Hotwire: HTML over the Wire

Hotwire is an different methodology to building contemporary web capabilities without the usage of significant JavaScript by sending HTML rather then JSON over the wire. This makes for quick first-load pages, keeps template rendering on the server, and permits for a less complicated, more productive construction ride in any programming language, without sacrificing any of the velocity or responsiveness related to a former single-web page application.

That you just would possibly perhaps educate the HTML-over-the-wire methodology as merely inspiration for your bask in tooling, or which you would possibly perhaps use these Hotwire designed frameworks created by the team at Basecamp to vitality HEY. They work together, complementing every other to offer you a complete solution valid thru all platforms:


The heart of Hotwire is Turbo. A notify of complimentary ways for dashing up web page modifications and compose submissions, dividing advanced pages into parts, and stream partial web page updates over WebSocket. All without writing any JavaScript at all. And designed from the birth to integrate completely with native hybrid capabilities for iOS and Android.

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Whereas Turbo generally takes care of at least 80% of the interactivity that historically would possess required JavaScript, there are aloof conditions where a splash of personalized code is required. Stimulus makes this uncomplicated with a HTML-centric methodology to notify and wiring.

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Standardizes the methodology that web and native parts of a cell hybrid application test with every other through HTML bridge attributes. This makes it easy to continuously stage-up web interactions with native replacements.

Strada will premiere in 2021

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