Open Source Smartwatch

An Originate Source Smartwatch For Your Accepted Gadgets. Low Label, High Fidelity.

The PineTime is a free and commence source smartwatch staunch of working custom-built commence working systems. A couple of of the critical aspects encompass a coronary heart rate computer screen, per week-long battery as smartly as a capacitive touch IPS demonstrate that’s legible in announce sunlight. It’s a truly neighborhood driven side-challenge, that means that this can fair in a roundabout arrangement be up to the builders and forestall-users to uncover after they mediate the PineTime prepared to ship.

We envision the PineTime as a accomplice for now not simplest your PinePhone but additionally on your favorite devices — any phone, tablet, or even PC.

  • Sq. 1.3-hurry 240×240 IPS capacitive touch demonstrate
  • Machine: Any commence-source working systems built on high of a superior series of RTOSes
  • SoC: Low-energy Nordic Semiconductor nRF52832
    • 64 MHz + Floating Point
  • 4 MB of Person Storage 
    • 0.5 MB of OS Storage
  • Bluetooth 5 & Bluetooth Low Energy
    • Successfully matched with nearly any tool
    • Over-the-air replace
  • Health Tracking
    • Step Counting (with Accelerometer)
    • Heart Price Detection
  • Notification accumulate entry to
    • Wrist vibration
    • Quick survey through lift-to-wake.
  • All-week 180 mAh battery
    • 2-pin USB charging dock
  • Sturdy originate
    • Dimensions: 37.5mm x 40mm x 11mm
    • Weight: 38 grams
    • Made with Zinc Alloy and Plastic
    • Dustproof and waterproof up to 1m (Rated at IP67)

Uncover: Self-discipline to replace right thru pattern.

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Further assets and documentation about this tool will be learned on PINE64 Wiki web page.

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