Apple has threatened to remove Amphetamine from the App Store

Amphetamine is a free app that helps withhold your Mac wide awake. Amphetamine has been on the Mac App Store since 2014 and it’s been downloaded over 432,800 times. It currently has over 1,400 reports and a 4.8 out of 5.0 rating within the US Mac App Store.

Why Does Amphetamine Want Saving?

On December 29th, 2020, a representative from Apple contacted and told me that, after 6 years on the Mac App Store, Amphetamine had spontaneously started violating one among Apple’s App Store Solutions.

Apple then proceeded to threaten to raise away Amphetamine from the Mac App Store on January 12th, 2021 if adjustments to the app had been now now not made. It is miles my belief that Amphetamine is now now not in violation of any of Apple’s Solutions. It is miles additionally my belief that there are rather a pair of folks accessible who feel the same arrangement as me, and must mosey making an are attempting to search out continue to flourish with out a total re-branding.

What Guiding theory Has Apple Accused Amphetamine of Violating?

Apple has accused Amphetamine of violating the next guiding theory:

1.4.3 Apps that aid consumption of tobacco and vape merchandise, unlawful pills, or low amounts of alcohol are now now not permitted on the App Store. Apps that aid minors to consume any of these substances will seemingly be rejected. Facilitating the sale of marijuana, tobacco, or managed substances (with the exception of for licensed pharmacies) isn’t allowed.”

Apple extra specified:
“Your app appears to be like to promote snide use of managed substances. Namely, your app name and icon consist of references to managed substances, capsules.”

How Can I Support?

Unfold the note! Let the sector know that you simply if truth be told must mosey making an are attempting to search out continue to exist on the Mac App Store. Apple has threatened to raise away Amphetamine from the Mac App Store on January 12th, 2021 if Apple’s calls for are now now not met.

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What Occurs Next?

I truly have filed an allure/scenario to the Solutions violation accusation straight away with Apple. I pause now now not in my opinion have grand faith in Apple reversing course in step with the allure by myself, nonetheless. With any luck, Apple will hear the voices of the Mac community and re-evaluate their choice.

Would possibly maybe maybe additionally neutral soundless Apple refuse to reverse their choice, and thus elevate away Amphetamine from the Mac App Store, I’ll seemingly pause one among the next:

  • Correct now launch work on rebranding Amphetamine and optimistically, get the newly-named app attend on the Mac App Store
  • Proceed elevate awareness of Apple’s actions and if truth be told now not sleep for Apple to reinstate Amphetamine on the Mac App Store

What Arguments Can Be Made for Conserving Amphetamine within the Mac App Store?

Argument #1:
Amphetamine Does No longer Promote the Grunt of Unlawful Medicines or Facilitate the Sale of Managed Substances

Amphetamine would now not promote the usage of unlawful pills. No longer entirely that, Amphetamine would now not promote the leisure use of right/prescription pills. Within the US, amphetamine is prescribed by doctors to adults for narcolepsy and to young folks for ADHD.

Adderall®, Concerta®, Dexedrine®, Focalin®, Metadate®, Methylin®, Ritalin® are all “place name” amphetamines. There are other “generic” manufacturers as effectively. These medicines come within the salvage of a tablet. Amphetamine’s icon contains a graphical illustration of the kind of tablet. Objectively talking, there’s no imagery or textual voice in Amphetamine’s icon that indicate the tablet must soundless be taken irresponsibly, illegally, or recreationally.

The note “amphetamine” itself is only a shortened model of the natural compound “alpha-methylphenethylamine.” “Amphetamine” is now now not a “avenue-name/slang” for the natural compound, and in no arrangement promotes its irresponsible, unlawful, or leisure use. Appropriate adore amphetamine (the natural compound) may seemingly also neutral additionally be legally aged to raise humans wide awake and attentive, Amphetamine (the app) may seemingly also neutral additionally be legally aged to raise your Mac wide awake.

There may be nothing illicit about, or inherently substandard with, the right use of prescribed amphetamines. The right use and advantages of prescribed/legally got amphetamines can’t be now now not renowned or brushed off simply on myth of there may be a potential for unlawful abuse of the medication.

For sure, it goes with out announcing that Amphetamine would now not in anyway, shape, or salvage, facilitate the sale of managed substances.

Argument #2:
Unfairly/Inconsistently Utilized Solutions

Whereas Amphetamine (the app) would now not promote the usage of unlawful pills, there are other apps that pause. You may seemingly be ready to search out deal of different apps on the App Store that both promote irresponsible use of every right and unlawful pills, or outright glorify the manufacture and sale of unlawful pills. These other apps have now now not been a long way from the App Store or forced to rebrand. Apple is now now not applying this guiding theory equally within the Mac or iOS App Shops. Amphetamine has been unfairly targeted.


  • Coca (macOS): An app that keeps your Mac wide awake such as Amphetamine. The coca plant’s leaves are aged to manufacture cocaine.

