No More Free Work from Marak: Pay Me or Fork This

We had a an analogous dialogue in our team per week within the past. One developer modified into once suggesting to donate cash to an starting up source accomplishing, everybody agreed nonetheless I modified into once esteem yeah k let’s construct it nonetheless then I flipped out.

I imply examine this:

  • Vue.js Patreon + OpenCollective Funds summed up ( It be 250Okay a year.
  • Eslint OpenCollective -> 150Okay a year.

Come on! THESE ARE MAJOR LIBRARIES and to allow them to no longer even pay servers + core devs out of the sponsorships. Gosh they deserve hundreds of thousands thinking of the worldwide recognition and the income that is getting generated on the again of varied these libraries!

We commence nearly every single line of code as starting up source and peaceable, or no longer it is as a lot as us as folks to set cash into OpenCollective and Patreon?

Presumably we would like some create of Bio, MSC or Max Havelaar imprint for big corps that make no longer exploit starting up source builders 🤣. Or maybe unionize and assert these corps to smartly fucking feel responsible and setup accurate funds.

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