Cookie Consent Speed Running Game

Since GDPR came into our lives, we now bear all needed to wrestle with obtaining our overall privacy rights. With every cookie banner we now bear all been honing our abilities, studying to navigate ambiguous alternatives and distrust glaring buttons.

Now could well be your chance to level to what it’s essential learnt.

p.s. Luxuriate in every cookie Pop-ups, here is finest experienced on desktop.

Let’s attain this

1: The game is finest played on this field.

2: Your terminate purpose is to disclose no to all cookies.

3: Discover the instructions on every stage.

p.s. This sport makes employ of the entire text and methods of current cookie consent pop-u.s.a.and banners, so don’t blame me if it be too exhausting.

Originate up

If you’d like to learn extra about how cookies affect your lifestyles, test out Mountainous Info Lady, the image book about Mountainous Info and its impact.


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