Amazon: Not OK – Why we had to change Elastic licensing

We recently launched a license commerce: Blog, FAQ. We posted some additional guidance on the license commerce this morning. I desired to part why we had to develop this commerce.

This became as soon as an incredibly exhausting decision, namely with my background and ancient previous round Delivery Offer. I win our duty very critically. And to make certain, this commerce seemingly has zero enact on you, our customers. It has no enact on our prospects that pick with us either in cloud or on premises. Its aim, with any luck, is ideal sure.

So why the commerce? AWS and Amazon Elasticsearch Provider. They hang got been doing things that we contain are handsome NOT OK since 2015 and it has easiest gotten worse. If we don’t stand as a lot as them now, as a successful firm and chief within the market, who will?

Our license commerce is geared in opposition to preventing corporations from taking our Elasticsearch and Kibana products and providing them accurate now as a provider with out collaborating with us.

Our license commerce comes after years of what we take into consideration to be Amazon/AWS misleading and complicated the neighborhood – ample is ample.

We’ve tried every avenue on hand including going by means of the courts, but with AWS’s ongoing habits, we hang determined to commerce our license so that we’ll give attention to building products and innovating in decision to litigating.

AWS’s habits has pressured us to win this step and we enact no longer enact so flippantly. Within the event that they’d no longer acted as they hang got, we would no longer be having this discussion this day.

We contain that Amazon’s habits is inconsistent with the norms and values which could perhaps be namely well-known within the open source ecosystem. Our hope is to win our presence within the market and employ it to face as a lot as this now so others don’t face these same components within the long walk.

Within the open source world, logos are thought to be as a indispensable and sure methodology to defend product popularity. Emblems had been dilapidated and enforced broadly. They’re thought to be as sacred by the open source neighborhood, from tiny initiatives to foundations relish Apache to corporations relish RedHat. So take into consideration our surprise when Amazon launched their provider in 2015 in step with Elasticsearch and known because it Amazon Elasticsearch Provider. We have in thoughts this to be a ideal apparent trademark violation. NOT OK.

I took a non-public mortgage to register the Elasticsearch trademark in 2011 believing in this norm within the open source ecosystem. Seeing the trademark so blatantly misused became as soon as namely painful to me. Our efforts to resolve the train with Amazon failed, forcing us to file a lawsuit. NOT OK.

We hang viewed that this trademark train drives confusion with customers pondering Amazon Elasticsearch Provider is admittedly a provider supplied jointly with Elastic, with our blessing and collaboration. That is handsome no longer appropriate kind. NOT OK.

When the provider launched, take into consideration our surprise when the Amazon CTO tweeted that the provider became as soon as released in collaboration with us. It became as soon as no longer. And over the years, we hang heard again and again that this confusion persists. NOT OK.


When Amazon launched their Delivery Distro for Elasticsearch fork, they dilapidated code that we take into consideration became as soon as copied by a Third celebration from our commercial code and supplied it as part of the Delivery Distro venture. We take into consideration this extra divided our neighborhood and drove additional confusion.

More on this right here. NOT OK.

Only within the near previous, we stumbled on more examples of what we have in thoughts to be ethically challenged habits. We hang differentiated with proprietary gains, and now we check these feature designs serving as “inspiration” for Amazon, telling us their habits continues and is more brazen. NOT OK.

We collaborate with cloud provider companies, including Microsoft, Google, Alibaba, Tencent, Suave Cloud, and others. We hang proven we’ll safe a methodology to enact it. We even work with other gains of Amazon. We are ceaselessly open to doing that; it handsome desires to be OK.

I take into consideration within the core values of the Delivery So

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