Docker fails to launch on Apple Silicon

My 2c. I am doing C# construction on Windows without docker (too slack to tackle docker in the community for my phase). CI builds Linux docker x86-64 image in accordance with .NET Core, runs unit assessments, integration assessments and automation assessments against the docker image, and deploys to staging environment (AWS ECS). Production deployment (AWS ECS) is finished manually by clicking a button. Due to excessive code protection by assessments, I am pretty confident that what I establish on Windows will work on Linux. I do know usually there would be some very small components once in a while, which I then repair in the community the use of Linux docker image. Nonetheless most frequently I possess no components at all with this dev setup, I’ve been doing it worship this for approximately 2 years.

Now, I’m in a position to without complications imagine having this unique Mac with Apple Silicon M1 ARM CPU, doing C# construction, executing my app in the community without docker, when delighted committing the code and the CI setup above takes over. I’d possess Linux docker ARM image in accordance with .NET Core, would repair the small components in there, and if it if truth be told occurs something’s aloof broken on Linux docker x86-64 image, well, if I cannot trip

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