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Want To take Cell Phone photos

That Leave People Speechless?

Social Media Wants You to Believe Photography Is Easy. . .

“What the hell, why don’t my photos ever look like that?!”

There’s a Huge problem in the

Cell Phone Photography World right now…

(Actually 3 big problems. . .)

How many of you can relate to one of these Scenarios?

They never turn out quite as good as what’s front of you. . .

You take Photos all the time & feel like you’ve got a

Compared to what you see on Social Media, your photos have got A LONG way to go. . .

You’ve had enough Cell Phone Photo Failures to know

You’re just not that creative, not to mention Technology Definitely is NOT your strong suit. . .

Every Pro-Photographer knows

That you don’t know yet…

Turned “Smartphones” with cameras built in…

(Phones were used to call people and Cameras still came with instruction Manuals…)

AND Prior To Instagram…

Abruptly demanding your photo skills be on par with Ansel Adams…

(Becoming a Professional Photographer wasn’t quite as simple as owning the newest smartphone…)

Photography is definitely an art.

Photography Can Be Taught!

(and you don’t need a “Fancy-Pants” Art School Degree to learn it. . . Note to Self 🤷🏼‍♀️)

The Best Camera In The World Can NEVER Make A Great Photo…

I started my photography career in 2009…

(before Instagram turned anyone with A Phone + A Following into a “Pro-Photographer”)

I’d been trained in Photo-Journalism & I was getting SO Frustrated, because my photos NEVER Looked as good as what I was shooting…

(Then I realized, I simply hadn’t learned the Photography Techniques shared by the pros…)

I’m giving away the Secret(s)

Stop pointing, shooting and hoping for the best!

To take photos that Actually Look as good as what’s in front of you… (or better!)

You DON’T Need To be super “Techie” or “Artsy” to get started!

Imagine how it would feel to take photos with your Cell Phone, that leave people speechless?

You know what’s coming next don’t you?

that will dramatically shortcut the path to transforming your Cell Phone Photos from Boring to “Breath-Taking!”

Designed for Photo Enthusiasts of all types!

(Great for Bloggers, Foodies, Food Bloggers, Product Photographers, Jewelry Photographers, Photo Newbies & Photo Enthusiasts who simply want to learn more about Cell Phone Photography!)

You’ll kick off the course with an in depth review of both types of Smartphone Camera Operating Systems Apple & Android.

Next, you’ll learn the about the various shooting modes your phone is capable of achieving and when tit’s best to use each one.

(… after these 2 lessons you’ll know Exactly how “smart” your “Smartphone’s Camera” really is!”)

In this lesson you’ll learn how to start thinking like a photographer, along with the single most important question a photographer will ask before they even take a photo!

I wrap up the course by teaching you the “oh-so-simple” technique to making your cell phone photos… POP!

(so you can revive those old food photos, that you might have written off!)

At the end of it all, the most important thing you’ll learn is that…

NO-ONE, (not even our friend Ansel Adams) is born a

Great Photographer’s come to be “Great” by Practicing Their Technique…

“I strongly recommend working with Leigh to improve your team’s skill level, confidence and knowledge.”

“The tools and techniques taught to my managers and chef were invaluable and we have seen an immediate effect on engagement and exposure on all of our outlet sites, as well as managers ability and desire to create and post content due to their newfound confidence gained through the training. Furthermore, Leigh’s warm and approachable style engaged the team and inspired them to learn and interact more than the typical trainer is able to accomplish.”

Chef Kevin Hickey, The Duck Inn

Now, don’t get me wrong, much like learning to ride a bike, there’s a process required to reach success. You start with a tricycle, work up to a bike with training wheels and then the training wheels eventually come off. 

It’s the same with Photography!

So, to help you see that you CAN do this 

(because I know you can!)

What the Hell, why don’t my images ever look like that?!”

Composing the “Perfect Shot” 

Usually comes with years of practice &

A Lot of trial & error… 

This helps you get the Perfect Photo, Every-Time! Kind of like training wheels, for photography!

(…so you can skip the trial & error part!)

