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Become a Certified Usui Animal Reiki Master Teacher with Our Most Popular Home Study Course

Module 6 – Animal Reiki with Dogs

The most comphrensive Animal Reiki Training Home Study Course Out there

Who will Benefit From this Course?

Reiki is a beautiful gift that can provide incredible benefits to energetically-sensitive animals. It can help provide relaxation in stressful situations like a visit to the vet or ease pain with chronic conditions or species-specific issues. We can send Reiki distantly to our pets when we are away from them at work, or use Reiki to simply to comfort and connect with our pets on a deeper level. This course is for: 

Have an impact on helping the animals of the world and the pets you care for

Join our Incredible Community of Reiki Practitioners & Lightworkers

We’ve been training students for over two decades

Students Trained or Using our Training Material in their Practices

Students from more than 135 different Countries

Absolutely beautiful attunement, I teared up a few times and just let it release out what it needed to. Very strong energy. My one year old lab puppy stayed right at my feet this entire time? thank you so much. 

The content so far is amazing, I love the pictures and often when I’m doing this course I will get hot, so then I send it out to the animals on earth, its a peaceful but exciting feeling. 

I have been doing Reiki for many years including with animals. I discovered your program recently and love the content you offer. Excited to work through this program. I love learning more about animal reiki and am constantly acquiring more knowledge about this. Thanks for offering it. 

I love the course, very easy to follow and was always looking forward to the next lesson….The course workbook is wonderful. It is great to put your own words to answer the questions and to write down your experiences of doing Reiki to different animals and situations. Thank you.

My attunement experience was amazing and it lasted 2 days. I felt a warm thread behind my spine cord and I was cooking! During the attunement, I saw colors in an orb but also lots of hands over my legs and shoulders but the most amazing part was that I felt a hug the very next day as it finished the work in me. 

Certified Usui Animal Reiki Master Teacher

Frequently Asked Questions

The Reiki Manuals were created in Microsoft Word, so they can be easily edited using Microsoft Word. If you do not have Microsoft Word you can use either the Free Open Office software or the Free Google Docs Software App.

Yes it is for personal use only. 

Much has been written about distant attunements in Reiki. In our experience, and more importantly in the experience of the many students who have completed our Reiki home study course and received distant attunements from us, distant attunements are just as effective as attunements received in person during a workshop or therapy session. We provide this service because we believe that Reiki should be available to everyone,  without the need to attend pricey workshops and lengthy training programmes.

 As one of the very first online Reiki schools, The Reiki Store, has remained a leading voice in holistic health community for over two decades. In fact, a lot of the training content out there online today can be traced back to the original Reiki Training Course created by our Founders Garry and Adele Malone. 

Our mission has always been to spread the power of Reiki to change the lives of as many people as possible by making Reiki training more accessible to everyone.

The Reiki Store has continued to create quality distant learning courses and resources for their growing number of Reiki students since 1997.  Our family-run and heart-centred training school has expanded to help over 100,000 students on their path to Reiki Mastery, empowering Holistic Practitioners across the globe to reconnect with themselves and open their minds up to a more natural and holistic way of living. We can’t wait to be a part of your Reiki journey! Namaste. 

*Please be aware that Reiki is a powerful energy therapy, but should never be used to replace or substitute medical or veterinary care by a licensed medical professional. Reiki works with the bodies natural healing systems to improve wellness on all levels, but never claims to cure illness or disease. The Practitioner is a channel for energy, and has no control over the outcome.  

EVALUATION CB ARMT Offer | Reiki Store Academy Review

Read About CB ARMT Offer | Reiki Store Academy Review

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CB ARMT Offer | Reiki Store Academy Study Review – CONCLUSION

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5 Star For CB ARMT Offer | Reiki Store Academy

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CB ARMT Offer | Reiki Store Academy Is Worth The Price

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