Python overtakes Java to become the second-most popular programming language

For the first time in the historical past of TIOBE’s index, Java has slipped out of the quit two, leaving Python to spend the world at the support of reigning champion, C.

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The November edition of TIOBE’s high programming languages list holds a surprise: For the first time in its 20-year historical past, C and Java don’t spend the quit two spots, with Java slipping to Third and Python taking its put. 

October’s TIOBE index had C at No. 1 and Java at No. 2, and historically those two languages dangle merely traded areas while the relaxation of the competitors battled it out for the privilege to tumble in at the support of the two perennial leaders. With Python in the end overtaking Java in popularity, the long recede would be one wherein all the pieces comes up Python. 

TIOBE CEO Paul Jansen acknowledged: “Some time previously I had a flat tire and known as the avenue patrol to lend a hand me out. The mechanic asked about my residing and after I extinct the be aware ‘tool’ in my reply, he smiled and commenced talking very enthusiastically about his dangle passion: Programming in Python. From that 2nd on, I knew Python would was ubiquitous.” 

Jansen makes employ of that incident as an instance what he believes is the plot at the support of Python’s ever-increasing popularity: Typical place a matter to for programming abilities. 

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“Within the past, most programming activities were done by tool engineers. Nonetheless programming abilities are wanted in every single put at the 2nd and there’s an absence of appropriate tool developers,” Jansen acknowledged. “As a waste consequence, we settle on one thing easy that can per chance also be dealt with by non-tool engineers, one thing easy to study with swiftly edit cycles and peaceable deployment. Python meets all these wants.”

Jansen acknowledged that he believes right here is the case irrespective of claims from others that Python’s popularity is attributable to booms in data mining, AI, numerical computing, and diverse initiatives that incessantly employ Python’s extensive data processing capabilities. 

As TechRepublic’s R. Dallon Adams wrote in his share on the October index, Python has been giving Java a recede for its money for some time. October saw Python at No. 3 with the ideal year-over-year growth share in the quit 50 languages. Java, quiet at 2nd put in October, had the ideal detrimental year-over-year growth rate in the quit 50 at some stage in the an analogous length. 

Java and Python’s shift used to be even being telegraphed in September, with Python solidly occupying the No. 3 area while Java persevered to post detrimental numbers. 

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Python has long been a high-cherished programming language, as has Java, nonetheless if Jansen is acceptable there’s generally a protracted-term shift coming wherein Python turns into dominant merely attributable to how it’s been marketed as more uncomplicated to study and quiet in a position to doing your complete things that Java can.

Along with the helpful upset at the quit of the index, R, Perl, and Move are all boasting certain growth. R is in 9th put, the an analogous it occupied final month. R has skilled explosive growth in 2020, which has led TIOBE to mediate it a contender for programming language of the year.

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