Social Media shouldn’t be SO hard

That’s why I built the Social Media Secret Sauce, to teach you how to produce:

(…so you can finally move “Catch up with social media” off the back burner!”

The Chef Shots Social Site

Our custom built, private online community that includes ongoing photo challenges to match your trainings so you can practice what you learn and share with your peers!

(…like a personal photo studio, so you don’t have to share the “practice” photos with the rest of the world on Social!)

By the time you’re done You’ll be taking Cell PHone photos

so good you’ll be surprised not that they were taken with the Phone…

but that it was YOU who took these photos.

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But I also know, maybe you’ve never bought an online course before. 

Or, you don’t know me and trust me yet.

Or, quite frankly, cash could be tight right now… (👊 COVID)

But first I have to warn you about something:

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I’m going to practically give it away…

If you want to Finally Master Your Cell Phone Photography Skills,

NOW is the time to Take Action!

By the end of this weekend you could be taking cell phone photos so good, people won’t believe they were taken on the phone!

OR you can keep doing what you’re doing now.

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Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better…

I’ve Got One More Surprise For You…

This program is approved for Five Continuing Education hours toward the initial of the recertification application for The American Culinary Federation Certification.

“Chef Shots Programs are an outstanding resource for anyone looking to improve their photography skills.”

Alexei Rudolf, Mise Conference

So I ask You, Are You Ready To:

Start taking photos that Actually Look as good (or better) than What’s

Confident when you take photos & Excited to share your images with your Friends, co-workers and peers!

Finally Be proud of The Images You’re posting to social media?

Watching the Likes & Comments Roll In, singing your praises for how AWESOME Your Food Photos have become!!

To learn that you weren’t in fact skipped over in the creativity gene pool?

You’ve proven to yourself, that you can actually do this and you are WAY more creative than you thought you were to begin with!!!

But the best part is… you don’t even have to believe me!

That means you can enroll today, and don’t even have to decide if you are in for good! Take the full 30 days to explore the materials and experience the vibe of The Chef Shots and then make a decision using the information you have, rather that the information you don’t.

Frequently Asked Questions

Pretty much anyone who’s interested in taking photos with their cell phone and learning the basics to navigating your Smartphone’s Camera!

This course is also great for Food Bloggers, Foodies, Product Photographers, Jewelry Photographers, Photo Newbies & Photo Enthusiasts who simply want to learn more about Cell Phone Photography!

How Soon & Where Can I Access The Training Material?

The course is hosted in an online training platform, you’ll have your own custom login, with access instructions sent to you directly via the email you use to sign up!

How Much Time Is Required

The PDF is 40 pages long, you could easily complete the entire training in a weekend and always pop back to re-visit the content any time you’d like!

The Course is designed for photography beginners and enthusiasts of every level.

Do I Need To Have Professional

(What If I Do Have Pro-Gear)

The Majority of this course is designed for the smartphone camera, including both operating systems. (IOS & Android)

If you do have professional gear and have limited to zero photo training, then everything beyond module 1 will be helpful to you!

Do I Need Special Software

The Phonetography Fix, works entirely in the native camera apps for both

Technology can make us all feel like we’re not tech-savvy, but that’s usually because we’ve simply not received the proper training. 

All of the technical concepts are taught in simple terms with video tutorials to match, making it easy for people of all ages and skill levels to understand. 

It again comes down to simply not having been properly trained. 

Think back to when you first began cooking, you weren’t even close to where you are now, you got there through learning the various techniques, systems and methods, then practicing them over and over again. 

Photography is the exact same way, even if up until this point you’ve felt you have no artistic. ability, you will be able to take outstanding photos by applying the techniques that you will learn.

You get Lifetime Access to all of Your Purchased Materials, so you can always revisit the training material. 

If you’re ready to improve your Cell Phone Photography Skills,

Gain confidence & Knowledge…

Don’t Miss This Amazing Offer!

The PHONEtography Fix Today!

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Read About Cell Phone Photography Review

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Cell Phone Photography Is Worth The Price

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