Slack is down

For any customers unable to derive admission to Slack, please refresh utilizing CMD/CTRL + SHIFT + O. If you happen to encounter any grief, please insist us at

We’ll occupy a separate put up on this popularity for the prominent calendar apps and electronic mail notifications grief.

We’re in actual fact sorry for the disruption recently. We’ll be encourage with a abstract of this articulate.

Present: Now we occupy edited this message to position a build a query to to customers to refresh their possibilities entirely, as in opposition to the reload instructions we shared prior to (CMD/CTRL + R).

12: 10 PM PST

We’re seeing improvements with error rates on our side, and we imagine affected customers must always be ready to derive admission to Slack.

We’re persevering with to work to resolve the grief with calendar apps and electronic mail notifications.

11: 28 AM PST

For these customers who’re unable to derive admission to Slack (e.g. seeing a blank conceal or error), please strive reloading (CTRL/CMD + R). If you happen to can derive admission to Slack, please take care of off on reloading presently.

To boot to, Google Calendar and Outlook Calendar don’t appear to be working as anticipated, and a few electronic mail notifications (e.g. a notification of a brand novel direct message in Slack) are failing to ship.

Present: Now we occupy updated this message to specify maintaining off on reloading while that it’s doubtless you’ll well derive admission to Slack.

10: 51 AM PST

Some customers can also very well be ready to join, nonetheless could well possibly also trip degraded performance. We’re persevering with to work to resolve the articulate.

10: 00 AM PST

Whereas the articulate is largely serene ongoing, we imagine some customers could well possibly peek improvement in connecting to Slack after a refresh (CTRL/CMD + R).

9: 29 AM PST

There don’t appear to be any adjustments to document as of but. We’re serene all hands on deck and persevering with to dig in on our side. We’ll continue to fragment updates every 30 minutes till the incident has been downgraded.

8: 52 AM PST

We’re persevering with to analyze connection factors for customers, and occupy upgraded the incident on our side to replicate an outage in carrier. All hands are on deck on our end to additional investigate. We’ll be encourage in a half of hour to help you posted.

8: 20 AM PST

We’re serene investigating the ongoing connectivity factors with Slack. There is now not any additional knowledge to fragment factual but, nonetheless we’ll note up in 30 minutes. Thanks for bearing with us.

7: 44 AM PST

Potentialities could well occupy grief loading channels o

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