
  • Execrable code will even be written in any paradigm
  • So known as “ideally pleasant practices” are contextual and never broadly appropriate. Blindly following them makes you an idiot
  • Designing scalable methods whereas you have now not contain to makes you a scandalous engineer.
  • Static diagnosis is precious
  • DRY is ready maintaining off a particular anguish, now not an stop aim unto itself.
  • In overall, RDBMS> NoSql
  • Purposeful programming is one more machine, now not a panacea.

Opinions I’ve picked up along the vogue

  • YAGNI, SOLID, DRY. In that repeat.
  • Pencil and paper are the ideally pleasant programming tools and vastly below passe
  • Procuring and selling purity in alternate for practicality will even be a upright name
  • Adding more expertise is rarely a upright name
  • Talking at as soon as to the buyer continuously finds more relating to the anguish, in less time, and with better accuracy
  • The observe “scalable” has a magical and stupefying power over the mind of the tool engineer. Its mere utterance can whip them valid into a pass frenzy. Grim actions had been justified the consume of this observe
  • No matter being known as “engineers,” most decision are pure cargo-cult with out a backing diagnosis, knowledge, or numbers
  • 90% – presumably 93% – of venture managers, would possibly well potentially recede the following day to either no stop or a catch carry out in efficiency.
  • After performing over 100 interviews: interviewing is thoroughly broken. I also don’t contain any knowing in fact plan it better.

Frail opinions unchanged:

  • Of us

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