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It’s not what you eat, it’s what’s eating you. 

Overeating can be an emotional issue, sometimes, diet and exercise aren’t enough. 

Take Anna for example. She couldn’t believe the results.

Anna, a reporter, struggled with her weight and had tried everything but found this method worked. 

Anna lost over 35lbs and got to under 135lbs – the weight she considered her “perfect weight!” 

Read on to discover how this amazing product will help you reach your perfect weight. 

Anna opened up about her weight issues to a major UK newspaper, The Independent, saying:

“I’ve always struggled with my weight, I’ve literally tried every diet.

I was the reporter for Channel 4’s diet series Supersize vs Superskinny, my challenge was to immerse myself in the world of extreme diets.

At the time of being asked, I was a little insulted. In my head, I was a svelte 126 lb, size 8 stunner, in reality, I was 161 lb, size 14. Overweight and in denial. 

I threw myself into the diets I was trialling, which included:

I was constipated, flatulent, hungry and in pain.  And after all, this, did I lose any weight? Just a few pounds.” 

Because They Focus On The Wrong Thing.

The series Supersize vs Superskinny lasted for over 6 years. Out of all the diets tested, most failed to work long-term, some even had disastrous side effects. 

In a hypnosis session with Marisa Peer, creator of Perfect Weight Forever, Anna discovered her eating habits formed during her childhood.

Her mother was in the hospital and her father comforted Anna by feeding her treats, establishing a relationship between food and comfort.

“… I quite had a ‘lightbulb moment’ – an acknowledgement of where my issues with food began, and the realisation that I didn’t want to be a prisoner to food any longer. Put simply, I made a decision to change. 

I found myself making better food choices, without realising it – it was weird,” she admits.

After one hypnosis session with Marisa Peer, Anna lost over 35lbs! The only diet method that worked long-term!

Anna has become a household name in the UK and a role model to millions using this simple technique you are about to discover:

Hi, my name is Marisa Peer.

I’m going to share with you what new research reveals is the exact reason why it’s so difficult for you to lose weight and keep it off.

Perhaps you have tried everything from dieting to weight loss pills, long, boring workouts, and perhaps even surgery?

Question: Have you often begun each day saying “I am only going to eat healthy food and lose weight,” only to find yourself giving in to junk food, like burger and fries or chocolate even though you promised yourself you wouldn’t eat them?

Then you feel bad thinking you are weak and a failure when that is not the case at all. And then that bad, guilty feeling makes you eat even more bad food. 

It is a vicious circle that the Perfect Weight Forever hypnosis program will end for good.

Marisa Peer studied hypnotherapy at the Institute of Los Angeles, known as the best hypnotherapy training establishment in the world.

Marisa has spent over 33 years working with royalty, rock stars, actors, professional and Olympic athletes, CEOs, and media personalities. 

Marisa has developed her own “life-changing” therapy called Rapid Transformational Therapy® (RTT®).

Marisa is a bestselling author of five books and regularly appears on television and radio.

Marisa was the nutritionist for Men’s Fitness magazine, the therapist in the Sunday People’s Heart to Heart column, and featured in Tatler’s guide to ‘Britain’s 250 Best Doctors’.

Marisa also had her own weekly Mind column for Closer Magazine and was voted the most successful therapist on Supersize vs. Superskinny and Celebrity Fit Club UK and USA.

So how exactly does it work?

Hypnosis alters our state of consciousness in such a way that our conscious (thinking) mind is switched off and our unconscious (emotional) mind is made more alert.

Because the unconscious mind is a deep-seated, more instinctive force, it is this part of the brain that listens to the words the therapist is using – and uses them to re-program negative patterns of behavior.

The Perfect Weight Forever hypnosis product will do exactly that, it will use a safe and effective form of hypnosis to change how you react with food, helping you reach your Perfect Weight Forever.

“Marisa Peer is an extraordinary individual who has helped people with problems have profound breakthroughs in personal growth very quickly.  She is one of the most powerful transformers of human belief I have ever come across. 

In just four months, I doubled my income. My business began to grow too. Not only had my beliefs held me back but they had also been holding back my business.”

VISHEN LAKHIANI,  Founder & CEO Of Mindvalley

“​​Marisa Peer changed my life and I have referred hundreds of people to her including international celebrities. Because of my high regard for her brilliant ability to change people’s lives, I gave her a significant role on television where she worked with ten celebrities over a four-month period and achieved extraordinary results. 

She is internationally considered to be the best in her field and people all over the world seek her help. She’s the only professional I know of who has the ability to help such a wide assortment of problems and achieve dramatic and lifelong changes.”

