Deskreen – Turn any device with a web browser to a second computer screen

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Deskreen turns any tool with a web-based browser to a 2nd show cloak for your computer

Deskreen is an electron.js basically based entirely utility that uses WebRTC to create a dwell stream of your
desktop to a web-based browser on any tool.
It is constructed on high of Electron React Boilerplate
For better security mechanism, discontinue-to-discontinue encryption is applied, which is galvanized by The incompatibility is that it is rewritten
in Typescript and transformed to make exhaust of node-forge barely than window.crypto.subtle.
Why this turned into as soon as made? Because a shopper served with http without SSL, which makes window.crypto.subtle unavailable.

NOTE: We are procuring for a resolution to receive rid from Dummy Inform Plugs whereas utilizing Deskreen as a 2nd show cloak. Your code reinforce is extremely precious and welcome in Deskreen!

Inform Dummy Plugs are comely transient resolution, nonetheless it surely is rarely any longer that comely for all people.
Whenever you’re a seasoned Windows or Linux or MacOS hacker with an knowledge of low diploma tweaks and techniques, you too can lend a hand us to create Deskreen better!
On a prolonged race Deskreen seeks for eradicating Inform Dummy Plugs, because most of us produce no longer admire utilizing them. In most cases they cannot exhaust them because all on hand disclose ports are already taken.
So now we indulge in got to indulge in native drivers for Take / Mac / Linux that also can lend a hand to enable digital disclose without Dummy Inform Plugs.
There are already working industrial solutions accessible with their very have drivers which they produce no longer philosophize, nonetheless this task is doable with a lend a hand of total neighborhood.
The plot of Deskreen is to enable neighborhood energy and knowledge to beat these technical challenges and create it a sprint-to 2nd show cloak resolution that all people will receive pleasure from!

We conception on making digital disclose driver reinforce for every of three main working systems and speak all OS linked codes in ./drivers subdirectory of this project.
That you would be in a position to per chance presumably gain transient necessities for driver API in ./drivers/

Share your precious knowledge on be taught the map in which to produce digital desktop and not utilizing a Dummy Inform Poke on this dialogue thread.

Thank you upfront!

Accumulate Started for Developers


That you would be in a position to per chance want to indulge in node npm and memoir installed
globally for your machine.

  1. git clone this repo
  2. memoir install
  3. memoir dev — race in dev mode with dwell updates

Expedient memoir instructions

memoir open — race in manufacturing mode to check, without packaging
memoir kit — to kit an app and create executables on hand in open folder

for more memoir instructions find at kit.json

The manner to race assessments

memoir check — race all unit assessments
memoir build-ux && memoir check-ux — race User Experience assessments (no assessments for app/client yet)

TODO: add e2e assessments with host + client app interaction

race assessments of host app

memoir check-find-no longer-silent — race assessments in find mode with console logs loyal for host app, except for app/client
memoir check -- -u — replace snapshots

race assessments for app/client

memoir check — race client assessments in find mode
check:nowatch — race client assessments a single time
memoir check -- -u — replace snapshots

Generate check coverage results

memoir coverage — when race from project root, generates a coverage narrate for host and app/client

Instruction for working a neighborhood Sonar Qube, neighborhood edition


You have to put in Sonar Qube neighborhood edition for your machine.
And sonar-scanner. Then add sonar scanner to your PATH.

You have to race sonar-scanner individually on root directory
and on app/client directory.

Fortunately for you sonar scanner is automatically precipitated after husky checks.
So you simplest want to put in and configure SonarCube within the community and
produce two separate initiatives in SonarCube panel.
First project for host app, and 2nd project for client viewer app.
TODO: add be taught the map in which to receive started with local SonarCube for Deskreen in puny print.


Excessive diploma structure create


WebRTC Show cloak Sharing Session Initiation Step by Step


Show on versioning:

  • All versions git tags could well per chance silent open with v ex. v1.0.0
  • Earlier than making a brand unique open with git push plan model
    to ! without v on the initiating! (ex. 1.0.0 — no longer open with v) in these three files:

    • kit.json — in model key ex. 1.0.0
    • app/kit.json — in model key ex. 1.0.0
    • app/kit-lock.json — in model key ex. 1.0.0


  • Pavlo (Paul) Buidenkov


AGPL-3.0 License © Pavlo (Paul) Buidenkov


Deskreen Mark PNG Image — © Nadiia Plaunova

Apache 2.0 © blueprintjs

MIT © Electron React Boilerplate

simple-search MIT. Copyright (c) Feross Aboukhadijeh.


On fable of Github workflows for enabling a sturdy CI pipeline for Deskreen constructing needs.

Many thanks to all open source neighborhood individuals and maintainers of libraries extinct on this project.


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