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December 22, 2020
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Are you able to watched it’s been 6 years since my final Tools checklist? Tools discover changed, loads are on-line, but no doubt, it’s actual a LOT OF WORK to attain the instruments checklist. However here’s one for 2020-2021. These are the instruments in my Utils folder. I made a d:dropboxutils folder and I added it to my PATH. That manner it’s on all my computer methods and in my path on all my computer methods and I’m in a position to discover to any of them directly.

Here is the Up up to now for 2020-21 Version of my 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2011, and 2014 List, and currently subsumes all my other lists. I’ve been doing this for over 17 years. Wow. I must attain better, I bet. 

Every person collects utilities, and most of us discover a checklist of some that they feel are valuable.  Here is mine.  Every has a determined reason, and I seemingly touch every on the least a pair of cases a week.  For me, “util” formulation utilitarian and it formulation build no longer litter my tray.  If it saves me time, and seamlessly integrates with my existence, it’s miles the bomb. Many/most are free some must no longer. Those who must no longer free are very seemingly rate your 30-day trial, and in actuality seemingly rate your money.

These are all neatly cherished and oft-frail utilities.  I’d no longer imply them if I did no longer use them consistently. Things on this checklist are here on tale of I dig them. No person paid money to be on this checklist and no money is licensed to be on this checklist.

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Please Hyperlink to when referencing the most recent Hanselman Final Tools List. In truth be at liberty to vary into alive to here within the comments, post corrections, or solutions for future submissions. I very seemingly made errors, and no doubt forgot a pair of utilities that I use in total.


“If every thing became pleasurable, you presumably can by no formulation be taught and you presumably can by no formulation grow.” – Beyoncé

  • Windows Subsystem for Linux – It in actuality can no longer be overstated how WSL/WSL2 has place the cherry on top of Windows 10. It runs on any build 20262 or elevated as it became objective lately backported and it’s integration with Windows is impossible. Or no longer it’s miles also WAY sooner than working a VM. Trail be taught extra on my YouTube
  • Windows Terminal – At final Windows has a most recent terminal. That you just would possibly bustle shells savor Stammer Urged, PowerShell, and Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL). Its main aspects consist of a pair of tabs, panes, Unicode and UTF-8 persona give a preserve to, a GPU accelerated text rendering engine, and the flexibility to construct your hang issues and customise text, colours, backgrounds, and shortcuts. It also strategies a pseudo-console so Third party Terminals savor hyper, conemu, terminus and additional work better!
  • Windows PowerToys – They are help and they must aloof be built into Windows. Set up them here and discover a shade picker, like zones, file explorer addons, image resizers, keyboard manager and remapper, an Apple Highlight-savor working within the originate of PowerToyrs Plod, the Shortcut Records and additional!
    • Moreover test out Ueli as a mountainous launcher/spotlight for Windows!
  • VS Code – Visual Studio Code is hella snappy and is my goto text and code editor. I aloof use notepad usually and I’m in plump Visual Studio loads, but VS Code is savor the Tesla of code editors. Have a discover a examine my Common VS Code Extensions below.
  • PowerShell/OhMyPosh/PoshGit/Cascadia Code – I’ve had a blast this year taking my console suggested to the following level. Are trying these out but additionally explore at Starship. Whatever you attain, play! Manufacture no longer net the defaults!
  • ZoomIt – A factual classic but additionally the answer to the #1 quiz I’m asked. How attain you plan on the show cloak whenever you occur to is seemingly to be sharing your show cloak? ZoomIt has been THAT TOOL in my toolbox. In truth snatch some time and discover straightforward methods to attain boxes, arrows, colours and additional and that you would possibly maybe be a extra efficient show cloak-sharer. In truth, actual trot discover the total SysInternals suite and place all of it on your PATH.
  • Winget – Or no longer it’s ideal-discover for Windows. The same to choco which I’ve frail within the previous, WinGet goes to be included in Windows 10 and has a ton of advantageous aspects. I use it to setup a machine in an hour from the relate line, versus a day earlier than doing it manually. Dazzling add your MSA (Microsoft login) to the Kit Manager Insiders Program and discover it from the Retailer. Or no longer it’s bundled with the Windows App Installer. Then actual “winget search ” and winget set up no subject!
  • QuickLook – Free within the Windows Retailer, actual spotlight a file in Explorer and press Dwelling to discover a preview!