  • Weed Rich particular person (macOS): An app that simulates promoting marijuana. Marijuana is now now not currently right in all states of the US. On a Federal stage, marijuana remains a managed substance In truth, the app’s description reads “In a future world where the ban on hashish has been lifted world huge…”. The app is rated for persons 17 years or older. Most, if now now not all, states within the US which have legalized leisure marijuana use require the particular person to be now now not now now not up to 21 years of age. There are countless other apps adore this one within the iOS App Store.

  • Drug Mafia (iOS/iPadOS) & Narcos: Cartel Wars & Technique (iOS/iPadOS): These apps simulate the expertise of manufacturing, distributing, and and/or benefiting from unlawful pills equivalent to cocaine and marijuana. Whereas a pair of of the substances that appear within the games have clinical capabilities or a legalized/decriminalized space, these games in command focal point on the illicit alternate and sale of these substances.

  • iBeer (iOS/iPadOS): This app lets you without a discontinuance in sight “drink” beer out of your iOS tool. You tip the iOS tool adore a pint glass and “drink” the beer as repeatedly as you’d like. This app is rated 17+ no topic the right drinking age within the US being 21 years typical in most localities.

Argument #3:
Other folks (and Apple, Inc.) Care for

Amphetamine has been on the Mac App Store since 2014 (6 years), and existed as an AppleScript utility before that. All the arrangement thru that time, Amphetamine’s icon has incorporated a illustration of a tablet. The app’s name has step by step been “Amphetamine.” Never once has Apple objected to those sooner than. Currently, within the US Mac App Store, Amphetamine has 1.4K reports and a 4.8 out of 5 star rating. Clearly, if folks are offended by Amphetamine’s name or icon, they’re now now not the vocal majority.

Apple, Inc. itself has featured Amphetamine in a Mac App Store Chronicle. Absolutely, there is any individual at Apple who is “signing-off” or approving these Experiences. How is it that, in all the interactions I truly have had with Apple workers (hundreds? dozens?) over the closing 6 years in regards to Amphetamine, now now not a single one among them has been offended by Amphetamine’s name or icon? Why is the name and icon offensive or unhealthy as of late, nonetheless now now not closing week?

Amphetamine updates have been rejected by Apple on rather a pair of times. One time, Apple’s App Overview Workforce did now now not adore my “Preview” camouflage camouflage photos. One other time, Apple objected to the default habits when clicking Amphetamine’s menu bar icon, announcing it must open the menu by default and now now not start a session. It is miles obvious that Apple is certainly being attentive when reviewing apps, and now now not correct blindly approving apps with out a staunch overview. No longer once has Amphetamine’s name and icon been known as into ask no topic 41 app updates/submissions to Apple for overview.

Argument #4: Amphetamine’s Name and Icon Are its Identification

“Amphetamine” is the logo name and identity of 1 in all the apps that I truly have developed. Amphetamine is broadly regarded as the mosey-to app for keeping your Mac wide awake. That is evidenced by its consistent excessive ranking within the Mac App Store, besides to its inclusion in numerous predominant-participant tech web sites’ “very most practical of…” Mac apps lists. Amphetamine is deployed at corporations and universities gargantuan and minute across the sector. I on the whole have tech improve representatives from these corporations and colleges electronic mail me to query the correct arrangement to very most practical deploy Amphetamine to their users’ units.

Once, the CEO of a gargantuan US-basically basically based healthcare crew emailed me straight away to seek records from some customizations to Amphetamine for deployment in his group! After I declined to manufacture the customizations, the CEO supplied me a job creating a custom utility. Amphetamine is installed by default on Macs deployed at the Wyss Institute at Harvard Scientific College. Quite a lot of folks and organizations rely on Amphetamine, and recommend it by name.

Argument #5: Amphetamine’s Recognition Is Organic and Person-Driven

As a element-time, minute, and neutral developer of a 100% free app adore Amphetamine, you may seemingly well seemingly know how I don’t have a advertising and marketing and marketing and marketing fee range. I truly have never bought ads or otherwise greatly promoted on any web-basically basically based platform. Amphetamine’s reputation and mutter is a inform result of note-of-mouth advertising and marketing and marketing and marketing performed by the very folks Apple, Inc. claims that is harming.

Amphetamine is a if truth be told popular app, and is downloaded hundred to hundreds of times on daily basis. Since 2014, has been downloaded over 432,800 times.

Thank you!

Thank you over again for helping assign Amphetamine. It is folks adore you who made Amphetamine the app it is a long way as of late. Amphetamine’s reputation came about organically. I truly have never if truth be told performed any promoting or advertising and marketing and marketing and marketing for Amphetamine beyond note-of-mouth, and the occasional put up on Reddit or Twitter.

If you happen to have any questions, you may seemingly well seemingly obtain me on Twitter. ❤️

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