Grafana, Loki, and Tempo will be relicensed to AGPLv3

Grafana Labs became as soon as basically based in 2014 to fabricate a sustainable enterprise across the open offer Grafana project, so that income from our industrial offerings could presumably presumably be re-invested within the technology and the community. Since then, we’ve expanded extra within the open offer world — creating

Grafana Loki and

Grafana Tempo and contributing carefully to initiatives comparable to


Prometheus, and

Cortex — while constructing the

Grafana Cloud and

Grafana Endeavor Stack products for prospects. 

Our firm has continuously tried to steadiness the “price creation” of open offer and community with the “price get” of our monetization strategy. The need of license is a key pillar of this strategy, and is something that we’ve deliberated on broadly for the reason that firm started.

Over the closing few years, we’ve watched carefully as nearly every at-scale open offer firm that we admire (comparable to Elastic, Redis Labs, MongoDB, Timescale, Cockroach Labs, and loads others) has evolved their license regime. In near to all of these circumstances, the pause result has been a cross to a non-OSI-favorite offer-readily available license.

We secure spent the major months of 2021 having normally contentious nonetheless continuously wholesome inside of debates over this topic, and this day we’re announcing a alternate of our agree with.

Going forward, we are in a position to be relicensing our core open offer initiatives (Grafana, Grafana Loki, and Grafana Tempo) from the Apache License 2.0 to the Affero Classic Public License (AGPL) v3. Plugins, agents, and particular libraries will dwell Apache-licensed. You would possibly per chance presumably presumably secure data in GitHub about what’s being relicensed for


Loki, and


AGPLv3 is an

OSI-favorite license that meets all criteria for Free and

Delivery Source Tool.

Making sure we withhold these freedoms for our community is a big precedence for us. Whereas AGPL doesn’t “give protection to” us to the identical level as other licenses (comparable to the SSPL), we in level of fact feel that it strikes the righteous steadiness. Being open offer will continuously be on the core of who we’re, and we judge that adopting AGPLv3 enables our community and users to by and colossal secure the identical freedoms that they’ve loved since our inception.

It’s considerable to uncover that this alternate doesn’t pause our users from the usage of, bettering, or offering our open offer system to others — equipped, nonetheless, that below the AGPL license, users must piece offer code within the occasion that they are bettering it and making it readily available to others (either as a distribution or over a network). For distributors, AGPL has the identical offer code sharing requirements as GPL. These circumstances are designed to aid third events taking a look to change the system to furthermore make a contribution wait on to the project and the community. We judge it is a fairer reach forward, and one that we judge will wait on us fabricate a stronger community.

As fragment of this alternate, we’re furthermore updating our

contributor license settlement (CLA) to a fresh CLA according to the CLA space forth by The Apache Tool Foundation. We secure chosen this CLA due to its popularity and familiarity to community individuals. We furthermore judge it very clearly spells out the license terms and is balanced between the contributor’s pursuits and Grafana Labs’ rights to relicense the changes.

We realize that our community individuals will secure questions about this licensing alternate — seemingly hundreds of the identical ones asked by our agree with team individuals. You would possibly per chance presumably presumably secure my answers in

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