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On the novel time, we’re happy to notify Quilt Your Tracks, the most modern edition and rebranding of our historical browser fingerprinting and tracker consciousness tool Panopticlick. Quilt Your Tracks picks up the keep Panopticlick left off. Panopticlick became about letting customers know that browser fingerprinting became doable; Quilt Your Tracks is set giving customers the tools to fight succor in opposition to the trackers, and reinforce the web ecosystem to present privacy for all people.

A demonstration of the new, green Cover Your Tracks website, which uses animal paw prints to illustrate the concept of tracking and fingerprinting your browser. The user clicks

A show camouflage resolve on of the front page of The mouse clicks on “Take a look at your browser” button, which loads a results page with a summary of protections the browser has in field in opposition to fingerprinting and tracking. The mouse scrolls the entire manner down to toggle to “detailed leer”, which shows extra details about each and each metric, corresponding to extra info on System Fonts, Language, and AudioContext fingerprint, among many diverse metrics.

Over a decade prior to now, we launched Panopticlick as an experiment to glance whether the loads of traits that a browser communicates to an online field, when considered collectively, would possibly very successfully be primitive as a clear identifier that tracks a user as they browse the web. We requested customers to take part in an experiment to examine their browsers, and chanced on that overwhelmingly the reply became certain—browsers were leaking info that allowed web trackers to put collectively their movements.

A screenshot of the older orange Panopticlick website, which shows a human fingerprint graphic.

The extinct Panopticlick web field.

In this new iteration, Quilt Your Tracks goals to manufacture browser fingerprinting and tracking extra understandable to the common user.  With precious explainers accompanying each and each browser attribute and the contrivance in which it contributes to their fingerprint, customers fetch an in-depth peep into simply how trackers can use their browser in opposition to them.

Our browsers sprint away traces of identifiable info simply love an animal would possibly well sprint away tracks in the wild. These traces would possibly very successfully be mixed precise into a clear identifier which follows customers’ browsing of the web, love flora and fauna which has been tagged by an animal tracker. And, on the internet and in the wild, one among the most simple methods to confuse trackers and manufacture it laborious for them to title you individually. Some browsers are ready to guard their customers by making all situations of their browser peep the an identical, no topic the computer it’s running on. In this model, there is energy in numbers. Users also can “duvet their tracks,” holding themselves by placing in extensions love our fetch Privateness Badger.

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