Show HN: Can’t afford Bloomberg Terminal? No prob, I built the next best thing


Gamestonk Terminal is an sizable inventory market terminal that has been developed for relaxing, whereas I seen my GME shares tanking. But hello, I appreciate the inventory 💎🙌.

The implementation (in python) enables to with out issues add extra commands, and fabricate bigger on their configuration.

Actually be at liberty to query aspects, I shall be delighted to work on them on my spare time.

Desk of contents

  • Components
    • Gape Stocks
    • Market Sentiment
    • Learn Internet sites
    • Traditional Diagnosis
    • Technical Diagnosis
    • Due Diligence
    • Prediction Programs
  • Install
  • API Keys
  • Disclaimer
  • Toughen


The key menu enables the next commands:

load -t S_TICKER [-s S_START_DATE] [-i {1,5,15,30,60}]
stare -t S_TICKER [-s S_START_DATE] [-i {1,5,15,30,60}] [--type N_TYPE]

With their functions being:

  • Load inventory ticker to scheme diagnosis on
    • -s : The starting date (layout YYYY-MM-DD) of the inventory
    • -i : Intraday inventory minutes
  • Advantageous beforehand loaded inventory ticker.
  • Visualise historical recordsdata of a inventory. An alpha_vantage key’s crucial.
    • -s : The starting date (layout YYYY-MM-DD) of the inventory
    • -i : Intraday inventory minutes
    • –kind : 1234 corresponds to kinds: 1. delivery; 2. excessive; 3.low; 4. shut; whereas 14 corresponds to kinds:; 4. shut


Demonstrate: Until a ticker is loaded, the menu will most fine present disc and sen menu, as the others require a ticker being equipped.

Gape Stocks

plot           S&P500 index shares plot [Finviz]
sectors       present sectors performance [Alpha Vantage]
gainers       present most up-to-date high gainers [Yahoo Finance]
orders        orders by Constancy Possibilities [Fidelity]
up_earnings   upcoming earnings open dates [Seeking Alpha]
high_short    present high excessive rapid ardour shares of over 20% ratio []
low_float     present low float shares below 10M shares float []
simply_wallst Simply Wall St. research recordsdata [Simply Wall St.]
spachero      fine web state for SPACs research [SpacHero]
uwhales       staunch web state for SPACs research [UnusualWhales]

Market Sentiment

wsb           present what WSB gang is as much as in subreddit wallstreetbets
watchlist     present varied users watchlist
smartly-liked       present smartly-liked tickers
spac_c        present varied users spacs bulletins from subreddit SPACs neighborhood
spac          present varied users spacs bulletins from varied subs

bullbear      estimate posthaste sentiment from closing 30 messages on board
messages      output as much as the 30 closing messages on the board
trending      trending shares
stalker       stalk stocktwits user's closing messages

infer         infer about inventory's sentiment from most up-to-date tweets
sentiment     in-depth sentiment prediction from tweets over time

mentions      ardour over time in accordance with inventory's mentions
regions       regions that present best ardour in inventory
queries       high related queries with this inventory
upward thrust          high rising related queries with inventory

Learn Internet sites

macrotrends       www.macrotrends.procure


Traditional Diagnosis

Day after day Stock: BB (from 2020-06-04)

screener      cover info referring to the company [Finviz]
mgmt          management crew of the company [Business Insider]

Market Gape API
earnings        earnings convey of the company
resources        resources of the company
liabilities   liabilities and shareholders equity of the company
working     cash circulate working activities of the company
investing     cash circulate investing activities of the company
financing     cash circulate financing activities of the company

Yahoo Finance API
info          recordsdata scope of the company
shrs          shareholders of the company
sust          sustainability values of the company
cal           calendar earnings and estimates of the company

Alpha Vantage API
overview      overview of the company
earnings        earnings statements of the company
steadiness       steadiness sheet of the company
cash          cash circulate of the company
earnings      earnings dates and reported EPS

Financial Modeling Prep API
profile       profile of the company
quote         quote of the company
endeavor    endeavor price of the company over time
dcf           discounted cash circulate of the company over time
inc           earnings statements of the company
bal           steadiness sheet of the company
cashf         cash circulate of the company
metrics       key metrics of the company
ratios        monetary ratios of the company
deliver        monetary notion deliver of the company

Technical Diagnosis

ema         exponential shifting realistic
sma         straight forward shifting realistic
vwap        volume weighted realistic mark
cci         commodity channel index
macd        shifting realistic convergence/divergence
rsi         relative energy index
stoch       stochastic oscillator
adx         realistic directional circulation index
aroon       aroon indicator
bbands      bollinger bands
advert          chaikin accumulation/distribution line values
obv         on steadiness volume

Due Diligence

news          most up-to-date news of the company [Finviz]
pink           will get due diligence from one other user's post [Reddit]
analyst       analyst prices and rankings of the company [Finviz]
ranking        ranking of the company from true sell to true hold [FMP]
pt            mark targets over time [Business Insider]
est           quarter and 365 days analysts earnings estimates [Business Insider]
ins           insider task over time [Business Insider]
insider       insider trading of the company [Finviz]
sec           SEC filings [Market Watch]
rapid         rapid ardour [Quandl]
warnings      company warnings per Sean Seah guide [Market Watch]

Prediction Programs

sma         straight forward shifting realistic
knn         good sufficient-Nearest Neighbors
linear      linear regression (polynomial 1)
quadratic   quadratic regression (polynomial 2)
cubic       cubic regression (polynomial 3)
regression  regression (varied polynomial)
arima       autoregressive integrated shifting realistic
prophet     Fb's prophet prediction
mlp         MultiLayer Perceptron
rnn         Recurrent Neural Network
lstm        Lengthy-Brief Time period Memory


This challenge used to be written and tested with Python 3.6.8.

In divulge to set up all libraries aged by this repository, you might well per chance perhaps need got to speed

pip set up -r requirements.txt

Demonstrate: The libraries laid out within the requirements.txt file were tested and work for the reason for this challenge, nonetheless, these might per chance well properly be older variations. Hence, it’s instructed for the user to web state up a virtual python atmosphere sooner than placing in these. This allows to attend dependencies required by varied initiatives in separate locations.

API Keys

The challenge is assemble round a variety of varied API calls, whether or not it’s to access historical recordsdata or financials.

These are the ones where a key’s crucial:

  • Alpha Vantage:
  • Financial Modeling Prep:
  • Quandl:
  • Reddit:
  • Twitter:

When these are received, remember to update Alternatively, you might well be in a characteristic to moreover web state them to the next atmosphere variables:



“Just a few issues I am not. I am not a cat. I am not an institutional investor, nor am I a hedge fund. I kind not agree with purchasers and I kind not present personalized investment advice for prices or commissions.” DFV


While you appreciate this challenge, and would appreciate me to attend it and attend along side aspects, be at liberty to pick out me a espresso!

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