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Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease

Natural Therapies for Parkinson’s Disease


From: Robert Rodgers, Ph.D

I wish my mother could read the book I have written on Parkinson’s Disease but it is too late for her. She died seventeen years ago from a stroke that was triggered by the interactions and side effects of taking too many medications.

There had to be another way. There had to be other decisions people with Parkinson’s could make that could help make them feel a great deal better. So, I founded Parkinsons Recovery in 2005 and launched an ambitious plan to interview people with Parkinson’s who had found ways to get sustained relief from their symptoms.

To surprise and delight, I have run across a few people who have fully recovered.  I have also interviewed many people who have found therapies that help them reverse many of their symptoms. How did they do it? That is what Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease is all about.

Road to Recovery is a book like no other book on Parkinson’s. Other books on Parkinson’s share a common theme. They tell us in the introduction that Parkinson’s is a degenerative disease. My research reveals this assertion is blatantly false. More and More people are reversing their symptoms these days. I believe that anyone can.

Road to Recovery from Parkinson’s Disease documents how people with Parkinson’s find relief from their symptoms. I also provide a rich explanation of the factors that play a central role in causing Parkinson’s. In my view, a deficiency of dopamine is not the central  influence.   

Symptoms of Parkinson’s tell us something is out of balance in the body. Road to Recovery from Parkinson’s Disease explains the nature of these imbalances and what people can do to bring the body back into balance. Treatments and therapies that are effective in relieving the symptoms of Parkinson’s are explained, referenced and documented.

Yes. There are many approaches people are taking that have proven helpful. How do I know this? Through my interviews and eight years of hosting the Parkinsons Recovery Radio Show.  

I am passionate about the support, resources and information I provide to anyone who has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. Why? I hold the belief that anyone – regardless of the “stage” of the “disease,” can discover natural ways to heal.

Believe me. I am not naive. I realize many people think it is not possible to ease their symptoms. But, my research shows this belief is false. My heart tells me that the reason people with Parkinson’s symptoms deteriorate over time is because they think that is what is supposed to happen. The sabotage comes through our own negative thoughts and beliefs.

I wrote Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease because I want to change the false belief template that Parkinson’s is “degenerative.”  It is time to birth a new belief template, the true belief template that it is possible to find sustained relief from its symptoms. Once the false belief template has been transformed, thousands of people with Parkinson’s will find ways to get sustained relief from their symptoms. It needs to happen now.

Many people believe that symptoms of Parkinson’s are caused by a deficiency of dopamine. Western medicine is well equipped to give bodies mega doses of dopamine, but the symptoms usually persist over the long term. There must be something else going on here, don’t you agree?

Neurological difficulties are caused by several factors that can combine together to make matters worse. Toxins construct roadblocks to neurological pathways. Trauma crunches neurons so they do not function properly. Packaged food rips out the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that are essential to healthy neurological functioning. Couch potatoes clog up their lymph system so badly that is hurts to walk across the living room.

The roots of Parkinson’s originate in how we think moment to moment. When we delete the debris of negative thinking that has been saved on the hard drive in our brain, we have all the room that is needed to manifest better balance and harmony. When we identify and remove the seed thought that underpins and sustain the symptoms, our best and highest good is served at long last.

We feel better. The food of negative thoughts that feeds the symptoms has been sent to the trash bin for good. People have told me across the globe what they are doing for themselves to feel better. Now I get to tell you the good news. The wisdom of thousands is captured in Road to Recovery from Parkinson’s Disease.

Where does a person usually turn to learn about therapies that might give them relief from the symptoms of Parkinson’s? The internet is the logical choice for many people. The downside of this choice is that it is easy to become discouraged about the prospects for recovery when surfing the internet.

There are so many gloom and doom predictions on the internet about Parkinson’s. You can’t help but run across web sites that offer wheel chairs, assisted living arrangements and “cures” of one type of another. It is hard to maintain an upbeat attitude when all you find is help and assistance for the chronically disabled and offers from quacks. This is all yucky stuff to encounter.

Internet research is one sure way to nurture negative thought forms. When every place you visit preaches gloom and doom, you can’t help but begin to believe it all.  

Let me be clear about the purpose and content of Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease. Here is my “truth in advertising” disclosure.

The 2017 revision to Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease contains a wide spectrum of topics. The Table of Contents below offers a rich preview of its contents.

Recovery is Possible
Evidence for Recovery
Parkinsons Energy Project
Radio Program Guests
Interviews with People on the Road to Recovery
Who Recovers?
Fix Me Now
Recovery Can Happen Now. Make It So.
Figuring It All Out

Beliefs about Parkinson’s Disease

The False Belief Template Most People Believe is True
The True Belief Template that Makes Recovery Possible
The Body is Not Broken. It is Working Perfectly.
Why is it So Hard for the Body to Maintain a Balance of the 40 or So Hormones?

Should I Fight or Surrender?

