Firefox 85


Firefox Inaugurate

January 26, 2021

Model 85.0, first supplied to Inaugurate channel customers on January 26, 2021

We want to elongate a deal of thank you to the general unique Mozillians who contributed to this liberate of Firefox.

At Mozilla, we specialise in that you just may perhaps moreover simply comprise a lovely to privacy. You shouldn’t be tracked online. Whether you’re checking your bank steadiness, trying for the sole physician, or hunting for sneakers, unscrupulous tracking companies could moreover simply easy now not be ready to trace you as you browse the Web. For that motive, we are continuously working to harden Firefox in opposition to online tracking of our customers.


  • Firefox now protects you from supercookies, a compose of tracker that can defend hidden for your browser and observe you online, even after you clear cookies. By atmosphere aside supercookies, Firefox prevents them from tracking your web browsing from one space to the next.

  • It’s more straightforward than ever to place and win admission to your bookmarks. Firefox now remembers your chosen space for saved bookmarks, shows the bookmarks toolbar by default on unique tabs, and offers you easy win admission to to your total bookmarks by capacity of a toolbar folder.

  • The password supervisor now helps you to take away your total saved logins with one click, versus having to delete each login individually.





  • Developer Knowledge

  • CSS: We have added strengthen for the :focal point-viewed pseudo class.

  • Or now not it’s doable to prettify JS expressions in Console source code Editor (accessible in multiline mode) the use of a unique toolbar button.
    Console Editor Pretty Print Expression Screenshot

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