I reasonably steal to damage issues. Whereas I’m no longer a QA or security legit, I surely beget developed a knack for doing “slow” issues with tool which causes it to malfunction. Some developer chums of mine beget lamented that they didn’t gift me tool earlier than they launched it. Because I most ceaselessly win tense bugs straight after they free up.

Right here’s some fun examples of pushing the boundaries of tool, most ceaselessly by doing issues reasonably of “obtainable”, previous what the developer anticipated or tested.

Schrödinger’s Computer virus

Abet in 2013, Fedora 19 shipped with the codename “Schrödinger’s Cat”. The exhaust of this title uncovered a pc virus in the computer virus reporting system that Fedora veteran. This computer virus has now been mounted, nonetheless on the time it used to be a frustrating, if a chortle, enviornment for the distro.

In brief, the distribution free up codename contained (forgive me non-en-GB of us) “special” characters “’” and “ö”.

This used to be the route that got me making an are attempting out the sharp edges of tool.

Launchpad 🍺🐧🐱 🦄

The attach aside Fedora veteran BugZilla for enviornment tracking, Ubuntu makes exhaust of Launchpad. During the Fedora 19 enviornment above, somebody on the LaunchPad crew confidently beneficial that the enviornment wouldn’t occur on our infrastructure. I felt this used to be a courageous assertion to invent, and didn’t assume this used to be fully tested.

So from that level onwards, I changed my LaunchPad profile to beget emoji in the apt title enviornment.


Recount 🐦

As Launchpad has a pc virus tracker, which sends emails, and I was an brisk computer virus reporter, developers would receive mails from me, by assignment of Launchpad. These developers who veteran Thunderbird experienced one thing like this:


I couldn’t win a screenshot somebody sent me of their electronic mail client with my mails in it, so I veteran the above from computer virus 1779569

This used to be a pc virus in Thunderbird, which has since been mounted. I win it fun to have in mind that simply adding pretty emoji to your Launchpad profile has unintended consequences in seemingly unrelated tool. Big success 🌈

Repetitious Ringtail

I went by a segment a while aid of keeping down keys to take a look at what they did. The premise for right here is “What if a cat stands on a key?”. There could be previous proof that cats can indeed narrate points.

Silent Silent Silent Silent

My ThinkPads beget a hardware microphone quiet button in the dwell row. The button has an LED inside of, so the user can peruse the converse of mutedness. When the LED is on, the microphone is muted.


I realized that after keeping down the quiet button, it would auto-repeat. That’s comely sufficient, nonetheless there used to be a trademark in the dwell comely of the conceal, exhibiting the converse of mutedness or no longer. Sadly after keeping down quiet for a 2d or two, the LED and the indicator would at final assemble out of sync. The LED would counsel you’re muted, nonetheless the indicator would gift the reverse. That is also embarrassing!


If you happen to press the PrtSc (Print Camouflage) key with most working programs (no longer you: MacOS), this triggers a dangle finish of what’s on the conceal in a technique. In Ubuntu there could be a shutter discontinue, a flash of the conceal, proceed to dim, and a sound discontinue to gift this had been achieved. There’s reasonably of extend while the screenshot is taken, and the proceed discontinue happens between the keypress and the desktop coming aid to being usable.

I realized the PrtSc key also repeated. This used to be reasonably of extra of an enviornment, attributable to once the auto-repeat began, the repeated flashing and proceed discontinue would max out the CPU, making subsequent screenshots take a surely long time. It felt just like the pc had locked up or entered a surely scandalous converse, because the conceal used to be dim and the CPU turned into busy, which fundamentally precipitated the fan to toddle up.

I had a dialog on IRC on the time with Seb and Will from the desktop crew. I doubtlessly must aloof beget warned Will earlier than telling him what would happen. Right here’s a dramatic reconstruction of the events of the day.

 Hey, any person on most modern free up, in case you take down PrtSc, does the essential auto-repeat?
 Why would you lift out that?
 Abet on, let me test
 Oops! I must aloof beget informed Will, his conceal will stride dim

This used to be also later mounted.

A year or so ago, at a firm escape I gave a lightning talk about wherein I needed to invent the tiniest that it’s most likely you’ll maybe well well imagine snap (snaps are “Fashioned tool programs for Linux”). I “wrote” the controversy about 30 minutes earlier than giving it, and didn’t fully test all the pieces till I was on stage, in front of half the firm.

For fun, in an interactive plan with the audience, I made a snap called null with the intention of it being practically entirely empty, subsequently the title. I attach the title, description, summary, aspects and varied metadata to the string “null”. The snap built and attach aside in completely elegant in the neighborhood. So for further fun, I registered the title null in the shop, after which tried to submit my introduction for all to take a look at.

Whereas publishing, a spinner used to be shown (as anticipated) nonetheless ran for heaps longer than I anticipated for an basically empty equipment. I was reasonably of flummoxed, on stage, till somebody from the Snap Store crew in the audience grabbed a microphone and spoke up. Daniel stated one thing like “That’s by no plan going to achieve, you’ve crashed the backend”. Whoopsie!

When snaps are uploaded, there are security and sanity tests which bustle in opposition to the snap. My exhaust of the (doubtlessly reserved) discover null regarded as if it would fool the backend tests script, are living on stage, in front of my chums. That’s quit a lightning talk about, I like!

The backend computer virus used to be reported by Daniel and mounted very promptly. My fun null snap is now successfully printed, and unfathomably has practically 100 “customers”!


The gift that keeps on giving

The fun part about doing these objects like atmosphere emoji in your title, or naming issues weirdly, is that they don’t tend to trigger handiest one enviornment, once.

null by mail

Publishers of snaps assemble an electronic mail once a month titled “Your Month In Snaps” which gives them a summary of the number of full of life customers for every of their snaps.


I only in the near previous received one such summary mail which used to be truncated the attach aside it got to the null and stopped. Right here is 18 months after my lightning talk about, long after the snap used to be printed. It’s a poisonous well of never-ending fun.

I reported this to the crew on the support of the emails, and it’s now mounted.

.. and giving

The Snap Store has a sufficient begin provide web frontend, the provision code for which is on GitHub. I noticed that some aspects of the UI wouldn’t work when I was the info for my (now printed) null snap. This turned out to be one other computer virus which has been mounted now too.

I love the commentary from Francisco “Your null snap wishes to be working now (Till subsequent null enviornment)”.

Very sufficient.


Pass like a flash and damage issues

I feel like every of those are minor successes. I assemble that some of us will throw their ha

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