Horse Racing and Parkinson’s
Place of Balance
Yin Versus Yang
Balance Your Hormones Using Entrainment

Pay Others to Treat the Disease
Become an Advocate for Your Own Recovery
The Value of Experimentation
The Wide Spectrum of Medical Specialties
Criticism from Family and Friends

Thoughts are the Most Powerful Influence on Recovery

Quest for a Cure
What is the Count of Your Symptoms?
How to Shift Thinking
The Gift of Symptoms
The Underlying Meaning of Pain
The Underlying Meaning of Tremors

Diagnosis of Parkinson’s

Parkinson’s is a Garbage Can Diagnosis
The Problem is Not Usually a Dopamine Deficiency
Causal Sequences are Multi-Faceted

Causes of Parkinson’s Symptoms

Seed Thoughts
Consequence of Trauma
Tests Show I Do Not Have Toxins
Drinking Water
MSG, Aspartame and Colas
Heavy Metals
Amalgams and Metal Fillings
Refrigerants and Degreasing Chemicals
Alternatives to Toxic Products
Trauma – Toxin Interactions
Electromagnetic Exposure
Digestive issues
Sources of Digestive Problems
Liver and Gall Bladder Issues
Sugar Cravings Are Caused by Nutritional Deficiencies
Low Cellular Energy
Assess Allergies
Lyme Disease
Critters Stick Together

What are People Doing to Feel Better?

The Hidden Secret to Recovery|

About Frequencies
All Toxins Have A Frequency
All Thoughts Have A Frequency
Recovery Can Happen Now
Treatments of the Future

Therapies that Address Specific Causes

Therapies that Release the Trauma

Craniosacral Therapy
Bowen Therapy
Trauma Release Exercises (TRE®)
Brain Resets
Myofascial Release (MFR)
Intramuscular Stimulation (IMS)
Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)
Emotion Code™
Laser Therapy to Heal Scar Tissue

Therapies that Release the Toxins

Infrared Saunas
Radiation Remedies
Aggressive Detox Protocols Can Do More Harm than Good
Healing from Detoxes
Eliminate Exposure to New Toxins
A Therapy that Helps Chase the Critters Out of Your Body
Strategies to Reduce Electromagnetic Exposure

A Therapy that Helps Chase the Critters Out of Your Body

Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN)

A Natural Therapy for Electromagnetic Exposure

Why People May Not Recover

Negative Pleasure
Taking on Pain out of Love

Natural Aging
Ketone Coffee
Vitamins and Minerals
Folic Acid
Omega Fatty Acids
B Vitamins
Vitamin B1 (Thiamine)
Vitamin B6
Vitamin B12
Vitamin D3
Potassium and Sodium
Vitamin K2
Right Nutrition
Make Eating Live Food a Habit
Healthy Habits
Nourish your Brain
Vibration Therapy
Sound Therapy
Foot Whispering
Rejuvenate Cellular Energy with Oxygen
Vecttor Therapy
Ozone Therapy
The Lakota Way
Affinity for Exercise
What Type of Exercise is Best for Parkinson’s?
Forced Exercise
Tai Chi
Dance for PD
Color Therapy
Physical Therapy
Balance and Mobility
Fava Beans
Upside and Down Side of Mucuna
Essential Oils
Joachim’s protocol
Eleanor’s story
Leslie’s report
Bach Flower Essences
Oil Massage
Prescription Drug Side Effects
Neuro-Linguistic Programming
Training the Brain
Biophoton therapy
Process Work
Energy Healing
What Therapies Do Not Help
Power of the Mind

How to Decide Which Therapies to Try

Bioenergetic Assessments
Ask Your Body
Listen to Yourself Argue the Two Sides
Voice Profiling

Therapies for Specific Symptoms

Lack of Arm Swing
Frozen Shoulder
Foot Dragging
Sleep Disorders and Insomnia
Eye Problems
Facial Rigidity
Memory Loss
Restless Leg Syndrome
Stress Relief
Swallowing Problems

What People Do to Feel Better

Words of Wisdom for the Newly Diagnosed

Parkinson’s and Creativity

Innovation Versus Creativity
The Process of Creativity
Receiving the Creative Energies of our Mothers and Fathers

Call 877-526-4646 to Place an Order

The desktop (or download) PDF version gives you the advantage of being able to click on the links throughout the book which take you instantly to the web site of interest. The desktop (or download) version of the book must be read on your computer or phone. Of course, you can always print the book out on your printer, but be warned it is 376 pages in length. A big advantage of ordering the desktop version is that you get to begin reading it now.

Once you purchase the desktop (or download) version, you will receive an e- mail message that gives a download link for the PDF version of the book. You can read the book on the computer in just a few minutes and begin to happily link to all of the resources that are listed. If you do not receive the download link after ordering the book, please e mail me: Sometimes the download message gets diverted to a spam folder.

The factors that cause the symptoms of Parkinson’s are complex. I do not believe for one minute there will ever be a single solution. A combination of therapies and treatments is needed. Which ones? At what time? These are decisions each person must make for themselves.

Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease presents an overview of a wide range of therapies and treatments  that have proved helpful to other people. Use your own best instincts to evaluate the options. Decide for yourself what is the best course of action for you. 

Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease is packed full of suggestions and ideas that facilitate ways to ease the symptoms of Parkinson’s. It also provides a compelling argument for why natural therapies can help anyone at any stage of disability.

The neurological system is very delicate and very sensitive to trauma, stress and toxins. When these are removed, released and ejected from the body, healing happens. If you are dedicated to finding ways you can help yourself, the 2017 update to Road to Recovery from Parkinson’s Disease will be a welcome companion on your journey to health and wellness. . 

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Parkinsons Recovery

© 2020 Parkinsons Recovery

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