Show HN: Khan-dl – Khan Academy Course Downloader

A python script to download lessons from Khan Academy the exercise of youtube-dl and beautifulsoup4.

Set up

git clone
cd khan-dl
pip set up -r requirements.txt


$ python -h

usage: [-h] [-i] [-c COURSE_URL]

no longer obligatory arguments:
  -h, --help            present this help message and exit
  -i, --interactive     Enter Interactive Route Desire Mode
  -c COURSE_URL, --course_url COURSE_URL
                        Enter Route URL
  -a, --all             Download all Courses from all Domains
  • You may per chance well well download lessons interactively on a urged, which is prepared to list all path
    domains and their respective lessons on hand with tab completion.
$ python -i

Route Domain: Math
Selected Route Domain: Math

Downloading Route List...

Route: Linear algebra

Selected Route Domain: Linear algebra

Generating Route Slugs.....

Downloading Videos....

  • Download a particular path.
$ python -c

  • Download all lessons on veteran topics delight in Math, Science, Computing, Humanities, Economics-Finance-Domain.
$ python -a

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