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From the virtual desk ofDirk “Diggy” de BruinDear Aspiring Online Entrepreneur,

Do you ever look at the lifestyles of affiliate marketers and online business owners – making ridiculous amounts of money from their laptops- and wonder how the heck they do it…

While you seem to be stuck and struggling just to make your first few commissions online?

Have you ever tried “launch-jacking” or whatever the latest affiliate marketing hack is…

Only to have gotten little to no results?

And do you ever catch yourself wondering if having a successful affiliate marketing business is just a pipe dream reserved for a lucky few?

When no matter how much effort you put into your affiliate campaigns, they never seem to get the results you want…

If there’s anything I’ve learned over the past 10+ years of doing affiliate marketing, having promoted dozens of products in many different niches and through many different strategies…resulting in commissions ranging from small…

to slightly bigger commissions like these…

What I learned is that most people think affiliate marketing is much more complicated than it actually is and most people don’t understand what works in order to make commissions by recommending great products that actually help people.

So if you’re frustrated and confused about why you haven’t been able to have success with affiliate marketing, trust me, you’re not alone.

The sad truth is, most people teaching affiliate marketing are usually either relying on methods that have a steep learning-curve, high upfront capital requirement and are sometimes downright unethical or they’re outdated strategies that no longer work.

Here at 30 Days To My First Commissions, we teach only strategies that have been proven to work in a broad variety of niches and have stood the test of time.

The principles of what we teach have worked for years and are likely to continue to work for years. With us, you’re not learning a trick that stops working after a while, you’ll learn skills that you can continue using to make commissions for years or decades to come.

I’m committed to cracking the affiliate marketing code to bring you the best working strategies by personally testing offers, methods, tactics so that you can start making your first affiliate commissions in the easiest way possible.

Here’s what I discovered…

Maybe you’ve heard some of these WRONG strategies about affiliate marketing:

Well, I’m here to tell you – None of these things actually provide value!

What you should be focusing on instead, is remembering that there’s a REAL LIFE HUMAN on the other side with a real problem they want to solve.

Ever since affiliate marketing has gotten more and more popular and artificial intelligence is getting smarter at detecting spam and low-quality content…

Over the past years, how many people have been spamming their affiliate links on social media and via email to make a quick buck?

Email providers and social media platforms are blocking affiliate links and banning advertising accounts at an increasing rates to give their users a better experience.

Additionally, internet users are becoming much more savvy and understand when affiliate marketers are just trying to make a quick buck, so these methods don’t work very well anymore.

Whenever I explain this to people the first thing they usually say is:

“Wow, that makes a lot of sense. But how do I actually get people to use my affiliate link when they buy a product they want or need?”

After seeing so many people fall into the same traps so I’ve compiled all the tips, tricks and strategies I’ve been using for years with my own affiliate marketing campaigns…

And turned it into a step by step system called: 30 Days To My First Commissions

Where you’ll learn how you can easily find high quality products that convert well and how you can drive traffic to these offers to start making commissions.

You’ll also feel good about the whole process and be able to sleep at night because the products you’ll recommend will actually help the people who purchase it.

Knowing how difficult it can be getting started online as a beginner I wanted to make it as easy as possible for you to be able to make your first commissions with affiliate marketing.

That’s why I’ve made 30 Days To My First Commissions as easy as possible and included:

I’ve also made the training as “staight-to-the-point” as possible so you can go through it in the first 1-2 days and spend the rest of the time focusing your energy on getting your first commissions.

No matter if you’re a complete beginner or you’re already successful online right now…

30 Days To My First Commissions is an easy-to-follow guide where I’ll show you step by step, exactly how to make your first affiliate commissions by promoting products that actually help people in an ethical way that allows you to sleep at night.

From choosing your niche and finding high quality offers to promote, to driving traffic and building up an asset in the process.

Specifically designed to get you to take action and see REAL WORLD RESULTS in the next 30 days…

When you buy today, you’ll get immediate access to the entire 30 Days To My First Commissions system, so you can start working through the training right away (and go as fast or as slow as you’d like depending on your schedule).

First, I’ll give you a complete overview of the program and explain exactly how to get the most of it.

Then we’ll dive right into affiliate marketing with an overview of the various strategies that you can follow depending on your personal situation (time available, budget, interests etc.)

This way you can find the best strategy that you can apply to your unique situations that will help you make affiliate commissions.

I’ll also share what the most common paid traffic strategy is that other affiliate marketers teach and use, and why I don’t use it or teach it in this course.

And then I’ll share with you the affiliate marketing strategy I personally use, that allows you to make commissions not just once, but multiple times… while building an asset in the process.

