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From this minute on, forget everything you’ve been told about how to make money and how to start a home business – because almost overnight you can learn to transform an innovative business idea into your own personal ATM machine.

You’ll learn how to instantly create a simple business system and use it to withdraw a steady income every month – working less than ten hours a week, even if you have no business experience what so ever.

I am going to show you how to turn ordinary Business Cards into a boat load of CASH !

This business plan is so amazingly simple that anyone can master it almost overnight – yet so incredibly powerful that it will allow you and your family to buy and do the things you want in life now, and not twenty or thirty years down the road.

You can follow this business template in your spare time – on weekends, even if you have no business experience what so ever.

And yes, this method is 100% legal, ethical and best of all, PROVEN to work.

Sound too good to be true?

It really isn’t. In fact, it’s been proven time and time again by regular folks just like yourself. I’ve used it myself… my father uses it to supplement his retirement fund… my sister purchased a brand new fully loaded Lexus with leather seats … my friends have used it… and now YOU can, too.

You see, you can learn how to create a never ending supply of passive income using the power of ordinary business cards – Business Cards that you have lying around the house and on your desk right now …

Well … just a few short years ago… my life was a mess. Actually, it was a COMPLETE mess – the kind of mess not even a janitor could clean up.

Every day I’d wake up scared to death to open my mailbox – you see, I was so in debt with piles of bills stacked up that I just couldn’t afford to pay any of it. When I didn’t pay those bills on time, my wife started receiving threatening phone calls from bill collectors. The tears on her face said it all – I was a complete failure.

It was then I decided to succeed… even if it killed me.

You see, I learned from all those programs that the easiest way to make money was to create a demand for something that has a large supply base. If you can uncover a large supply base and provide that supply base with an invaluable product or service, you have the potential to make lots and lots of money.

This is how using business cards came across my mind …

I realized that there were thousands of business cards being printed and circulated everyday, just in my area alone, and in your area as well – lawyers – accountants – dentists – mechanics – real estate agents – plumbers – hair stylists – insurance agents – contractors – moving companies – small businesses… I mean the list could go on forever !

I also realized that most of these professionals didn’t have much avenue to distribute their business cards except by passing it out themselves.

So I came up with an amazing new business idea to help business cards gain more exposure and attract more attention with their business cards.

Sure, my wife was skeptical when I first started, “How can anyone possibly make money with business cards?” She asked …?

But when the checks started to roll in, her skeptism turn into elation all the way to the bank.

I’ve been using this system to literally create MONEY out of thin air and yet, for the first year, we didn’t tell anyone about this business idea.

Until … I Decided To Make One Very Lucky Person Wealthy…

One evening, I went out to dinner with my friend Chris. I had wanted to tell him about my success for months now, but was afraid it was all beginner’s luck. So for months I kept my mouth shut – until I was sure.

Now I was. And I had the bank statements to back it up. So right in the middle of dinner I grabbed him by the arm, looked him dead in the eye and said:

“Chris, I’ve stumbled onto the most incredible, least known money making business in the world. It’s by far the simplest way to make extra money, and you will never have to worry about paying your bills ever again.”

Just like my wife, Chris was skeptical, to say the least.

“James, I’ve known you almost your whole life, and you’ve never been wealthy… I mean, no offense, but you work as a gas station attendant… (shrugging) that’s not exactly big time.”

Once he said that, I slammed a copy of my monthly earnings on the table and forced it into Chris’s hand. Then I said:

“Chris, I’ve discovered the Secret to making money with business cards. It’s so simple anyone do it – so simple I could do it – and now, after less than a year – spending as little as two hours a day – I’ve quit my job as a gas attendant, started funding my retirement account, and created enough passive income to guarantee I’ll never work again.”

“How about it – Do we have a deal?”

Let me ask you: if you were given this offer, wouldn’t you take it? Of course!

Chris, of course… is not insane… so he took me up on the bet. We agreed to meet the following day at 5:45 after he got off work.

So now it was time for me to “put up, or shut up.” My nerves were killing me… I had to find out if my process would work for Chris. I’ll admit – I was even a little scared. But underneath it all, I was SUPER excited to finally test my system on a complete newbie.

At 5:45 sharp my doorbell rang. It was Chris – and he was just as excited and nervous as I was.

We wasted no time getting started …

In just 30 minutes I had explained everything to Chris and his eyes just lit up – He said “It can’t be this easy, can it ?”

I then started to show Chris how to set up everything, writing it down step by step and he soak in every detail.

I told him all he needed was about 10 – 30 business cards to start and all he’d be doing is creating a simple yet amazing new marketing technique to help people re-distribute their business cards and make tons of cash in the process …

And the beauty of this business is that he wouldn’t have to risk any of his own money to begin!

As he got up to leave, he looked at me and said – In a jokingly fashion “WOW if this really works, you can become a millionaire teaching people how to do this !”

I smiled and told him to call me in 30 days.

15 days later I got a call from Chris… He sounded serious – dead serious.

“James… I can’t believe it… it really WORKED!

I am at the bank right now and just finished depositing the checks into my bank account.”

“James … I owe you buddy. It worked just like you said it would – all I did was set up the business and the money started rolling in. It’s like magic!”

And then, for the first time ever – I heard my friend Chris start to cry.

Through his tears, he told me all about the financial problems he and his wife had… how he was up to his eyeballs in debt… how he begged his boss to work overtime just to pay his bills on time. He felt trapped and – worse still – he didn’t see a way out.

It seemed my small business idea had opened up a new world for my best friend – and changed his life forever.