Obliging .NET and Developer utilities

“Energy formulation happiness; vitality formulation laborious work and sacrifice.” – Beyoncé

  • CodeTrack – CodeTrack is a free .NET Performance Profiler and Execution Analyzer. It in actuality works on usually every version of .NET and would possibly perhaps maybe presumably also offer you big perception into how your code is working! The flamegraph note is impossible. Or no longer it’s free but you should aloof donate as it’s a one-person improbable app!
  • LINQPad – Interactively demand your databases with LINQ with this instrument from Joseph Albahari. A impossible discovering out instrument for of us who are actual getting in LINQ or for of us who pick on a code snippet IDE to attain any C# or VB expression. Free and elegant.
  • WinMerge – WinMerge actual gets better and better. Or no longer it’s free, it’s launch source and it can maybe presumably examine recordsdata and folders and enable you to merge your conflicted source code recordsdata savor a champ. Moreover look Perforce Visual Merge which free and also can diff pictures, which is shapely improbable.
  • WinDbg – Low-level and classic but additionally new and contemporary! WinDbg (Wind-safe?) is now within the Windows Retailer with ALL NEW VISUALS and additional!
  • Insomnia and Nightingale are mountainous alternatives to Postman for doing REST APIs!
  • NuGet Kit Explorer – This app allows having a request NuGet programs from an on-line feed and viewing contents of the programs
  • WireShark – What’s occurring on the wire! WireShark knows!
  • GitHub Desktop – Gits, ahem, out of the fashion! Stumble on my Git 101 on YouTube!

Sufficient Windows Utilities that must be built in

“I esteem my job, but it no doubt’s extra than that: I need it” – Beyoncé

  • Ear Trumpet – Implausible improved volume control for Windows! Even as you’ve ever wished that volume on Windows would possibly perhaps maybe presumably turn their UI up to 11, Ear Trumpet is that app.
  • Teracopy – While I use the very ideal built in duplicate aspects of Windows 10 the most, when I’d like to transfer a LOT of recordsdata as FAST as that that you would possibly maybe presumably presumably factor in, nothing beats TeraCopy, an app that does actual that – transfer stuff snappy. The queue control is terribly ideal.
  • AutoHotKey – This minute gem is bananas. Or no longer it’s a tiny, amazingly snappy free launch-source utility for Windows. It skill that you can automate every thing from keystrokes to mice. Programming for non-programmers. Or no longer it’s a total automation machine for Windows without the frustration of VBScript. Here is the Windows an identical of AppleScript for Windows. (That’s a in point of fact actual thing.
  • 7-Zip – Or no longer it’s over and 7zip obtained. Time to discover on board. The 7z structure is snappy turning into the compression structure that choosey hardcore customers seize. You are going to usually discover between 2% and 10% better compression than ZIP. This app integrates into Windows Explorer nicely and opens usually EVERYTHING that you would possibly maybe presumably presumably ever would prefer to launch from TARs to ISOs, from RARs to CABs.
  • Paint.NET – The Paint Program that Microsoft forgot, written in .NET. Or no longer it’s 80% of Photoshop and it’s free. Pay to give a preserve to the author by getting the Windows Retailer version AND it can maybe presumably auto-update! Or no longer it’s easiest $7, which is an unreal rate.
  • NimbleText – Strange Expressions are laborious and I’m no longer very neatly-kept. NimbleText lets me attain loopy stuff with mountainous amounts of text without it hurting so necessary.
  • Markdown Monster – While I esteem VSCode, Markdown Monster does one thing extremely neatly. Markdown.
  • Fiddler – The easy, shipshape, and highly efficient debugging proxy for making an strive out HTTP between here and there. It even supports sniffing SSL traffic.
  • NirSoft Utilities Sequence – Nearly every thing NirSoft does is rate having a request at. My favorites are MyUninstaller, a substitute for Own Applications, and WhoIsThisDomain.
  • Ditto Clipboard Manager – WindowsKey+V is improbable and shut but Ditto keeps pushing clipboard administration forward on Windows.
  • TaskbarX – It actually centers your Taskbar buttons. I esteem it. Beginning Source but additionally $1 within the Windows Retailer.
    • Even as you no doubt would prefer to mess together with your Taskbar, are attempting Taskbar Tweaker.
  • ShellEx Seek for – Your Explorer’s pleasing click on menu is cluttered, this enable you to unclutter it!
  • OneCommander and Hour of darkness Commander and Altap Salamander – As a in point of fact very prolonged time Norton Commander consumer (google that!) there would possibly perhaps be a quantity of mountainous “reimaginings” of the Windows File Explorer. OneCommander and Altap Salamander does that, and Hour of darkness Commander does it for the relate line/CLI.
  • WinDirStat – A classic but aloof a must-discover. What’s taking up all that space? Spoiler – Or no longer it’s Call of Accountability.
    • Moreover are attempting SpaceSniffer!
  • FileSeek and Everything – Search all of it, directly!
  • I savor Bewitch+Section+S for Screenshots but additionally test out ShareX, Greenshot, and Lightshot
    • For gripping Gifs, are attempting screen2gif or LICEcap!
  • Alt-Tab Terminator – Takes your Alt-Tab to the following level with big previews and search
  • PureText – PureText pastes dull text, purely, evidently. Free and elegant. Thanks Steve Miller
  • I aloof FTP and SCP and SFTP and I use WinSCP to attain it! Or no longer it’s free or actual $10 to discover it from the Windows Retailer and give a preserve to the author!
  • VLC Participant – The most fantastic and aloof the most straight forward. Performs every thing, in all places.
  • PSReadline – Makes PowerShell extra Bashy within the most straight forward manner.
  • Yori and all Malcolm Smith’s Utilities – Yori is a reimagning of cmd.exe!

