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There Has Never Been a
Better Time for You to Get Into the Export Car Business then
Right Now…..

1.  The car market in the US is very soft so you can now
buy export cars at fantastically low prices.  It is a
buyers market!

2.  The devaluation of the dollar has created “cheap”
prices for overseas buyers of export cars.  They cannot
believe the low prices of US vehicles.  They want US export

3.  The big demand from overseas buyers are American SUVs
and fully loaded pickup trucks which you can now purchase for
very low prices because of our economy.

Here’s your opportunity
 to take advantage of our weak economy!


Do you want to export cars for big profits?  Then reading
this breaking report by a licensed dealer
may make you more money  than you ever thought possible. 

“I Dare You to Use These
Exciting Secrets about Exporting and Importing Cars
to make bundles of money
— 100% GUARANTEED!” 

Just a few minutes ago I ran these numbers!

then checked the Price of the car in Germany

These are REAL numbers! 

“The Beginners Guide to
Importing/Exporting Automobiles”


Updated 2017 Edition!

A new manual
that gives you the insider
secrets from interviews and information from
exporters, shippers, foreign nationals,
Department of Commerce personnel, foreign
embassies, and foreign trade associations. 
Experts in the business!

A Step by Step Guide…………eBook
– 2017 Edition

To make it easy to use the vast amount of
information in the manual, I guide you
through a 7 step-by-step process. 

You then use this outline to decide the best
country to start your export car business. 

Used Car

eBook – 2017

In order to buy
cars for the lowest prices for car
export, you need to buy export cars
at wholesale auctions.  A
wholesale dealers license will get
you in the dealer only auctions.

A wholesale dealer
does not need a retail lot. have the
wholesale license and the location
is my home

This manual
gives the complete details and info
on obtaining your license and how
the auctions operate. 

“How to Get a Car Dealer License and
Start a Profitable
Used Car Business”

eBook – 2017 Edition

Maybe you’re interested in selling
retail?  I also give you my Step-By-Step Guide
on how to be successful in the retail


eBook – 2017 Edition

first visit to a wholesale auction
can be exciting but intimidating! 
This report gives you all the
“rules” that all attendees to a
wholesale auction must follow.

You’ll discover
how to get the auctioneer to reverse
a deal if you get a lemon.

You’ll learn
what the green, yellow, and other
color of lights mean  about the
condition of each car.

And much more!


 eBook – 2017 Edition

An insider’s look
into the language of the car

If you don’t know
what a “bumble bee”,  “car
jacket”, “invisible truck” or “floor
whores” are,  then you need
this report.

Over 100 terms
used in the car business. 
You’ll sound like an old pro after
reading this!



120 page report on over 50 countries. The
import automotive market for each
country is summarized.  Current market
trends and the current market entry is
reviewed.  There is an rating for each
country as to the BEST countries to export
and the types of vehicles that are the

Argentina, Australia,
Austria, Brazil, Canada, China, Colombia, Costa
Rica Croatia, Dominican Republic, El Salvador,
Ecuador, Finland, France Germany, Guatemala,
India, Italy, Japan, Jordan, Kazakhstan,
South-Korea, Kyrgyzstan, Lebanon, Malaysia,
Mexico, Morocco, Netherlands Nigeria, Pakistan,
Palestinian Territories, Panama, Philippines,
Poland Romania, Russia ,Saudi-Arabia, Singapore,
Slovakia, South-Africa, Spain Sweden,
Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey, United Arab
Emirates             United Kingdom, Uzbekistan, Vietnam

There are no printed manuals – when your
payment has been approved (accepted) you
will see a “Return to Merchant”  YOU
MUST click on this continue button to be
taken to the web site to DOWNLOAD your ebook
and FREE reports.

You’ll also receive a
confirmation email which has download
If you are not familiar with ebooks please

HERE to learn more.


E-book benefits:

100% money-back, no questions
 no-risk guarantee


FREE REPORT” – “Automotive Resource

And I know I can try “The
Beginner’s Guide to Importing Exporting Automobiles”
completely    Risk-Free
with your “no questions asked”  money-back


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Read About Export and Import Car Business Review

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5 Star For Export and Import Car Business

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Export and Import Car Business Is Worth Reading About

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Export and Import Car Business Is Worth The Price

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