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World’s first video game in a font!

You read that honest! It be a video game in a font! A font as in “Time Current Roman”. The full game is enclosed in fontemon.otf, no javascript, no html, all font.

You’re going to have the option to play it anyplace!

Your phrase processor!

Your represent editor!

Your code editor!

Even works with syntax highlighting

Your entire areas you need to never play video games, however now you might possibly have the option to on account of no person will finish you!

Kind and relieve typing. It be a font, however the font replaces what you form with the sport! You’re going to have the option to form here or you form straight away within the sport above! In case you lose, factual press backspace to delete what you typed! There’s constantly a formulation to lift!

Hints and Pointers:

  1. Programs to beat the sport.
  2. Programs to acquire the honest ending
  3. Your entire secrets printed: here.

    Beware of spoilers!

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