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Same old Ebooks is a volunteer pushed, no longer-for-income conducting that produces original editions of public domain ebooks that are lovingly formatted, delivery source, and free.

E-book projects love Mission Gutenberg transcribe ebooks and tag them on hand for the widest decision of discovering out devices. Same old Ebooks takes ebooks from sources love Mission Gutenberg, codecs and typesets them the usage of a fastidiously designed and official-grade vogue handbook, fully proofreads and corrects them, and then builds them to fetch a brand original model that takes succor of command of the art ereader and browser technology.

Same old Ebooks aren’t correct an elegant addition to your digital library—they’re a excessive quality usual to make your have ebooks on.

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What makes Same old Ebooks various?

Unique & consistent typography

Other free ebooks don’t set apart necessary effort into official-quality typography: they use “straight” quotes as an different of “curly” quotes, they ignore details love em- and en-dashes, and they survey extra love early-90’s online pages as an different of staunch books.

The Same old Ebooks conducting applies a rigorous and original vogue handbook when creating every guide to be particular that they meet a official-grade and consistent typographical usual. Our ebooks survey staunch.

An example of bad typography.

An example of Standard Ebooks typography.
An arrow pointing from bad typography to good typography.

Plump proofing with careful corrections

Transcriptions from various sources are infrequently crammed with typos or suffer from disorders love inconsistent spelling, lacking accent marks, or lacking punctuation. Submitting corrections to such sources will even be noteworthy or most no longer going, so errors are infrequently ever fixed.

At Same old Ebooks, we attain a careful and total readthrough of each guide sooner than releasing it, checking it against a scan of the usual pages to repair as many typos as that you might well imagine. Although we attain omit something, our ebooks are kept within the hugely neatly-liked Git source opt watch over system, allowing anybody to with out complications post a correction.

A text with proofreader's marks.

Prosperous & detailed metadata

Our ebooks consist of total, effectively-researched, and consistent metadata, including usual, detailed book blurbs and hyperlinks to encyclopedia sources. Generous for machine processing or for added-appealing, technically-minded readers.

An ebookshelf featuring Standard Ebooks covers.

Cutting-edge technology

Each and each Same old E-book takes corpulent succor of the most modern ereader technology, including:

  • Hyphenation crimson meat up,

  • Popup footnotes,

  • Excessive-resolution and scalable vector graphics,

  • Ereader-compatible tables of contents,

and further. One of our needs is to be particular that our ebooks no longer sleep-to-date with the superior discovering out journey technology can provide. Correct because it’s a standard doesn’t point out it has to use former technology.

A screenshot of a popup endnote.

A screenshot of an ebook's table of contents.

Glorious covers

Each person is conscious of a book is judged by its conceal, nonetheless most free ebooks crawl away it to your ereader tool to generate a colorless default conceal.

Same old Ebooks draws from a huge sequence of public domain brilliant art to fetch stunning, unfamiliar, acceptable, and consistent covers for each of our ebooks.

An ebookshelf featuring Standard Ebooks covers.

Trim code & semantic markup

Our strict coding requirements enable technologists and guide producers to use Same old Ebooks recordsdata as generous, easy to learn, and sturdy bases for their very have work—to no longer mention as models of what effectively-crafted guide recordsdata survey love. General code patterns are repeated thru various ebooks, so the code indubitably no longer surprises you.

Each and each guide is also enhanced with careful requirements-essentially based fully semantic markup that opens the gateway for thrilling original kinds of machine processing.

An ebookshelf featuring Standard Ebooks covers.

Free, delivery-source, & public domain

We use the neatly-liked Git source opt watch over system to trace every trade made to our ebooks. Any person can with out complications observe a historical past of changes, or make contributions their very have changes with the press of a mouse.

And whereas the total ebooks we raise and the conceal art we design from are already believed to be within the general public domain within the US, Same old Ebooks releases the total work we set apart in to each guide into the general public domain too. That makes every person of our guide recordsdata no longer correct free, nonetheless libre too—since the world deserves extra unrestricted culture.

The Git SCM logo.
The no-copyright symbol.
The anti-DRM symbol.

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