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The AquaStiq™ uses the world’s best portable water filtration technology. The same type of filter, used the world over, both in emergencies and as a daily source of drinking water in third world countries …

Countries where more people die every day from contaminated water than they do from war…

Whether you’re hiking in the backcountry, camping out close to home, bugging out or even sticking it out at home after TSHTF…

Do you know the ONE thing you can never carry enough of…

No matter how much you THINK you’ve prepared?

I’ll give you a hint…

Water, unlike everything else in your preps can not be condensed, compressed, or changed in any way…

A single gallon of water weighs in at a whopping 9lbs… no matter what you do to it…

And that’s what you need just to survive ONE DAY in a crisis… any less and you and your family are at serious risk.

Weight is a serious issue when it comes to bugging out… to survive the “standard” 72-hour crisis you would need to pack an extra 27lbs of weight into your pack… that’s in addition to the rest of your gear.

Now, maybe you can carry that much extra weight… and trust me, it will take its toll on you pretty quickly…

But what about your wife?

Your children… your grandchildren?

I need you to read this… I don’t want you to make the same mistake that far too many people have…

Just because water is running… doesn’t mean that it is safe to drink… You never know what’s going on upstream… or just around the bend…

Boiling water is one of the safest ways to make sure that your water supply is safe… unfortunately, boiling might not always be an option… (but more on that in just a second)

The truth is… it’s not just creek water you need to worry about…

Each year, hundreds of thousands of people get sick… or worse from contaminated water… Many of them FROM THEIR OWN TAP WATER!

Because the second the grid goes down, the countdown timer starts…

No Power means No Pumps… and NO WATER coming through your faucets…

Leaving you without a lot of options… you’ve either got to find a nearby (and probably contaminated) water source… or you can use bottled water…

But… I need to be honest with you

It runs out FAST and takes up way too much room… you MIGHT get a couple of days worth of water out of a case but then you’re SOL…

You need something that will turn ANY water into Pure, Clean, potable water.

By day two without water… that dirty, disgusting, brown, creek water will probably start to sound pretty good…

YOU CAN’T DRINK DIRTY WATER… it’s not a risk worth taking.

It might cure your thirst… for a few days… until the cramps kick in… and then every ounce of water you drank will be worthless and work against you… and you will be 10x worse off than before…

You can boil it, but you may not have the time to build a fire and wait… and frankly some areas just don’t have enough fuel to even support a fire…

You could also use chemical treatments… if you can afford them… and if you can stomach the taste… but they run out quick and you’ll still have to wait a half an hour or more before it’s safe to drink… and there is always that “off chance” that those treatments didn’t fully work…

But there is another option, one that is powerful enough to be used in a crisis but easy enough to provide up to 1000 liters of safe drinking water… INSTANTLY and best of all… it only costs a fraction of a cent per GALLON…

With the AquaStiq™, you never have to wonder whether or not it’s still “GOOD.”

The AquaStiq’s™ unique design stops allowing water to flow through once the filter has reached its maximum filtration point…

Basically, if you can’t get any water through it, then it’s time to toss it…and grab another… no more wondering whether or not you’re drinking dirty water.

And it’s so simple to use… no pumps, no batteries, no chemicals, no shaking… If you can drink out of a straw… you can get fresh water INSTANTLY

And it comes in at only 2 ounces and fits in ANY Bug out BAG, glove compartment, or even your back pocket (and the included lanyard means you can keep it on your neck so it’s never out of reach)

My guess is no… but that’s because the AquaStiq™ is more than just a filter… it’s an innovation.

One that has numbers to back it up… the AquaStiq™ has been used for OVER 10 YEARS to provide fresh water to men, women, and children in need all across the world and saved countless lives.

And I’ve made a special deal with the makers of the AquaStiq™… for a special “Bulk Purchase” and I’m passing that savings off to you…

Click the link below to grab your very own AquaStiq™ Water filter, for 27% off the retail price + FREE SHIPPING and make 100% sure, that when TSHTF you’re not left hung out to dry when it comes to your water supply…

The AquaStiq™ has saved thousands of lives… and if you have it in your supplies… your life could be the next one it saves…

I need to be honest with you…

There are a few things that the AquaStiq™ doesn’t do… and that’s ok

The AquaStiq™ a filter… not a purifier… which means that while it factors 99.9999% of bacteria and 99.99% of protozoa… it will not filter out virus, chlorine, fluoride, or heavy metals…

It’s unfortunate… but the current AquaStiq™ just doesn’t work like that…

But that’s OK… for most water sources in the US those contaminants are not a huge issue… especially if you’re in a bug out situation.

But even with that being said… you will NEVER find a more unique, portable, safe, and easy to use filter… period.

But if you don’t act NOW, when TSHTF…

Look, the rule of thumb with water is simple…

You can survive 72 hours without it… MOST OF THE TIME.

But when you add in the stress of being in a crisis… that number DROPS QUICKLY.

You’ll could be SOL in a matter of HOURS.

You can’t afford to sit by, wait for rain or hope for help… chances are, it isn’t coming.

You need to be ready, willing, and able to use ANY water source to stay hydrated… wouldn’t it be that much easier if you had one simple tool, with no moving parts, and one that kept you 100% mobile… The AquaStiq™ is all that… and more!

But if you want one, you have to act right now!

Because once they’re gone, they’re gone.

I was only able to grab a few of these from the manufacturer.

