Just because I have a vertical screen doesn’t mean I’m on a phone

for a for journey very long time. It is a ways a pure piece of my workflow. For anything else longer than an e-mail, it’s the favorable orientation. Most Linux apps work vivid magnificent like this – though menu buttons have a tendency to cloak within the again of overflows.

Web sites though, ah! That’s where the problem begins. A total bunch web sites mediate “Vertical Show cloak==Cell Individual”!

Here is a minor speak – and one of my possess making – but I thought it price explaining the issues it brings, why it occurs, & how one can discontinue it.


Here are some unparalleled web sites considered on my 24″ vertical computer screen. On the left if how it renders, and on the favorable how it ought to tranquil render.

The Just Eat website.

Guardian News website.

Popular science website.


On the entire, there are loads of issues I stumble upon:

  • Navigation is hidden within the again of a burger / ☰ menu.
  • Some aspects, like carousels, handiest work with touchscreen controls.
  • Photography are served as low resolution, for 6 inch monitors and then blown up to 24 inches.
  • A total bunch wasted condominium taken up with “hero photography” and finger-favorable buttons.
  • Some issue material simply no longer readily available to cell customers.

Why this occurs

My computer screen’s native resolution is 1080×1920. However I catch the fonts a tiny bit too small at that resolution – given how a ways I sit from the display cloak cloak. I spend Pop_OS Linux, which lets me scale the fonts pretty than the display cloak cloak resolution.

Gnome Tweaks screenshot showing a font scaling factor.

A scale factor of 1.5 interprets to an efficient display cloak cloak resolution of 720×1280.

Individual Agent “sniffing” is even handed an antipattern and is uncomfortable. So most web sites don’t bother to establish if I’m browsing on an iPhone or Android, as one more, they spend JavaScript or CSS to earn my display cloak cloak resolution.

They – considerably reasonably – look a 720p display cloak cloak in a vertical orientation and hold it’s miles a small display cloak cloak tool.

How to form out this (individual aspect)

Zoom out! That’s the glaring reply. If I hit CTRL+- 3 conditions, my resolution becomes 1080×1920. However that can travel away some sites too small to be taught properly. I must zoom out the web issue, and zoom within the font.

I comprise tried “Fractional Scaling” – it for journey works OK on Wayland, but leaves your entire fonts taking a gape soft and fuzzy.

So I’ve keep of residing my font scaling to 1.36, which provides me a resolution of 864×1536 – which is ample to discontinue most sites assuming I’m on a minute cell phone.

However this shouldn’t be my speak to resolve.

How to form out this (web sites aspect)


OK, there’s no capability to earn the bodily size of a individual’s display cloak cloak. That functionality vivid doesn’t exist in both JavaScript or CSS.

However it’s likely you’ll earn the Dots Per Fade (DPI). Well, have of…

CSS lets you earn the DPI of the display cloak cloak.

If I’m going to Lea Verou’s https://DPI.lv/ I look that my computer screen’s resolution is because it could possibly be detected as 1080×1920! It is no longer critical what zoom diploma or font scaling I spend – it’s miles frequently the vivid resolution.

var dppx=window.devicePixelRatio;
var screenWidth =display cloak cloak.width  dppx;
var screenHeight=display cloak cloak.height dppx;

That’s how you earn the exact resolution, unencumbered by regardless of the OS is doing to the scaling.

If I’m going to a definite DPI detector, I will look precisely how many pixels there are per inch. My vertical computer screen is detected as 120px/inch.

This isn’t somewhat favorable. And a form of browser engines calculate this in a different plot. On Linux, I got these outcomes with the three predominant rendering engines:

Chrome: 5.14px/mm.
Firefox: 4.73px/mm.
Webkit: 3.78px/mm.

When I bodily measure the display cloak cloak, it’s about 3.62px/mm!

Obviously that’s no longer extremely vivid – but it’s miles priceless in giving a web developer a tough blueprint of bodily display cloak cloak size.

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