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K, realized the relate in HN, I attempted to fabricate something similar a while ago, my understanding turned into to present something like a SAAS CRM the utilization of Whatsapp, due to it be wide client atrocious.

However it be rather great now no longer capacity to officialy backup all of your stuff, groups and chats are puny to 40k messages, greater than that this would possibly occasionally be misplaced.
Your rich media (photos, audios, videos) don’t appreciate any dependable self-discipline, top-notch date.
It’s possible you’ll presumably perhaps well presumably top-notch backup one chat/team per time (no backup the entirety preference).
Your .txt backup has diversified date time structure, this would possibly occasionally take into fable your establish, as an instance right here in Brazil it be “dd/MM/yyyy HH:mm”.

The predominant relate is misplaced message, and the must backup each chat, I individually appreciate greater than 100 chats, so plenty would be misplaced…
There are unnoficial instruments like this one ( that allow you to accept admission to your backup archive within the cloud and extract it, but at the least for what I wished to fabricate it wasn’t comely ample, because it wasn’t a dependable plan, but presumably it allow you to guys.

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