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Old Juniper (Juniperus rigida) as bonsai tree is white isolated

My name is Michael James and I made a lot of mistakes when I started creating bonsai trees thirty years ago.  I decided to finally put all the most important techniques, methods and tips into one all encompassing “system” I could share with those who wanted to share my love for bonsai creation.

Here is what I found.  The system will work for you if you have a “green thumb” or absolutely no experience with gardening.  If fact I was a pretty accomplished gardener but bonsai creation and care is very different from raising tomatoes-believe me.

What I discovered was that anyone can create a bonsai if you have the knowledge.

The bonsai art started centuries ago with Buddhist monks in China.  They had very little knowledge of the demands of growing a dwarfed tree in a small pot.  As they developed the techniques necessary for success the art form flourished and spread.  Fast forward to today and that specific knowledge is available to your and me.

If you know how to prune a branch, water and feed the tree in a specific way you can easily succeed with this exciting and satisfying hobby right in your home.  Once I learned the specific techniques I found that creating a bonsai is extremely easy to do. I can state this because…….

There is a specific order you need to follow when you begin creating a bonsai.  If you follow the system you will see that creating a bonsai is a much easier and successful process.

The System is called  “BONSAI TREE CARE ” and it is a result of my thirty years creating bonsai trees.

I promise you that you will be creating and enjoying a healthy bonsai if you use the information contained in my system. The reason why I believe this is I have shared this system with friends, family and bonsai beginners and they have been successful using these techniques. 

Here are a few basic facts about bonsai creation:

 The Bonsai Tree is one of the most celebrated types of art in the world.  Bonsai originated in China and was perfected in Japan. There are no specific bonsai species of tree. Bonsai are regular trees or shrubs that are sculpted and maintained according to the specific trees needs.

Your final bonsai tree will be a reflection of your vision of that tree.  The Goal of bonsai is to create the appearance of great size and age in a miniature tree.

A small bonsia tree in a ceramic pot. Isolated on a white background.

 I can make this statement because it has worked for countless beginning artists before you….

Even if you made an effort in the past to take a stab at creating a bonsai then BONSAI TREE CARE will work with you!  If you think it is complicated then BONSAI TREE CARE will uncomplicated the process and will work for you!

In BONSAI TREE CARE you will be introduced to a step-by-step time-tested system.  It covers everything from choosing your first bonsai tree, initial cleaning, pruning, potting and care of your bonsai.  It is all the necessary steps you will need to take to create your own work of art.

Why is BONSAI TREE CARE such a popular system? There us only one reason!

There are books on the internet that claim to be the answer but in reality is the BONSAI TREE CARE system is 139 pages that cover everything you need to for success. 

The hardest part of bonsai tree creation is compiling all the information you need in one place.  You could spend weeks, months searching for the RIGHT information to be successful at bonsai creation

In BONSAI TREE CARE you will be walked through the process step-by-step.  There are essentially five steps to creating a bonsai and there are quite easy to master.

* How I got started  * Bonsai History   * Major Bonsai Styles  * Bonsai tree species  * Bonsai specialty tools  * Creating bonsai from Nursery Stock * What to look for  * Healthy root patterns  * Healthy appearance * The Appearance of Age  * Trunk line * Branching Patterns *Perfection is not the goal  * Initial cleaning * Potting your Bonsai *Wiring and Shaping * Pruning * Watering & Fertilizing * Repotting * Seasonal Care * The Illusion of Age * Displaying your bonsai * Bonsai from seeds  *Bonsai from cuttings * Indoor or outdoor bonsai * Specific indoor bonsai care * The rest of the story *Conclusion * References

I can make this statement because I decided to offer the BONSAI TREE CARE system as a downloadable eBook. All you have to do is order thru my secure ordering system, download the eBook to your computer and begin reading immediately!

Its so simple, just click on one of the blue links and you will be taken to a secure order page that is 100% same.  It is backed by one of the largest and most trusted distributors of electronic documents-!

The BONSAI TREE CARE system is not your boring page-after-page of copy eBook.  It contains over 75 photographs and illustrations to make mastering the bonsai art easier to comprehend and enjoy.

And I wanted to add some more value to the initial sale by including my BONSAI STYLES-DECODED eBook as a special bonus.

BONSAI TREE CARE includes the following:

The 19 major bonsai styles that are internationally recognized.  This report is the first thing you should read prior to diving into the BONSAI TREE CARE system.

Here is a list of what is included in BONSAI TREE CARE:

*Overview of Styles * Suggested Tree Species * Major Bonsai Styles *  Trunk Orientation: Formal Upright  * Informal Upright * Slanting * Broom * Canopy * Cascade * Semi-Cascade  * Cascade with Multiple Trunks * Trunk and Bark Surface: Split Trunk or Hollow Trunk * Driftwood * Wine-Swept  * Root Orientation: Exposed Root * Root-Over-Rock * Root-in-Rock * Multiple Trunks from Separate Roots: Twin-Trunk or Two-Trunk  * Triple-Trunk or Three Trunk * Raft * Forest  * Classified by Specific Traits: *Literati * Weeping Branch *Styling Wrap-Up

 Each of the 19 major bonsai styles includes an overview of the style as well as styling tips to give you an ideal of the complexity of the development of that style.

Additonally, I am offering a 60-day Money Back Guarantee for my system

This means you can review the material in the BONSAI TREE CARE system for sixty days.  Kick the tires so to speak.  If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase and all that it includes then all you have to do is drop me a note within the 60 day period and I will refund your money.  No deductions, now questions asked. Its that simple

Think about it.  I am giving you TWO MONTHS to review the material.  I want you to be satisfied.  In fact I know you will love this material.  I do have an alterior motive. I would love to have a positive review from you regarding your success. 

And get your discounted copy of  the eBook BONSAI TREE CARE right now.  Plus the bonus eBook BONSAI STYLES DECODED.  You have nothing to risk…and everything to gain!

I know you will be thrilled with BONSAI TREE CARE and its bonus report BONSAI STYLES DECODED.  They will give you all the information you need to succeed in the Bonsai art. If you order right now you can begin your journey into the bonsai tree creation hobby in a matter of minutes

In the words of a bonsai master: “Bonsai is respect for everything growing”

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