In fact… only 30 days after that conversation… working less than three hours a day… Paul had earned an ASTONISHING…

Needless to say, I didn’t owe him dinner – in fact, he took me out to celebrate.

During those first few months Chris and I stayed in touch. He didn’t really have any questions about the business system – it was pretty easy stuff to follow – but going from debt-ridden to cash-rich in such a short time was kind of mind boggling.

Trust me – when you create thousands of dollars a month in passive income… you need someone close to share your thoughts.

One day while we were talking, he brought up the topic of teaching this business system and helping others like ourselves get out of debt …

Rather than keep this secret blueprint to ourselves, we should share this incredibly powerful money making opportunity with a select few people… people who are ready to take CONTROL of their lives and start earning real cash for years to come – guaranteed.

For the next several weeks Chris and I continued to refine my blueprint until it was – excuse my language – damn near perfect.

The approach was simplicity itself… We wanted people to understand the blueprint and get started right away.

We spent weeks testing each step to make sure it was the shortest distance possible to profits.

Chris and I documented every step …

We wrote down step-by-step instructions on how to start the business, how to start with no money, how to start with just the business cards around the house … We documented everything !

And so … The Business Card Secret Blueprint was born.

Here’s what some people who have recently used my system are saying ..

Andy Fernandes, Detroit, Michigan

“It Saved My Life” I had letters from collection agency and collectors calling me almost everyday. My house was about to be foreclosed and I literally needed a miracle. I bumped into a friend one morning and told him about my situation. He took me out for breakfast and taught me The Business Card Secret Blueprint. With his help I started that afternoon and within 2 weeks I was able to save my house from being foreclosed … I can’t say enough good things about this business.

David Greene, Seattle, Washington

Valerie Chan, Fullerton, California

Todd and Martha Mitchell, Toronto, Canada

Rachel Jordan, Sarasota, Florida

Alex Pathagos, Greensboro, North Carolina

For years and years people have been printing and passing out business cards. But the only way to do so was by individually handing it out from one person to another.

Well what if you could do it differently ?

What if you can take people’s business cards and generate more exposure with it while eliminating the traditional means of hand to hand distribution.

Well my system takes the business cards of businesses, entrepreneurs and working professionals and assists them in distributing their business cards to hundreds of potential customers, gaining more exposure and adding new clients.

What’s great about this system is that you’re not being asked to re-invent anything new, with my system you can follow a step by step business that can be set up quickly and start making money right away.

Step 1: After reading my Business Card Secret Blueprint, set up the business from your home by following the step-by-step business blueprint.

Step 2: Look for business cards around the house or approach people with business cards in your area, such as Doctors, Lawyers, Accountants, Car Salesman, Real Estate Agents, Plumbers etc. (There are hundreds of people with business cards for you to choose from.)

Step 3: Use the simple strategy in the Secret Blueprint to help people leverage their business cards to gain more exposure and attract more clients on a monthly basis.

Step 4: Collect a monthly fee from the people using your incredible, one of a kind business card service.

As I mentioned earlier, when I first started, I was completely broke, no money to pay bills let alone start a business, but my idea was too good to pass up. So refusing to give up, I came up with a creative technique to do this business without using any money to begin.

My unique No Money Business System is the only program out there that allows you to start a small business for yourself and generate a real monthly income fast without needing any money to begin.

Take note, this is not a “Get Rich Quick” or “Multi Level Marketing” business, nor is it an Internet gimmick that you’ve seen on TV …

All this is possible with just a handful of business cards you have lying around in your desk and in your rolodex right now !

How to start with just the business cards you have lying around the house. There are hundreds of business cards in your area, learn how to start with just 10.

How to start this business right away using my easy to follow “step by step” exclusive blueprint teaching you everything from scratch.

How you can easily attract people with business cards. I will teach you an easy way for people to automatically come to you and give you money every month.

Secret tips on how to explode your business within the first month. Use the inside tips in my blueprint and follow the same path as I used to make my business a success.

How everything works in just 30 minutes. Half an hour is all it takes to learn the business and never have to worry about money ever again.

This is the best guarantee you’ll ever see! I’m so confident that you’ll start earning money right away with The Business Card Secret, that we’re offering a 100% money-back guarantee. Ask for a refund at any time within 60 days if you are not AMAZED by the results.

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

P.S. Don’t let this new business opportunity pass you by, 2 minutes is all it takes to potentially change your life forever.

1. Is “The Business Card Secret” an illegal business ?

The Business Card Secret is 100% legal, there are no illegal activities involved and is 100% yours to control.

3. Can anyone do this home business ?

Anyone from any financial or educational background can do this business. My program is a step by step system (In English) that is very simple to follow.

4. Can I really start this business without any money ?

The key to this “Business Card Secret” is learning an incredible method to start this business without using your own money. I will teach you a unique way to get people to pay you first so that you can use that money to start up the business.

5. How much time do I need to make this home business work ?

Like most businesses, the results depends on the amount of time you put into it. With this business you only need about 5 – 10 hours a week for part time and about 20 hours a week for full time. Once everything is in place, all you’ll need is a few hours a week to keep the business going and maintain a monthly income.

6. Do I have print or design business cards ?

No, this business is not about printing or designing business cards, it is a unique way to help people distribute and advertise their business cards to the general public.

7. Is this a full time business ?

This can either be a full time or part time business, it is entirely up to you. Many people use this business to earn a second income and others have used this business as their full time job.

8. Can I do this home business during a recession ?

Yes, this business is recession proof. There are tips in my program that teach you ways to make money even during a recession.

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