Choosing a niche is often a place where most people get stuck. I’ll make it really easy for you to choose your niche in under an hour (and provide you with plenty of ideas for profitable niches to enter).

I also show you which kind of offers I don’t suggest you promote, and which kinds of offers to look for to promote that will pay you not once, but on a recurring basis for as long as your referral stays subscribed.

You’ll also learn an easy way to find “hot offers” in any niche with a simple & free hack.

And I’ll give you several examples of offers I’ve personally promoted that I know convert and are of high quality.

To help you understand how to make your own affiliate commissions online, I’ll show you some of my own previous campaigns (nothing held back) so you can have real life examples to give you more ideas for your own campaigns.

And as time goes on I’ll continue to add more case studies to this section in the course which everything I add to this course in future, you’ll get for free as a member.

Being able to send high quality, targeted traffic to high quality offers is arguably the most important skill in affiliate marketing.

Without traffic, you can’t make commissions.

In this module I’ll share a variety of both free and paid traffic strategies and traffic sources that I personally use to make affiliate commissions.

If you don’t have a budget for paid advertising, I’ll show you how it’s possible to invest your time to be able to generate traffic to make your first few commissions which you can then choose to reinvest back into your affiliate business to grow it even faster.

My goal is to help you make your first commissions within the first 30 days and while I’ve made the entire course and training as comprehensive as possible to help you do exactly that…

You’ll also get direct access to me and all other members in the private MFC FB group.

This is where you can ask questions, share frustrations and brag about your wins and help make your journey profitable and fun!

To make it as easy as possible for you to make your first affiliate commissions in the next 30 days, I’m including the following bonuses:

Bonus #1 – My Offer RolodexThis will be a continuously updated record of all the high quality offers I’ve personally promoted and made commissions with.

Bonus #2 – My “Make Money Online” Email FunnelThe emails and offers I promote in the “MMO” niche to make it easy for you to copy/paste this into your own autoresponder and start driving traffic.Bonus #3 – My “Cryptocurrency” Email FunnelThe emails and offers I promote in the “Cryptocurrency” niche to make it easy for you to copy/paste this into your own autoresponder and start driving traffic.

Imagine making just a few commissions of a high ticket product or service every month… knowing that you got paid to refer a high quality product that will help someone solve their problem.

Take that much-needed vacation?

Buy an investment property?

When you join 30 Days To My First Commissions today, you’ll be well on your way to knowing exactly how you can make affiliate commissions by this time next month!

When you join today, you’ll get immediate access to the entire 30 Days To My First Commissions program, inside a private members area.

The course is broken down into easy-to-digest training modules, with entertaining and insightful videos walking you step by step through every part of the process to make your first affiliate commissions.

With tasks to complete and a step by step checklist to help you stay on track (and added resources if you want to go deeper into any topic).

To get started now, click the big red button below, and join me inside 30 Days to My First Commissions today!

With more people looking to make money online, it’s getting harder and harder to have success with affiliate marketing.

The more people who are competing for the same buyers, the more effort you’ll have to put in to stand out.

But when you join 30 Days To My First Commissions today, you’ll gain immediate access to a step by step process that I’ve personally been using for years to make affiliate commissions online.

Saving you years of lost time on methods that no longer work…

And thousands of dollars on tools and ad spend that doesn’t get you the results you want.

On top of that, I believe in this course so much, I’m including…

That gives you a full 2 months to try out my 30 Day process, apply each step…

And if you don’t make a single commissions within 60 days of buying this course, contact our helpdesk and I’ll give you 100% of your money back.

No hoops to jump through. Just make an honest attempt at following the course and I will literally guarantee your affiliate marketing success.

The time to get started is NOW!

With my 60 day 100% money back gurantee you literally have no risk!

But you must get on this now, because this “launch special” is only available for a few more days.

So click the big red buy button below, and let’s get started making your first commissions today!

You’ll instantly be redirected to Clickbank.com’s secure order form, where you can enter your credit card details with 100% secured encryption.

Followed by immediate access to the Private Members Area, where you can start watching the first video right away!

If you’re still reading this, then you know you want to learn how to make online commissions with affiliate marketing.

It’s time to stop sitting around, thinking others are lucky and being confused why you aren’t getting the results you deserve.

People are buying products and services online every single day. Now’s the time you learn how you can get commissions simply by giving people what they need and already want to buy (through your affiliate link).

It all starts by clicking the big red button below…

And I’ll see you on the inside!

Dirk de BruinCreator of 30 Days To My First Commissions

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