I bought 300 emoji domain names from Kazakhstan and built an email service

March 11th 2021

TLDR; I supplied 300 emoji domain names from Kazakhstan and constructed an emoji electronic mail take care of carrier. In the technique I went viral on TikTok, made $1000 in per week, employed a Eastern shriek actor, and learnt about the uncommon world of emoji domains.

🌅 The setup

No longer plot succor I particular it’d be a sparkling thought to clutch the domain name netflix.soy.

At the same time as arguably there are higher ways to employ £17, I did learn loads about domain names, along side that or now now not it’s that you simply may maybe also imagine to possess emoji domains admire 😊.ws.

It be rather onerous to wander a day without seeing an emoji someplace on the get. Yet, I would by no methodology seen an emoji domain name sooner than.

I wondered:

Also can I clutch an emoji domain name?

💸 Making an attempt to get an emoji domain name

My impartial used to be to clutch a single persona emoji domain name, admire 💡 or 🍰. I didn’t know what I would create with it, I appropriate mandatory to wander looking out out if I may maybe accumulate one.

I chanced on a net put that confirmed every accessible emoji domain for 4 diversified extensions.

Sadly, when it comes to each one had been registered. I was late to the birthday party.

Taken emoji domains

A easy mailbox emoji with a .ws extension used to be still accessible though, so I supplied it.

📪 The mailbox

Mailbox emoji domain in GoDaddy

📪.ws used to be now mine. Mission total.

I blueprint up a net put and felt pretty done with my tiny mailbox.

I may maybe’ve stopped there and known as it a day. But, then I had every other thought:

Also can I exercise my tiny mailbox emoji domain in an electronic mail take care of?

That’d be rather adorable.

✉️ Emoji mail strive #1

I gave it a wander. I setup an electronic mail forwarder to route all electronic mail despatched to 📪.ws to my typical electronic mail take care of.

Eagerly I typed ben@📪.ws into the “to” field of gmail and hit ship.

Sending first emoji mail

🛑 Blocked

The e-mail by no methodology hit my inbox. It used to be misplaced with no kill in sight in cyberspace.

Appears to be like to be emoji domain names salvage very highly for spam and had been going to be blocked to high heaven.

But, it used to be attention-grabbing that I may maybe ship mail in the direction of an emoji electronic mail take care of.

So I wondered:

If a customary .com electronic mail take care of doesn’t accumulate blocked for spam, may maybe I route my emoji mail by means of that?

💌 Emoji mail strive #2

It may maybe work admire this:

  1. E-mail despatched to ben@📪.ws
  2. ben@📪.ws forwards to nospam@customary.com
  3. nospam@customary.com forwards to my electronic mail take care of and may maybe now now not accumulate blocked.

I cobbled together one thing the usage of AWS, and tried my experiment again.

to: ben@📪.ws

message: Hi Ben, how’s it going?


First emoji mail

It worked!

🧨 The put issues began to construct up out of management

At this level I was inclined to conclude and write a post about emoji electronic mail addresses. I would had an even tear.

But then I wondered:

My mailbox emoji electronic mail take care of is huge and all, but create you realize what would be higher? ben@⭐

Now how create I accumulate a form of?

🎣 Emoji domain name looking out

Most productive 13 TLDs in the enviornment net registrations of emoji domain names: .cf, .ga, .gq, .la, .ml, .tk, .st, .fm, .to, .je, .gg, .kz, and .ws.

The on-line put I had frail to engage 📪.ws handiest confirmed 4 TLDs: .fm, .ws, .to and .ml. These are regarded as the gold customary of emoji domain name registrars.

Every emoji had been taken on these though. That you would be in a position to pointless to instruct accumulate multi-persona emoji domains admire 🎉🐢.ws, but I mandatory single persona emoji domains handiest.

So I wondered:

Enact any of those other TLDs possess any emoji domains left?

🔭 The huge hunt

I already had some code that conducted WHOIS lookups to wander looking out out if a website online name is accessible for a list of TLDs.

Previously I would frail this code to clutch facebook.网站, appropriate for Marky Z to grab it succor from me. Cheeky bugger.

I booted up the code and loaded in some A-tier emojis (e.g. ⭐,😂,❤️) and the 13 TLDs that authorized them.

>node search.js [ENTER]

🎁 The outcomes

Console output showing available TLDs for emoji domains

Without delay I was seeing outcomes! .la, .ga, .gq, .je. There were loads of emojis still accessible on these different extensions.

An extension that stood out to me straight away used to be .gg, for the Island of Guernsey. “GG” is an acronym for “Staunch Game”, and I instruct it frequently when I lose at on-line video games. It used to be ideal.

⭐.gg used to be accessible for €29. I hit engage.

💔 No GG for me

The subsequent day Guernsey despatched me an electronic mail.

Email from Guernsey saying emoji domains not available on .gg

Prolonged yarn short, even supposing you may maybe register emoji domain names with them, they didn’t in actual fact work.

Staunch game Guernsey. Help to the technique blueprint planning stage.

⭐ Loopy for KZ

With one every other extension I saved hitting walls. A form of the registrars would now now not even let me peek for emoji domains. Nothing used to be working.

One extension that saved cropping up used to be .kz of Kazakhstan. But, I headed over to their registar net put and it used to be entirely in Russian.

Russian domain name website

I create now now not talk about Russian.

The usage of Google Translate, I attempted to navigate the get put and clutch a .kz emoji domain.