So, if for some reason you’re seeing this too late, and there aren’t any left, I’m sorry.

I’ll let you know IF I am ever able to secure a deal like this again…

Remember, the AquaStiq™ has been tried and tested all over the world, with proven results. This filter uses the same technology that’s trusted to provide clean water to children and families in third world countries all over the globe and has saved so many lives…

I trust this filter… This is the first, last, and only time you will EVER see an AquaStiq™ at this price…

And, if you act RIGHT NOW I’m taking care of the shipping for you… Because I believe the AquaStiq™ is that important for you and your family!

But, you have to act fast, I don’t have many of these filters and at this price……they are going to go FAST… and I don’t want you to miss out

After all, having the best “on the go” filter is only part of your survival plan…

On a long enough timeline, even the best filters will run out, break down or stop working.

You need a more permanent solution, one that will give you the skills you need to provide a lifetime supply of fresh, clean water to your family, no matter what happens.

Which is why when you claim your AquaStiq™ today, I’m also including my top selling guide to clean water “170 Gallons A Day,” Absolutely FREE.

You could go out and read EVERY book ever written on urban survival, spend HOURS interviewing industry insiders, and actually go out in the field and DO this stuff like I have…

Read this simple 26 page report that condenses everything I’ve learned about providing clean drinking water from almost any source into a quick, simple and easy to digest, 15 minute read.

Just the raw information and systems you need to get all the fresh water you and your family will need in a disaster (and it’s healthy so you can drink it any time!)

I consulted EVERYBODY that I knew from my military, Survival Evasion Resistance & Escape (SERE), Law Enforcement/SWAT, and Pentagon friends, as well as a geneticist who specializes in viruses/pandemics, and a bio-weapons expert, to get the very best information the general public has no clue about.

I also read everything available on the subject of water purification and filtration and then added my own personal experiences to develop this nearly fool proof system…

Don’t let the size (Just 26 Pages) fool you. Over 127 hours of research went into this project! It is truly the best of the best there is, and the system is simple to set up and FAST to learn so you can implement this information immediately.

How much is your time worth? Think about it, why should you go out and duplicate all the time and effort I put into this research? I’ve done the trial and error for you, too.

I’ve pulled together in one simple report the simple steps you can take to filter fresh drinking water even in the most dire survival situations. I’ve included the tips, tricks, and advice from top experts in the field so you don’t have to retrace my steps or make the same mistakes as me.

If you need to justify the expense, skip taking the family to McDonalds for dinner once this week and it’s paid for… The choice is yours

I’m going to be totally transparent with you here. I will not be able to offer the AquaStiq™ at this price for very long.

Frankly… I’m not even allowed to sell these filters at this price… (it’s a good amount below what I’m “supposed” to sell them for…)

I’m only offering The AquaStiq™ to you at this price until they are gone… I took every single one the manufacturer would let me pick up… and If they find out I’m offering them at this price, I don’t know if they will ever sell them to me again…

After these are gone… that’s it.

This incredible discount, plus the fact that I’m covering all of the shipping costs, and giving you access to my “170 Gallons A day” Report means one thing… I’m not making any money on these, I’m practically giving them away!

I want to ensure as many people as possible won’t find themselves or their families dehydrated, distraught, and in despair when the next crisis hits.

I hope that you’ll take this as seriously as I do…

And that you’ll want to be able to take care of your family, and I’m sure some of you will even help some of the others who, weren’t so lucky to be prepared.

My first goal is to keep you safe, secure, and hydrated.

That’s why I’m offering this ridiculously low price.

If you wait until you need a water filter, it either won’t be available, or you’ll pay ten times as much and you won’t get anywhere near the quality.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

I know it’s a lot to think about… but let me make it simple…

Guarantee: If for ANY reason you are not completely satisfied with your AquaStiq™ or the free copy of my top selling report “170 Gallons A Day,” even if you don’t like the color of it, or the way the water tastes, just send me a personal email any time in the next 30 days for a full, prompt refund.

I am that sure this will work for you.

>>For A Limited Time Only <<

I know that with my AquaStiq™ Water Filter I will never have to worry about drinking contaminated water again. I also understand that my AquaStiq™ Water Filter will be EXPRESS shipped to me.

Click the button below NOW!

It’s Fast and Easy to order by phone

24 Hours A Day/7 Days A Week

Obviously, by giving you all of the savings I was able to negotiate, I’m really not making any money here.

My goal is to help as many people as possible become prepared before the next crisis hits, and frankly the more money I can help you save, the more you can put towards your preps and securing your family’s safety.

At this price, I’d really recommend you snatch up a few of them before we run out… One for your kit, one for your car, and a few for your family… You won’t have a better opportunity

If you wait until you desperately need water for you and your family, you might have to pay ten times as much, if you can find any at all! So, if I were you I wouldn’t waste any more time.

Click the orange button below right now and claim your AquaStiq™ Water Filter Now…

Today, you can make sure that this vital piece of your preparedness plan is taken care of, with one simple product.

That’s the cost of few cases of bottled water that will only last a day or two before you run out, leaving you and your family SOL.

And remember the whole thing is backed by my “Iron Clad” money back guarantee, so you can’t lose.

WARNING: Supplies are limited for AquaStiq™, and I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to get any more at this price again.

This is your last chance to claim your AquaStiq™ Water Filter simply click the blue link below.

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Read About AquaStiq™ — From Survival Life Review

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