Halt and Catch Fire Syllabus

This speak aspects a curriculum developed across the tv sequence, Close and Put Fire (2014-2017), a fictional story about folk working in tech all the blueprint by the 1980s-1990s.

The intent is for this websites to be usual by self-forming small teams that want to create a “looking at membership” (esteem a book membership) and discuss aspects of technology historical previous which will seemingly be featured on this sequence.

There are 15 classes, for a “semester-long” route:
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Brief handbook to class structure:

  • Apéritifs Informal viewing supplied sooner than gathering. Here’s entertainment; now no longer required viewing.
  • RFC as koan A Inquire of for Comments from the Cyber web Engineering Assignment Power, for reflecting on.
  • Emulation as koan An emulated laptop in the browser, also for reflection.
  • Issues Ideas for topics to be talked about.
  • Prompts Questions to inspire dialog when gathering.
  • Readings Connected enviornment materials for deeper pondering on the class topic.
  • Description Brief summary of what’s going on in the episodes and the blueprint it relates to tech historical previous at successfully-organized / the weekly topic.
  • Episode summaries A link to summaries of the episodes that would possibly perhaps simply peaceful be watched prior to meeting as a crew. Watching every episode is now no longer required; if time doesn’t permit, refer to the summaries. Snarl material warnings are supplied for connected episodes. If there are sure concerns, this can simply resolve which episodes would possibly perhaps simply peaceful be skipped or anticipated sooner than viewing.

Curriculum and websites designed by Ashley Blewer.
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