Visual Studio Code Extensions

“I use the negativity to gasoline the transformation into a wiser me.” – Beyoncé

There would possibly perhaps be 1,000,000 mountainous Visual Studio Extensions. The ones I savor obtained’t be the that ones you savor. However, trot explore.

  • GitLens – Magnificent. Dazzling makes Git and VS a pleasure and adds a thousand tiny beautiful aspects that can discover you smile. You are going to wonder why that is no longer at all times built in.
  • Version Lens – Enact you’ve the most recent kit variations? Now you know
  • CodeSnap – Screenshots particularly tailor-made to discover your code explore advantageous.
  • .NET Core Take a look at Explorer – Makes unit testing with .NET on VS Code so necessary nicer
  • Arduino for VS Code – The Arduino extension makes it straightforward to hang, build, deploy and debug your Arduino sketches in Visual Studio Code! So advantageous.
  • Coverage Gutters – This improbable extension highlights what code is roofed with Unit Take a look at and what’s no longer. Ryan is shopping for relieve, so trot look if here’s a mountainous OSS mission YOU can launch with!
  • Docker for VS Code – Container explorer and manager and deployer, straight from VS
  • GitHistory – One other advantageous add-on for Git that reveals your Git Log
  • HexDump – I need this extra than I’d snatch to confess
  • LiveShare – End show cloak-sharing and launch code and context sharing!
  • PowerShell for VS – A mountainous substitute for the PowerShell ISE
  • Faraway Containers – Here is an AMAZING EXTENSION you wish to comprehend a request at within the event you’ve Docker but it no doubt has a heinous non-descriptive establish. However must be seen to be believed. Perhaps it’s “Visual Studio Constructing Containers,” I’m no longer determined. Beginning a folder and save to a pattern container. No installs, actual you debugging Rust, Trail, C#, no subject while installing NOTHING. Obliging.
  • Faraway SSH – One other within the VS Faraway Family of Extensions, this one skill that you can make use of any faraway SSH Server as your pattern ambiance.
  • Faraway WSL – Edit and debug and build code from Windows…the usage of Linux!
  • And at final, Yoncé, my current VS Code theme. Beyoncé inspired.

Things I relish

“All of us discover our reason, all of us discover our strengths.” – Beyoncé

  • RescueTime – Are you productive? Are you spending time on what are attempting to be spending time on? RescueTime keeps monitor of what you is seemingly to be doing and tells you actual that with impossible experiences. Very actual stuff within the event you is seemingly to be attempting to GTD and TCB. ;
  • Carnac – This elegant minute launch source utility reveals the hotkey’s you is seemingly to be urgent as you press them, exhibiting up as minute overlays within the corner. I use it for the length of coding displays.
  • DOSBox – Even as you occur to is seemingly to be off floating in 64-bit shipshape-Windows-10-Expert land, usually you neglect that there ARE some ancient purposes you cannot bustle anymore now that DOS is no longer there. Enter DOSBox, an x86 DOS Emulator! Whew, now I’m in a position to play Bard’s Memoir from 1988 on Windows 10 in 2021! Have a discover a examine for many DOSBox powered classics

Oh yes, and at final Windows Sandbox – You discover already bought this and did no longer even are aware of it! That you just would possibly fire up in SECONDS a duplicate of your Windows 10 machine in a true sandbox and whenever you occur to conclude it, it’s long previous. Poof. Immense for testing unfamiliar instruments and utilities that some rando on a blog asks you to earn.

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