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Increase Engagement With an Ecard Application Made Easy. Member Log-In

Why Add an Ecard System to Your Website?

Members are constantly amazed at how quickly they can create a
fully customized Ecard application and have it up and running on their website.

your Ecard application is as simple as 1, 2, 3.

First, new members are
asked to update their contact information by clicking on the View/Edit Contact Information link.

Second, you click on
the Configure Ecard link to begin creating your customized
Ecard application. Don’t worry, we walk you through the entire process
step–by–step. Detailed explanations are provided by every field that
you will need to complete.

your Ecard application is important, but it’s not difficult using In fact, we do all the heavy lifting for you – we even provide
multiple examples of how each box can be filled in. Use our examples if you
wish, or edit to suit your own creative style.

Third, after you have
finalized your ecard configuration, you with then click to Generate Code, which provides the HTML code for your Ecard

can preview how your Ecard application will look on your webpage by viewing it
in our HTML Editor. Using the Editor function you can make any
additional tweaks or edits you want before uploading the code to your website.

That’s it. It really is that simple of a process – but wait,
that’s not all you get.

also have full access to our Member Resource Galleries. Feel free
to browse and utilize any of the tools you want in our free Image or
Template Galleries. Premium members can also browse our Audio and
Video Galleries.

resource links are provided in an effort to help you get up and running
quickly. You can always make updates later as you create new and exciting
ecards in the future.

a question? Check out our FAQ link to find your answer, or
submit your question via our Contact Us form.

Finally, let us know when you have your Ecard application up and
running. We would love to hear from you and share your success stories with
other members!

Setting up your ecard system is easy. Our step-by-step tutorial assists new member in getting their ecard system working on their site in 20 minutes or less.

“I am pleased to offer my full endorsement of I signed up with confidence after viewing the video
instructions. Even as a website novice, the step-by-step instructions
for building the Ecard System and loading it to my site were easy to
follow. Richard was very supportive to help me get it done correctly and
fast. I have my ecards page filled with my chocolate images and look
forward to pleasing my visitors with the ecards. I’m a very satisfied
customer.”Gloria from

– Charis, Owner of

“Now you have even more bells and whistles with our PREMIUM version of EcardSystem.
Check out a live example of our enhanced ecard application. With our
Premium version you can add Audio or Music to your ecard images. Also,
you can add Video ecards to the mix. Premium membership includes
additional features that include: Scheduling Date & Time that ecards
are received, as well as sending ecards to an entire group of receivers
at the same time. All this and more!”R. Gorham

Check out how is using our Premium Ecard System.

Learn how our ecard system provides more than just a quality, totally customizable, ecard application for your website.

We realize that serious webmasters are constantly seeking innovative tools and resources that allow them to provide added value to their visitors, and at the same time attract an increasing number of targeted visitors to their website. is dedicated to providing website applications that effectively address both issues – adding value and increasing traffic..

Our one-of-a-kind Ecard System allows you to
enhance your website by providing visitors with the opportunity to send
unlimited, customized ecards to their friends, family, co-workers and
business associates.

Webmasters can now easily offer an Ecard service to
their visitors. Our unique web application is hosted on our server,
which means that you avoid having to deal with writing any confusing code, and you are not required to install CGI scripts or executable programs.

That’s right, let us do all the heavy lifting. Your time is better spent on creating quality content and products for your customers.

Once you become a member you will
immediately be taken through the easy process of configuring your
customized Ecard System for your website.

Choose one of our attractive templates, or totally customize the look and feel to present your ecards in any way you desire. Whether you choose to offer 5 ecards, or 40 – it’s totally up to you. The Member’s section of is where you are in complete control.

Regardless of your skill level – whether you are a
total newbie or a highly experienced webmaster, you will find our ecard
system application easy to apply.

So, are you ready to get started? is here to help you build your online presence, as well as your bottom-line.

value your business and are committed to delivering quality service and
support. We are so confident in our ability to add value to your
website, we offer users an Iron-Clad, No-Risk Guarantee.

Discover what makes this ecard system so valuable to webmasters, regardless of your skill level.

To your success,

Richard GorhamOwner, Offers a 60 Day, No Risk, Money Back Guarantee. Learn More

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Read About Ecard System | Add Ecards to Your Website Review

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Ecard System | Add Ecards to Your Website Is Worth The Price

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