It used to be a long, painful activity. But, after phoning my bank to substantiate I was certainly attempting to invent a engage the usage of Kazakhstani tenge, ⭐.kz used to be sitting in my memoir.

I plugged it into my electronic mail plot and ben@⭐.kz worked.

Very fantastic.

💼 Let’s launch an electronic mail carrier

One thing excited me. Virtually all single persona emojis had been accessible on .kz, and they also had been handiest $8 every.

So, I wondered:

What if you may maybe accumulate an electronic mail take care of with any emoji you mandatory?

I pictured electronic mail addresses admire bob@🚀, alice@🌸, melvin@🍆.

All I would have to create is clutch every emoji domain to manufacture a carrier admire this.

It used to be insane, however it used to be that you simply may maybe also imagine.

🌙 The night of 150 emojis

I particular I was going to create it.

If I was chuffed with my mailbox emoji electronic mail take care of, maybe others would be too.

I got out my debit card, and, one after the opposite, started procuring for Kazakhstan emoji domains.

💡.kz, 👑.kz, 🌈.kz, 😎.kz. Decide, clutch, clutch, clutch.

It used to be impartial a tiny painful staring at my checking memoir going down, and the amount of emoji domains wander up.

80 emojis in, forking over money for a goat emoji domain name, you significantly launch to search details from what you may maybe maybe be doing.

$1200 later, 150 emoji domains had been mine.

💻 Building an emoji electronic mail take care of net put

At closing, I mandatory a net put the put you may maybe register an emoji electronic mail take care of and it would forward mail admire ben@📪.ws did.

The usage of vanilla HTML, JS and CSS, plus Stripe’s API for payments, I cobbled together an MVP over a few weeks.

Once it used to be done, I supplied one closing domain name: mailoji.com. My new emoji electronic mail take care of carrier Mailoji used to be interesting. Obtain your emoji electronic mail addresses.

Mailoji emoji email address website

📱 TikTok

I would gone from being weird about emoji domain names to now owning 150 of Kazakhstan’s finest.

The subsequent step used to be to convince any individual else to clutch an emoji electronic mail take care of.

TikTok seemed admire an even situation to launch given its demographic. So, I recorded a brief video advert and commenced a “TikTok for enterprise” utility to post it.

On the closing net page of the utility I was requested for a VAT registration quantity. Mailoji used to be now now not a ethical enterprise but, so there used to be no plot I may maybe post my advert.

Screw it, I will post the video on the total.


🎉 First gross sales

Right here is the advert if you may maybe maybe be eager.

The video sat at 0 views for approximately 5 hours sooner than the TikTok algorithm began to work its magic.

Slowly, the views started ramping up. 500 views, to 5k views, to 50sufficient views. It used to be unbelievable to view.

Of us had been loving emoji electronic mail addresses, other folks had been hating emoji electronic mail addresses.

It used to be admire Marmite, a talking level. None of it mattered though on memoir of emoji electronic mail addresses had been promoting! @🚀, @📷 & @💻 addresses had been basically the most in model.

Over 2 days the TikTok video reached 200sufficient+ views, and 60 emoji electronic mail addresses had been supplied netting ~$300/365 days in earnings.

Stripe graph showing first sales from selling emoji domains

I took this as a good indicator. So guess what I did?

💵 Making an attempt to get more emoji domain names

I particular to engage 100 more emoji domains.

I cried into my keyboard forking out but extra money for a llama emoji that I presumably didn’t need.

In the cease I had 250 emoji domains. If there used to be ever a moat into the emoji electronic mail take care of world, this used to be it.

📅 Preparing for launch

I figured the more other folks with emoji electronic mail addresses, the more other folks who would glance them, and the more other folks who would clutch them. A heavenly cycle.

My subsequent impartial used to be a Product Hunt launch to construct up exposure for Mailoji, and kickstart this cycle.

I prepped my launch post, fastidiously picking every phrase and instruct.

I even created this over-hyped promotional video, total with Eastern shriek actor asserting the phrases “Mailoji”.

Mailoji used to be interesting for launch.

🚀 Open Day

At 12: 03 AM PST Mailoji went continue to exist Product Hunt. We had blueprint a succesful distance from that tiny mailbox emoji.

Product hunt launch thumbnail

It used to be 8: 03 AM UK time. Bleary eyed, with a cup of tea in hand, I watched as Mailoji did battle.

I had chosen to launch on a Wednesday against some stiff opponents, but Mailoji in actuality held its dangle.

At the cease of the day it done in fifth situation. Right here had been the cease of day stats:

  • 🌎 6.7k net put views
  • 💌 150+ emoji electronic mail addresses supplied
  • 💵 $830/365 days ARR
  • 🏅 fifth situation on Product Hunt
  • 🎀 Most in model Mailoji: @🚀

Over 150 emoji electronic mail addresses had been supplied in a day, and I got some unbelievable suggestions from the Product Hunt neighborhood.

It used to be done, Mailoji had formally launched.

📙 The aftermath

I need this yarn ended with Mailoji blowing up and the queen registering an emoji electronic mail take care of or one thing (I will reserve Liz@👑.kz appropriate in case).

But, for the time being Mailoji is sitting at ~$1440/365 days in earnings. There may be now 300 emoji domains to blueprint conclude from though.

Final Stripe ARR chart for Mailoji

Even supposing I still haven’t made the money succor on the final emoji domains I supplied, rising an emoji electronic mail take care of carrier used to be so powerful relaxing.

It used to be an toddle. A rabbit hole containing multiple rabbit holes.

This project started out as an exploration into emo

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