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It has been 20 months for the reason that tragedy that a Ph.D. candidate from the University of Florida dedicated suicide, accusing his advisor coerce him into academic misconduct. Our most contemporary article dropped a bump into the academic world by exposing the proof of these academic misconduct. The Nature Index adopted up with an in-depth document with comments from scientists and academic organizations worldwide expressing their shock and deep considerations about this scandal that took quandary at the University of Florida.

At Early February of two021, the ACM and IEEE Joint Investigative Committee by some means executed the investigation of the ISCA-2019 tragedy and concluded:

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The conclusion by some means confirmed two main accusations listed in Huixiang Chen’s suicide say that:

  1. The overview process for his ISCA-2019 paper became as soon as broken, and a range of the reviewers of the paper are “friends” of his advisor Dr. Tao Li. The overview process became organized and colluded academic fraud:
  2. After recognizing that there are extreme considerations in his ISCA-2019 paper, Huixiang Chen became as soon as coerced by his advisor Dr. Tao Li to proceed with a submission no matter that Huixiang Chen continually expressed considerations relating to the correctness of the outcomes reported in work, which resulted in a solid judgment of right and mistaken condemnation and precipitated the suicide.

Finally, the paper with academic misconduct bought retracted by ACM as Huixiang’s ultimate want. The ACM imposed a penalty of a 15-three hundred and sixty five days ban on participation in any ACM Convention or E-newsletter to the offenders. As alleged by the President of ACM, particular of these penalties are the most extreme ACM has ever imposed. The President of ACM additionally wrote a letter to Huixiang’s family to permit them to know the investigation consequence and their decision.

The saddest conclusion of the investigation is this one:

“There became as soon as advantageous and convincing proof of breaches of reviewer confidentiality for HPCA’19, and ASPLOS’17 stumbled on by the design to this investigation.”

Here’s now not their first dedication to academic misconduct. This organized academic fraud has started as a minimal since 2017. The identical process that Huixiang suffered from, which would possibly per chance well also encompass overview process fraud, abused and bullied by the advisor, and compelled to commit academic misconduct, has been lasted for a minimal of two years. Till Huixiang’s standing out, your entire a quantity of faculty students surrendered. The University of Florida and the Division of Electrical Computer Engineering honest acquiesced to this and let this happen over and over, leaving the school students with two selections: either surrendered with a broken judgment of right and mistaken or gave up his existence for his pursing of educational integrity, as Huixiang stated in his ultimate phrases:

“I hope this can even fair accomplish a alternate in this world. I hope that that you will be in a function to grab straight forward and own real in this society. I will bless you in one other world.”

It has been over 10 days since this announcement. On the other hand, Huixiang’s family aloof hear nothing from the University of Florida — now not a single be aware of explanation of this scandal that resulted in the suicide of their small one.

We had been unnerved and at a loss for phrases by the responses of the University of Florida and the Division of Electrical and Computer Engineering after the suicide tragedy:

  • After the tragedy, the University of Florida and the Division of Electrical and Computer Engineering acquiesced Dr. Tao Li representing the school, sending out letters threatening your entire insiders to permit them to seize mute.
  • Till Feb 20, 2021, the University of Florida’s investigation has been running for 20 months, but there must now not any public updates or outcomes. Huixiang’s family didn’t gain a single be aware of explanation.
  • Till Feb 20, 2021, Dr. Tao Li, accused by Huixiang Chen, is aloof in his quandary as a professor. The paper proved to be academic misconduct is aloof listed on Dr. Tao Li’s online page.
  • Till November 2020, Dr. Tao Li became as soon as aloof in a function to indicate the University of Florida to gain academic invitations and traveled to China, and made academic speeches. The discipline he presented is additionally from his “academic achievements” in ISCA-2019 which has been confirmed with extreme academic frauds.
  • Till November 2020, the identical organized academic fraud became as soon as potentially aloof going down.

An animated part took quandary days after Huixiang’s suicide. As one more of addressing the accusations, the Division of Electrical and Computer Engineering held an off-living occasion for contributors from Huixiang’s lab — the IDEAL lab. This occasion became as soon as additionally posted on ECE’s legit Instagram legend with textual affirm as “Students from IDEAL and ACIS Lab visited Busch Gardens for some relaxing this present day.” Till Huixiang’s suicide took quandary, the ECE division has by no device held any identical off-living occasion devour this and posted it on their legit public channels. We are in point of fact irregular about what roughly relaxing they had been having when a classmate dedicated suicide, exposing their lab’s toxic surroundings with an academic misconduct scandal urging them to grab straight forward and own real.

If the University of Florida if truth be told doesn’t care about academic integrity, if the school if truth be told doesn’t care relating to the upright, nicely being, and lifelong of their college students, if the school if truth be told doesn’t own an odd customary of upright, we would suggest all people who bought or will gain an admission provide from this school to rethink and reject the provide unless this extreme tell gets fully and publicly addressed in a guilty manner. #RejectToxicUF

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