CLAUDIA ROSENCRANTZ, Former Controller Of Entertainment at ITV

“I don’t consider myself to be “woo-woo” or someone who is easily “swayed” into simply believing something works… But what I experienced in that room with Marisa changed my life — in just minutes. 

She helped me uncover a massive “block” that I realize now has been holding me back, and just days removed from working with her — I’ve already seen massive (positive) changes in my relationship with my wife, my children, and my employees. 

THANK YOU, Marisa.  I was skeptical before meeting you, but what I’ve experienced is unmistakably real.”

RYAN LEVESQUE, CEO Of The ASK Method Company

No Risk With Our 100% Money-Back Guarantee For 14 Days

So How Does Hypnosis Change These Eating Behaviors?

One of the most effective methods of weight loss is weight loss motivation hypnosis.

When engrossed in a film or driving on a familiar route on autopilot and you lose track of the time, this is when you are actually experiencing a state similar to hypnosis.

A leading American psychiatrist conducted experiments on volunteers that proved how much the brain could influence our thoughts when under hypnosis.

Hypnosis alters our state of consciousness in such a way that our conscious mind is switched off and our unconscious (emotional) mind is made more alert.

The subconscious mind is responsible for 90% of our actions – if we can change our mind – we can change our behavior too.

Perfect Weight Forever uses a safe and effective form of hypnosis to change how you react with food, forever.

Not to mention the increased insurance premiums, and the extra burden on your loved ones if you were to get one of the diseases linked to obesity, like diabetes, heart disease, or even cancer. It also costs more just to buy clothes.

Diets are restrictive, making them hard to stick to.  95% of people who diet put all the weight back on in a year and often gain weight, this shows diets don’t work. The longest time we can stay on a diet is just 6 weeks and many people only manage days.

Diet and exercise don’t tackle the issues and emotional reasons that drive people to overeat. 

Over 70% of overeaters are emotional eaters and addictive eaters. 20% are habitual and ignorant eaters, only 10% are angry eaters. You need to know what sort of eater you are before addressing the problem because no amount of diets, pills, or gastric band treatments can do this.

Junk food such as fast food, chips, cakes, chocolates, cookies, pastries, candy, and fast-food are NOT foods – they’re a cocktail of chemicals, colorings, sugar, trans fat, and preservatives that the body becomes addicted to. They make the body release dopamine the same way drugs do and as with all addictions, we need more and more of the drug just to get the same effect.

My method teaches you to make the right food choices. It will show you that junk food will never make you feel better. Your body would never ask you for junk food because it hates trying to break down all the fat and chemicals.

Your mind asks you for these foods but soon you will be controlling, directing, and influencing your mind to be indifferent to rubbish food forever. This does not mean you will never eat cake or candy, it just means you want it less, eat it less, and are satisfied with less all the time.

If you have tried dieting, diet pills, or even surgery you are probably aware of how frustrating getting little or no permanent results can be.

So that you know exactly what Perfect Weight Forever is, let me tell you what it is not…

Perfect Weight Forever Is NOT Dangerous Or Intrusive Like Other Conventional Diet Methods.

The risks of medical gastric banding

Medical gastric banding is an expensive, highly invasive procedure and it does not take away cravings for sugar or change bad eating habits.  

In fact, many people with a medical gastric band eat more sugar and sugary drinks as they find them easier to digest — this means their weight loss quickly slows down and can stop within months! In a staggering 1-in-3 cases, medical gastric banding does not work at all!

Imagine having Britain’s top weight loss therapist as rated by Men’s Health Magazine, Tatler, and Time Out in the comfort of your own home guiding you to your perfect weight.

Meet Lisa, she bought a whole new wardrobe. Total weight loss – 49 lbs.

“Once discovering why I had issues with food it was just a simple case of following the methods and they revealed such amazing results! Six months ago I was size 18 top and 30 bottom.  I was ready to shed that weight and change my life.  I’ve never been happier – 49 lbs lighter, a size 10 top and 12 bottoms, a whole new wardrobe and still toning!”

Meet Angelica, she became more energetic than ever. Total weight loss – 14 lbs.

“Two years ago I started overeating because I was unhappy at work. My only exercise was walking to the shops to buy junk food. I didn’t even try to diet as I knew I wouldn’t stick to it.

During my session with Marisa Peer, I felt so relaxed. I discovered how I comfort ate from an early age, which foods would benefit me and how to visualise my ideal size. I’ll never go back to my unhealthy ways, I’m more energetic and so happy with my body now.”

Meet Tina, the new social animal. Total weight loss – 70 lbs.

“Before Marisa my life was miserable. I had no self esteem, every social event was a traumatic, what to wear (will it fit?). I lived on processed junk food, coffee and biscuits, I didn’t know fuel could be bought without chocolate and ate several bars daily—what on earth was I thinking? 

