The Enormous Unified Belief of Documentation

– David Laing

There may be a secret that desires to be understood in reveal to put in writing factual utility documentation: there isn’t one
facet called documentation, there are four.

They’re: tutorials, how-to guides, technical reference and explanation. They signify four rather a pair of
applications or capabilities, and require four rather a pair of approaches to their introduction. Working out the implications of
this may maybe support reinforce most documentation – frequently immensely.

Regarding the system¶

'overview of the documentation system'

The documentation system outlined right here is a easy, complete and almost universally-relevant scheme. It
is confirmed in divulge across a large quantity of fields and capabilities.

There are some rather straightforward tips that govern documentation which may presumably be very not frequently if ever spelled out. They seem
to be a secret, though they shouldn’t be.

While you occur to may presumably additionally establish these tips into divulge, this can additionally create your documentation better and your venture, product
or team more a success
– that’s a promise.

The system is widely adopted for corpulent and slight, birth and proprietary documentation projects.

Video presentation¶

While you occur to’d identify to thought a video masking this topic, right here is it (courtesy of PyCon Australia 2017).