Goodreads plans to retire API access, disables existing API keys

In news that surprises no one, Goodreads final week quietly launched the deprecation of their public APIs. And I mean truly quietly – the appropriate of us that had been instructed about this had been those uncomfortable adequate to absorb their existing API keys disabled with out warning. Assorted than a microscopic banner on the pause of the API docs which mentions imprecise “plans to retire these instruments”, no one else appears to absorb heard the relaxation from Goodreads, alongside with those whose API keys remain active. Up to now it appears any key unused for 30 days has been disabled.

Deprecation notice on Goodreads API documentation

So that is an “announcement” unparalleled in the manner a windshield announces its presence to bugs on a highway, and with the same consequences: tiresome bugs. Some builders absorb taken to the API discussion boards and blogs, but the total influence I’m getting is grim acceptance. Really the shocking direct is how long it took them: Amazon has been to blame at Goodreads for impartial about 8 years now, and I mediate we’ve all been awaiting this to reach at some point soon.

So why now? What’s changed? Well, truly the market’s changing – and Goodreads isn’t. Different alternatives are initiating to emerge, and since Goodreads has forgotten easy solutions to innovate, it wants to employ its market field to stifle innovation as an different.

The sad direct is it truly easiest hurts the hobbyist projects and Goodreads users themselves. Anybody seriously attempting to compete with Goodreads is effectively responsive to the Amazon-shaped elephant in the room and is probably going prepared. It’s the users and the hackers that this switch will hurt, and if the relaxation it extra reinforces the necessity for viable selections.

For my share I’m going to continue pouring my efforts into building readng. I’m already utilizing it to get video display of my reads & collections, alongside with a few thousand beta testers. I’m truly mad by our plans and mediate we absorb the lawful crew to enact, but we also desire a shift in person behaviour.

The gain has to extinct beyond promoting as a industry mannequin. For this to happen of us are going to must launch their wallets, pay for the services and products they employ, and strengthen impartial corporations. That’s how we manufacture a net the place indies can thrive – one which’s extra village centre than monetary centre. I thin

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