I can now face my 50s in the shape I have wanted to be in all my adult life.  I’m so happy having reached my goal weight! I feel so in control now having used Marisa’s techniques. I know I deserve this and can spend the rest of my life in this happy, happy place!”

Meet Hannah, who got incredible self-esteem. Total weight loss – 98 lbs.

After nearly 2 decades of struggling with weight, Hannah finally found the answer with Marisa’s method.

“I can’t tell you how my self-esteem has changed and the best thing of all is, I know for a fact that the changes I have made to my diet and lifestyle are permanent, this is no fad, no diet, but a lifestyle change and the new me is here to stay!”

But we want to be able to help more people reach their perfect weight, and help lower the harmful risks of overeating and obesity that no one deserves to suffer from.

Prepare to say ‘goodbye’ to the body you are unhappy with and ‘hello’ to your ideal weight, shape, and size.

Once purchased, all you need to do is log into the system, download the first session, hit play, sit back, and let it magic begin.

Let us remind you, this amazing product is 100% RISK-FREE and we provide you with a 14-day full refund if you are not entirely satisfied!

We are highly confident you will absolutely love it because we are already seeing incredible success stories with this program.

In fact, we receive letters every day from people who have used the Perfect Weight Forever program to change their health and lives.

Marisa normally charges thousands of dollars for a one-on-one session with her clients but today you can have the equivalent, and better as you can keep going back and repeating the process until you reach your perfect weight while investing significantly less.

Compare the cost of this program with gastric band surgery – well, there’s no comparison, the surgery would cost you thousands more!

With Marisa’s proven Perfect Weight Forever method, we could charge a significantly higher fee as most clients pay much more than this to get their hands on these special take-home audios.

Marisa is so confident in her unique weight loss program that she wants to give you the opportunity to try it and see for yourself.

So here’s what you must do next… Just click on the GET INSTANT ACCESS NOW button below and download the entire Perfect Weight Forever program. It can be in your hands in less than three minutes from right now. 

And again, if Perfect Weight Forever isn’t everything we promised, simply let us know and we will refund every single penny of your investment — no questions asked.

You will feel results within 14 days with benefits including:

Congratulations on taking the first step to a healthier, happier more confident you.

We come into this world with the most amazing computer-like brain that is capable of doing so much, but there are no instructions that tell us how to get the best from ourselves. No manual that shows us how to program ourselves for success. The Perfect Weight Forever audiobook helps you to understand and use the power of your subconscious mind for your weight loss success inside this special audio program.

We’re all born with a normal relationship with food: that’s why babies don’t overeat, don’t bolt their food, and have no problem leaving food regardless of how delicious it is. So if we accept the premise that we were born with a completely normal attitude to food, it means that somewhere along the line we must have developed an abnormal relationship with food.

It partly explains why millions of us now struggle with our weight. The regression session helps you track back to where, how, and why that happened. Because once you’ve pinpointed the origin of your problem, you’ll be so much better equipped to fix it.

Breaking negative eating habits can be hard when you don’t know what’s causing them. The Hypnotic Weight Control hypnosis motivates you to form a healthy relationship with food and to prefer healthy food while being indifferent to junk food. Without ever feeling restricted or deprived. It gives you direct mental commands that program and condition you to eat selectively and to make the right choices.

Addressing overeating at the root cause, the Hypnotic Gastric Band hypnosis will transform your mindset to help you put an end to overeating, for good. This hypnosis audio will condition and motivate you to eat less, eat selectively, and eat healthily.

Transform your mindset from within. The Perfect Weight Forever hypnosis rewires your mind, creating powerful new pathways so you completely let go of negative eating habits. The hypnotic language combined with effective mind-changing techniques enables you to become free from dieting and cravings. You will be able to break all negative eating habits forever so you see results very quickly and keep them for good.

What would it be worth to have Perfect Weight Forever?

You won’t need expensive gym memberships, diet pills, or dangerous painful surgery. You’ll save on food bills, health costs and you won’t even have to work out to fit into your favorite skinny jeans. Perfect Weight Forever is a unique method that has achieved phenomenal success, even when all else fails.

That is why this life-changing transformational program is accessible to everyone for a small investment in yourself, and your long term health.

Unlock INSTANT ACCESS to this course today to take the first step to your Perfect Weight Forever.

No Risk With Our 100% Money Back Guarantee For 14 Days

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Regression therapy is an approach to treatment that focuses on resolving significant past events believed to be interfering with a person’s present mental and emotional wellness. Only people with sound mental health who are confident that a review of past events will not adversely impact their emotional or mental health should participate. We request that you do not participate in regression therapy if you or your treating practitioners have any past or existing concerns about your mental health.

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